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what cannabis seed banks mail to texas

Txaki (TX-1)

Now available in Alchimiaweb, Txaki (TX-1) is a cannabis strain with 1:2 THC:CBD ratio developed by Medical Marijuana Genetics from the famous Tijuana clone.

Being a variety with Sativa dominance, it grows vigorously with strong branching, so leaving enough space between individual plants is essential to see their full potential.

Txaki is highly productive and fast-flowering: the bloom period doesn’t take more than 9 weeks, and harvests are truly abundant.

When analysed by Canna and Totem Labs, Txaki reached 7% THC content and 13% CBD. Thus, the effect is relaxing and sedative, suitable for treating anorexia or depression (according to the info provided by MMG).

For a wide range of CBD-related products intended for therapeutic use, have a look in our online CBD Store.

What cannabis seed banks mail to texas

Published: 16:56 GMT, 20 May 2014 | Updated: 22:39 GMT, 20 May 2014

A 19-year-old could serve a life sentence in prison because he made pot brownies with hash oil instead of solid marijuana.

Texas teen Jacob Lavoro may be charged with a first degree felony because he decided to use hash oil in a brownie recipe. The state is permitted to use the entire weight of the brownies including the butter, milk, sugar and cocoa to calculate the weight of the drugs.

Round Rock, Texas officials confiscated 1.5 pounds of brownies and Lavoro, who would have been charged with a misdemeanor had he used solid weed instead of hash oil, could serve anywhere from 5 years to life in prison.

Jacob Lavoro, 19, may face life in prison because he made pot brownies using hash oil instead of solid marijuana which would have warranted a mere misdemeanor

Jacob Lavoro (pictured left and right) has no prior criminal record and his family and his lawyer is ready to fight to grant him a lesser charge

Lavoro’s lawyer Jack Holmes told that Lavoro’s punishment isoo harsh and is ‘higher than the punishment range for sexual assault or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. It’s kind of crazy.’

‘I’ve been doing this 22 years as a lawyer and I’ve got 10 years as a police officer and I’ve never seen anything like this before,’ he said.

‘They’ve weighed baked goods in this case. It ought to be a misdemeanor.’

Jacob’s father Joe Lavoro told reporters that his son did something illegal and should absolutely be punished but that his punishment should equal the crime.


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‘Five years to life? I’m sorry, I’m a law abiding citizen. I’m a conservative. I love my country. I’m a Vietnam veteran, but I’ll be damned . this is wrong, this is damn wrong!’ he told KEYE-TV.

‘If [Jacob] did something wrong he should be punished but to the extent that makes sense. This is illogical. I’m really upset, and I’m frightened, I’m frightened for my son.’

Jacob, a former high school football player has an entirely clean record prior to his current charge.

Homes pointed out to reporters that Lavoro is in the same county that ‘withheld evidence in the Morton case, where a man spent 25 years in prison and he was completely innocent . so you have to keep that in mind too.’

Holmes says he will fight for Jacob to get a more lenient sentence.

Since Lavoro used hash oil (left) officials were able to weigh the brownies, including the cooking ingredients, to determine the weight of his drug possession

Jacob’s father Joe thinks his son should be punished for his actions but that 5 years to life in prison is too harsh a sentence