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wedding wafer seeds

Wedding wafer seeds

Our famous Benne Wafer in a special 2 oz package perfect for a wedding favor or item for any party. Your guests will enjoy this special piece of Charleston history while celebrating your event. Our Benne Wafers are renowned throughout Charleston and the Lowcountry. The benne seed; arrived to Charleston from Africa sometime in the early 1700’s. The Benne Wafer is a sweet, salty and nutty flavored crisp wafer. Our Benne Wafer is adapted from old, traditional recipes and produced in our own bakery for an authentic flavor. A great addition to any wedding celebration. 2 oz package. **Please allow at least 10 days for preparation prior to shipping

Nila Wafer

Nila Wafer by Cannardo seeds is a feminised cannabis plant, a cross between Wedding Cake and Sundae Driver. This variety provides the market with a very complete strain with powerful and tasty aromas and flavours, a high production and a powerful psychedelic effect.

Nila Wafer cultivation

Two different phenotypes can be observed during its cultivation, being easy to distinguish by the difference in height. The lower phenotype contains a genetic inheritance more similar to Sundae Driver while the higher phenotype looks more like Wedding Cake. Both phenotypes have a powerful effect and high quality flavours, with some stability in their organoleptic base.

Nila Wafer is well suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It is also well adapted to the different substrates and cultivation methods. It responds very well to SOG cultivation, producing a large central bud and little lateral branching. The SCROG method can also be used, applying the topping technique in order to obtain multiple branches that quickly fill the cultivation space.

Nila Wafer flowering

Nila Wafer has a flowering period of about 65-70 days, producing abundant large, compact buds with large resin-coated calyxes.

It produces long flower colas that look like a baseball bat or One Bud. This helps to maximise production in indoor cultivation by making the most of the growing space. Cultivated outdoors, the harvest is ready in October, the time when the plant is at its THC content peak and the flowers their maximum compaction.

It produces a powerful and long-lasting effect thanks to its high THC level. It acts quickly relaxing mind and body and entering into a long-lasting meditative state.

Nila Wafer delivers a powerful organoleptic mixture, inherited from its ancestors which stand out in this respect. This variety offers a sweet base with tropical fruits and vanilla and grape notes along with spicy hints.