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where to plant cannabis seeds kamdan

Where to plant cannabis seeds kamdan

Lets assume you’re fed up with paying the green man and have just decided to grow some weed for yourself. So, you want to try starting your own production indoors, but you don’t have much of a.

3 marijuana enemies and how to get rid of them

Marijuana pests and diseases are one of the biggest problems encountered by growers and can cause huge amounts of damage to your plants if not treated immediately. Unfortunately, they are not the only.

Borderliner XTRM feminized marijuana seeds

Borderliner XTRM is a potent hybrid cannabis strain originating from the Brazilian jungle where it was previously kept in secret.

A strong growing hybrid, Borderliner XTRM delivers large amounts of extremely strong smoke come harvest time.

Borderliner XTRM can be grown successfully indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse – although given it’s flowering cycle it is advised to be grown indoors for locations north of 40 degrees latitude.

The effects when smoked are hard to describe but it is an experience that will not be forgotten soon. It has been described as psychedelic and mind-blowing!

You’ve been warned .

THC content: up to 25 %
Genetics; Hybrid – Indica 50% | Sativa 50%
Growing climate – Indoor or Outdoor
Yield indoor – up to 750 gram per sq meter
Yield outdoor – up to 900 gram per sq meter
Height indoor – up to 100 cm
Height outdoor – up to 250 cm
Flowering time – 7 To 9 weeks
Harvest month – October
Grow difficulty – Easy to Moderate

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Legal disclaimer: Buying and selling Borderliner XRTM feminized seeds from us is legal in most countries with few restrictions. Cannabis growing is tolerated in a number of states as long as the harvest is solely for personal enjoyment. Other states have legislation prohibiting the growing of marijuana unless licences are obtained prior to germination. Yet other countries enforce restrictive laws that tries to stop people from cultivating Borderliner XRTM feminized seeds or any other kind of THC-bearing marijuana for any purpose. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds bank does not claim to be specialized in cannabis legislation around the world. If you have any concerns regarding legislation regarding cannabis growing where you live we suggest you get in touch with the appropriate regulators for clarification. We cannot endorse the breaking of laws. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds provide a law-abiding service informing people about the qualities of various top-grade marijuana types and provide purchase of Borderliner XRTM feminized seeds and other marijuana seeds to anyone legally allowed to buy marijuana seeds . Any order for more than seventy euros is entitled to 5 free Purple Power feminized seeds. This demonstrates our thanks for choosing us as your preferred top-grade cannabis seed bank. The same disclaimer stated above applies to the free marijuana seeds as well as your order of Borderliner XRTM feminized seeds or other marijuana seed varieties made available by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. Also, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds do not collect, store, or share any data that could disclose you when you come to this site or make a purchase of Borderliner XRTM feminized seeds or any other cannabis seeds from AMS.

Where to plant cannabis seeds kamdan

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Kills the adults, larvae and eggs on aphids (Aphidoidea), thrips (Thysanoptera), fungus gnats (Sciaridae), spider mites, root aphids (Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominale), russet mites and whiteflies (Aleyrodidae). Also eliminates fungus, molds and mildew (including powdery mildew).

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High Impact Pest Recommendations:

When combating mites, thrips, aphids and fungus gnats we recommend using 3 days in a row, then once weekly. Continue until you see no sign of pests. For severe infestations use every 3rd day at ½ cup per gallon of water. Some infestations are worse than others and may take longer to eliminate. Use Eliminator as a preventative by spraying weekly to keep them away.

For Russet Mites, if you have leaf taco-ing, that is where the mites lay their eggs and where the larvae reside. Make sure you spray inside the leaves that are taco-ed. It will not hurt flowering plants and can be sprayed on the flower too. The leaves will start to open up after a few days and you should see new growth as well. If you see damage on the leaves after you spray, this is usually due to the necrosis from the mite damage. Do not be alarmed the new growth will look healthy.

  • Weak Solution – 0.5 oz per 31.5 oz. of warm water. Recommended for powdery mildew control.
  • Medium Solution – 1-1.5 oz. per 31 oz. of warm water. Recommended for control of soft-bodied insects.
  • Strong Solution – Add 2-2.5 oz. per 30 oz. of warm water. Recommended for high pest infestations. May rinse after 1 hour to decrease chances of phytotoxicity at this rate.
  • Large Volume Applications – 1/2 cup or 4 oz. per gallon of warm water.
  • Pre-Planting – Before you amend your soil for the season, apply 1 cup per 5 gallons of water, add more water after you apply so that product can penetrate the soil. This will ensure you rid your soil of insects, larvae, molds and mildews.
  • Propagation – Before starting your seeds, spray them with Eliminator at a rate of 1 oz. per 32 oz. of warm water. This will help dampening off and other fungal diseases. It will also speed up the propagation time. You can also use it when you take your cuttings. You can foliar feed or water into your medium at a rate of 0.5 oz. per 32 oz. of warm water. This will prevent pest and fungal problems and ensure a higher rate of success.
  • In-Season – Foliar spray your plants once per week up to the day of harvest. Spray your plants and entire area around them and any other vegetative growth in or near your garden. We recommend 0.5 cup per 1 gallon of warm water as a preventive.
  • The citric acid in Eliminator is derived from a fermentation process and can cause phytoxicity if used in direct sunlight or in ambient temperatures over 90°F. Always test on small area before using to ensure no collateral damage to plants. To avoid phytoxicity, use product in the evening when sun is off your plants and the room or outside temperature is below 80°F. Do not spray in direct sunlight.
  • The water that is added to Eliminator should be between 78-90°F. Cold water works, but it takes longer to see the results.
  • pH is an important factor in the success of this product. We recommend that your water pH be between 6.0-7.0 before adding Eliminator. Do not adjust your pH after you add Eliminator.

Storage: Keep away from children and pets. Store in original, tightly closed container in a cool (ideally between 50-75°F, do not allow to freeze or to exceed 120°F), dry area out of direct sunlight. Non-refillable container, do not reuse or refill this container. Recycle empty container, or discard in trash.

Ground shipping is recommended.


Warning & Toxicities: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. May cause eye and skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

Active Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis:

0.05%. Citric Acid
99.95%. Other Ingredients*
*Water, Yeast and Potassium Sorbate

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