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Tutti Frutti Reviews

What do people have to say about Tutti Frutti? Read reviews on Tutti Frutti and know what Tutti Frutti is all about. Do you have experience with Tutti Frutti? Write your own review and help other people out!

100% recommends Tutti Frutti

Last review on 2018-03-15

Crazy high! My favorite strain I smoked in 2014

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Smells/tastes great. Effective high that lets you function well and happy during the day. Helps with my allergies and the day after I wake up energized.

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Mellow high that gets me in a creative mood.. The strain also helps my pollen allergies! Just need to vape it once a week and the hay fever is gone for approximately 7 days! ?

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Strain Name: Tutti Frutti Grade: A-) You have to try it! Type: Sativa dominant Hybrid Looks: B+) Big fluffy buds going all direction. Light green with an orange/yellow powdery coat (many trichomes). Smell: A) Sweet lavender smell at first. Second time, heaven of berry, oranges, or is it really?! Could not resiste to sniff it again and again! Taste: B+) Very sweet on inhale, but not so nice on exhale and a bit harsh. Makes me wanna cought. Effects: A+) What suprise me most about it. Maked me instantly happy, then thinking and talkative. After the first big hit you know you’ll be baked. Lasts about 1 1/2-2 hrs Potency: A-) Altough not so good for pain, sure is a good one for depression, stress, down daytime med. Good Strain For: Cleaning, Focus, enhanced visuals meaning colors are a bit vivid. Makes me out going and social.

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Cape Breton Island

I like it but I find it I have to smoke two joints to get me where the wild things are hahahaha, but its good smoke

Di Frutti Ltd. Edition Regular Seeds – 12

Di Frutti is a limited edition strain that is the fruitiest thing going! It is a cross of Oni Seed Co’s. Strawberry Guava and Headbanger and is a true indica/sativa hybrid strain. So easy to grow it’s great for beginner gardeners.

Taking between 8 – 10 weeks to finish flowering indoors Di Frutti is capable of medium to high yields; with a little experience and knowledge, as well as good conditions, growers will be able to obtain some very good harvests of great weed that is high in resin-production. Extract and concentrate makers will love it!

The fruity scents and flavours really does encompass tutti di frutti. You’ll go crazy for its strawberry, banana, papaya (guava) and lime notes with more fruity undertones. The buds from this plant are also potent with a powerful effect.