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How to germinate a cannabis seed: the 3 benefits of cotton germination

No academic discussion about the many existing methods. Here we tell you how to germinate a cannabis seed with the best possible results

The seeds contain life, a draft, but still a life!

There are more and less effective methods to germinate cannabis seeds, it depends on many factors. Surely each method has its advantages, the most important thing is to understand exactly how to achieve your goal.

Knowing how to germinate a cannabis seed means that by taking care of it, those sketches of life could become plants, perhaps dwarf autoflowering plants or one of the thousand other varieties … who knows!

We at the Sensoryseeds blog always want to remind readers that in the UK it is not allowed by law to germinate marijuana seeds. Here, marijuana seeds online are only sold to be collected.




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However, in countries where they are allowed to grow, manufacturers don’t care whether they are fast flowering seeds, autoflowering seeds or feminized seeds: they just have to be quality seeds, like bsf seeds.

Then you will apply some tricks to make sure you get the best result from your work and then the benefits of cotton germination come into play. With the right method even a beginner can succeed during the first attempts.

How to germinate a cannabis seed using cotton balls

Let’s talk about the various phases immediately. The different steps will help to understand how to germinate a cannabis seed and what strategies to adopt to obtain a healthy and robust plant.

The advantages of the cotton method are: maximum simplicity, economic saving and the guarantee of achieving the best result.

The only things you need are:

  • Cotton balls
  • Two cooking dishes
  • A nebulizer spray
  • Quality seeds

The cotton balls keep the seeds moist, but also protected and these are the most important characteristics for a method that must guarantee germination.

For any type of seeds: fast bsf seeds, dwarf auto flower seeds or other fast flowering strains, the story is the same.

By using napkins or handkerchiefs, there is the risk of throwing everything away. But let’s see the procedure:

  • Firstly, you have to take a couple of those cotton balls and put some seeds between them.
  • Then, it is necessary to moisten them with the nebulizer spray for plants. They must not be completely soaked in water, for this reason it is recommended to spray them.
  • The balls are placed between two dishes, or you can use a bowl by turning it upside down, it’s always better to avoid plastic.
  • It is necessary to have a constant temperature, around 20 ° (Celsius), but it is not at all advisable to leave the seeds on windowsills and balconies.
  • Within 4-5 days the seeds should begin to open and a little root may appear.
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As promised, it is a super easy method that can be applied by anyone. It is also advantageous because it’s cheap, given the few tools that are needed to implement it.

Furthermore, the germination guarantee of this method (if quality seeds are used) allows you to save money that would otherwise have to be invested again.

Some tips to encourage the germination of cannabis seeds

This method is one of the most common. Even in the first years of school, the teachers let children do the germination cotton experiment.

The most important thing is to use the same cotton as that of the balls that are produced for cosmetic use, because it is thanks to that material that the seeds maintain the right level of humidity. The correct one for germination.

Anyway, when does the next stage begin? Only when the size of the precious embryo will be 3-5 mm. In any case, it is better not to let the roots grow too much.

Once you understand how to sprout a cannabis seed and after having implemented the right procedures, you will have to provide the perfect environment in which the seed will be grown. The environment that is offered to the seed to grow plays a decisive role.

Before moving the seeds into the ground, to take them from their “cradle”, it would be a good idea to equip yourself with tweezers: buds are delicate.

Therefore, since the seeds can be easily damaged and the roots are fragile, avoiding clumsy mistakes (such as tangling the roots or dropping them who knows where) you can proceed with the transport to the ground.

If it’s clear how to germinate a cannabis seed: that’s it!

Natural cannabis seeds, fast seeds, feminized seeds BSF and many other products from the Sensory seeds online shop, are high quality collectible products.

Many online cannabis seeds are easily found, but not every shop can guarantee products that will keep for a long time and in the best way, if stored correctly in the most suitable place.

Sensory seed shop collaborates with Bsf, one of the best seed banks for passionate collectors.

However, to those who will be able to legally test the method, we wish: good germination!

How to Grow Mango Trees at Home in Just 6 Easy Steps

What started as a curiosity to grow plants during her childhood, has turned into an active hobby with encouragement from family and friends for Hyderabad-based Naina Sarda. She details how the often discarded mango seed has been used as a mouth freshener and also for high blood pressure patients while narrating a step-by-step guide on growing mango saplings at home.

A s a child, I fancied having a huge garden to myself and despite several attempts, I faced tough luck in growing mango plants at home. After extracting the juicy pulp, for years we have been discarding the skin and seed of the mango. I felt sad thinking about the number of seeds that are going to waste and wondered if there was any way they could be used. It was only a few years ago that I finally got myself to do something about it.

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I began researching the seed to know more about how to germinate it at home and if it is even possible to grow a mango plant from the seed of the fruit without processing it. After all, it was the child in me waiting to taste success to have a mango plant of my own.

It took some failed attempts but when I finally learnt the right way to germinate a mango seed, it began feeling that with every wasted seed, there’s a sapling I am losing which has the potential to turn into a tree. And it wasn’t even nearly possible for me to house saplings at home for all the mangoes we, as a family, consumed. This got me thinking if the seeds of a mango are consumable and what health impacts does it have.

To my surprise, mango seeds have been used for years in Indian cuisine as a post-meal mouth freshener, and more importantly, in powdered form, they are considered a good choice for people battling high blood pressure and cholesterol. After this knowledge, I frantically saved every seed to either germinate or process it to make it consumable.

It has been 3 years now since I grew my first mango sapling at home and the plant is thriving on my terrace garden. However, it was during the previous year when the experience and learning took an interesting turn in the growth chart. While the lockdown and uncertainty around COVID-19 loomed, I experimented with different methods on how to germinate the mango seed from the fruit.

With one particular method, I ended up successfully germinating more than 30 seeds with barely any resources.

All that I needed were mango seeds, a bagful of coconut fiber (coir), water and a container with a lid. After the seeds began germinating—since I did not have many small pots immediately available—I used milk packets to plant them so that it would be easy to give the saplings away to any person who has space to plant it in soil.

Based on several attempts, here is the easiest method with a high success rate:

Is it better to germinate seeds in soil or water?

Indeed, if you pour water into it, chances are that you are going to displace the seeds into the soil. Even worse, you can sink them down into the soil, preventing them from germinating. The soil needs to be moist but not wet for optimal seeds germination.

Here is the best information and knowledge on the topic of “Is it better to germinate seeds in soil or water?” compiled and synthesized by the team:

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Should you germinate seeds in the soil or not?

However, there are some important points to remember when you opt to germinate the seeds in soil to prevent the risk of root rot. How to germinate weed seeds directly in soil?

How does water help cannabis seeds germinate?

Water is the key player in the process of germinating marijuana seeds. The outer-layer of the cannabis seed acts as a protective casing that provides a two-fold defense — prevent damage to the inner embryo and prevent minimal moisture from premature germination.

Why do seeds not grow in my soil?

Soil density can be a problem as well since seeds need an aerated environment so that air and moisture can move freely through the substrate. Even placement of the seeds can cause failed seedlings in the soil; seeds planted too deeply will have problems trying to reach the surface for sunlight.

Can marijuana seeds grow naturally in soil?

Marijuana plants can grow naturally in soil and by germinating seeds in this medium, roots are protected. However, there are some important points to remember when you opt to germinate the seeds in soil to prevent the risk of root rot.

How does water help cannabis seeds germinate?

Water is the key player in the process of germinating marijuana seeds. The outer-layer of the cannabis seed acts as a protective casing that provides a two-fold defense — prevent damage to the inner embryo and prevent minimal moisture from premature germination.

How to germinate marijuana seeds in a water Cup?

The following are the steps to follow on how to germinate marijuana seeds in a water cup: Place your seeds inside a cup or glass of distilled water. Some will instantly drop to the bottom while others will float.

What is germination in cannabis?

Germination relates to the process of a new plant growing from a seed. It is the first step when adding to your cannabis garden. You can purchase the requisite seeds from a variety of sources. On the downside, it means that cannabis seeds vary enormously in quality.

How to grow cannabis seeds at home?

Put your Cannabis seeds on a paper towel, inside a plastic container, or between two plates. This container must remain dark, warm, and humid at all times. Spray the napkin with warm water and cover it with a lid or plate. Place your container in a warm place and leave it there. Open the container every few hours and spray it with water.

How to germinate seeds at home?

A little reminder before you start with the method is you should always use distilled water. Never utilize tap water because it carries impurities that might harm your seeds. Lastly, see to it that your germinating space is situated inside an enclosed room that has a temperature of 18 to 25 °C.