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wedding cake autoflower cannabis seeds

Wedding Cake Auto Feminised Seeds – 5

Wedding Cake Auto is a straightforward cross of Pheno Finder’s Wedding Cake and an original Lowryder #2 auto-flowering plant. These plants grow short and bushy with dense buds.

Suitable for either indoor or outdoor cultivation, the auto-flowering genetics provided by the Lowryder #2 parent ensures that flowering will commence by the end of the third week of growth. Thereafter flowering will take 9 – 10 weeks to finish and harvest time is reached. Yields fall within the range average to high with more experienced growers and/or better conditions seeing the best returns.

Wedding Cake Auto Cannabis Seeds

Wedding Cake Auto Cannabis Seeds from Original Sensible Seeds

Wedding Cake is another West Coast strain from California that has it’s parentage in Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie and is sometimes referred to as Birthday Cake or Pink Panties.

Wedding Cake Auto gives growers the opportunity to experience these American strains without the need for special lighting and the ability to achieve 2 or more harvests a year as Wedding Cake Auto will be ready to harvest in around 70 days from seed with a yield of 150g per plant when grown outdoors and 600g/m2 when grown indoors.

The effect from Wedding Cake Auto is potent and relaxing as you would expect from heavy Indica seeds but well balanced between physical and cerebral. The flavour is sweet, woody, vanilla, pineapple and hints of lemon.

Photoperiod:Auto Flowering
Genetics:Wedding Cake x Girl Scout Cookies Auto
Cultivation:Indoor & Outdoor
Indoor Yield:600 gr/m²
Outdoor Yield:150 gr/Per Plant
Flowering Time:65 – 70 Days
THC %:20%
Indoor Height:60 – 120cm
Outdoor Height:60 – 120cm
Resistence to Mould:
Irrigation Tolerance:
Resistence against Cold:
Resistence against Pests:
Growth Difficulty:
Taste:Sweet, fruity, woody, vanilla, pineapple & hints of lemon
Effect:Strong, well balanced
Effects:Body Stone, Cerebral, Relaxed

Wedding Cake Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds | Wedding Cake Strain

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Wedding Cake Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

You don’t have to do the math on Wedding Cake Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds. Don’t you deserve the best wedding cake possible? And what is better than a cannabis-infused marriage of dreams and desires with your future spouse? We’ll make it happen! Just open up our bag of auto flower seeds, sow them in some growing medium, water, wait for a few weeks until they are all grown up into spectacular flowers, with an amazing 20% THC content. Congratulations! You now have enough marijuana ounces of butter-iced cupcakes that will knock everyone’s socks off during your big day with people eating so much more because who can resist food after getting munchies induced?

This marijuana strain is very tasty and has a very distinct lemon-vanilla taste with undertones of woodiness. You will not be disappointed by the way it tastes, even if you’re someone who typically doesn’t enjoy smoking on something that they can already smell coming from your pores!

The aroma is nothing that has hit your nose ever before. It starts with a spicy ginger aroma and moves to a sweet zesty lemon and orange citrus smell. This Sativa dominant strain is perfect for those looking to treat their anxiety, stress, or depression!

The seeds have an incredibly high amount of THC that is pretty rare for having such a nice flavor. Its THC percentage can be used to safely treat your nausea, pain, or any other number of ailments.

You can expect to grow a plant that has 30% Sativa dominance with 70% Indica Dominance. This means it will be great for those who are looking to enjoy the relaxing effects, but don’t have too much experience or are brand new to using cannabis recreationally or medicinally!

Effects of Our Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds is perfect for those that are looking to get into something in order to relax after a busy day. It can help you to unwind and really make sure that all of the daily stressors are melting away in the back of your mind! You will keep calm, but still, be aware enough to enjoy yourself in whatever it is that you’re doing!

Just as the name suggests, you will be uplifted mentally and emotionally. You won’t feel a difference in your physical status, but that is because of its Indica dominance. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy a sense of peace and happiness with this strain!

For those looking to treat their chronic fatigue or anyone who has a big project coming up at work, you will have a burst of energy and be able to get everything done in a timely manner! While you may not think it because it has an Indica dominance, this sativa-like high will help you to feel energized and ready to take on the world!

Wedding Cake Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds strain has a high THC level so it will be perfect for someone that is looking to treat any chronic pain that they are experiencing. It can help you to reduce the aches and pains enough that you may even forget all about the head pressure there!

It takes just a few minutes to fully take effect and can last for about an hour or so. This is something that you will want to make sure to have on hand if you know you’re going to need it!

How Does Wedding Cake Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds Grow?

While Wedding Cake Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds strain isn’t necessarily difficult to grow, it can be hard for newer growers who do not have the proper experience with growing cannabis. It takes a while to get up and go to its full potential, so if you’re impatient or don’t like waiting around to see your plants grow, this might not be something that you enjoy!

You can expect it to grow up to 20-28 inches tall which isn’t too bad for a plant that has 70% Indica dominance. It is also fairly compact, which makes it great if you’re looking to live somewhere small and don’t have much space!

This plant will be able to stand up well in a variety of climates, including the continental and sunny/Mediterranean climates. It doesn’t like areas that are freezing or ones that are extremely hot, but it can handle high levels of sunlight pretty well!

Wedding Cake Produces 21 Ounces Per Plant

It will transition into the flowering state automatically, which means you won’t have to worry about changing its light schedule or putting it into an actual flower state. This is something that makes it much easier for growers that are inexperienced because there aren’t too many things to remember!

This strain of marijuana can be grown in all three states. It will do best indoors, but you can also get away with growing it outdoors or even inside a greenhouse without too many issues!

Wedding Cake Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds yield 21 ounces per square meter when grown indoors, which isn’t too bad for a plant that has 70% Indica dominance. You can expect it to yield about 2-5 ounces in an outdoor setting, which is pretty decent too!

It will take between 8-10 weeks for it to fully flower, which isn’t too bad. You can expect to wait around 8 weeks if you decide to grow it indoors and 10 weeks if you decide to do so outdoors!

History of Wedding Cake Strain

Created by Barney’s Farm Wedding Cake Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds is a sensationally delicious marriage of ruderalis BF Super Auto #1 and Wedding Cake, designed to provide the euphoric pleasures of your favorite dessert. Like those cookies, Wedding Cake Auto Seeds create a strong, long-lasting buzz that melts stress away like ice cream on a summer day.

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12 reviews for Wedding Cake Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds | Wedding Cake Strain

Grace A – October 22, 2021

Well, I wanted a sativa strain that helped me balance my energy levels, and I gotta say I am very pleased with the results of these Wedding Cake seeds.

Abdul – November 1, 2021

Wedding Cake is a nice relaxing boat ride through paradise. It’s pretty easy to grow, makes a nice smelling addition to your backyard or basement, is a really nice tasting smoke as well. I always roll up a joint and get baked off this weed, helps me tune out all the negative thoughts and just relax. Pretty stoked about having this weed in my life, definitely worthwhile!

Geovanny Wall – November 11, 2021

Wedding Cake is some serious business with great vibes and a very enjoyable high. Makes me feel all kinds of woozy and dreamy and fun. Love the taste and the smell of course, very pungent, and definitely worth growing your own. I loooove smoking weed, and growing it too, I feel like a true pro!

Don Black – November 18, 2021

This Wedding Cake weed has done miracles for my depression and anxiety. I love the smell and taste of this delicious weed, it’s like fresh squeezed orange juice, something along those lines. Perfect for daytime smoking, gets me real high and helps me stay focused at the same time, pretty darn cool! It’s easy to grow as well, so try it for yourself!

John Scout – November 24, 2021

This Wedding Cake weed is a certified pick me up! I need some help getting through the day sometimes because I have insomnia. It’s difficult to get through my job when I am feeling really tired and kinda crappy. This weed really helps with that, gets me back on my feet and puts me where I need to be for the day. It’s a good AM weed, and not many weeds qualify for this title! I definitely dig the sour taste and earthy vibes. I’ll be back for more!

Charlotte Watss – November 24, 2021

The Wedding Cake strain is pretty wild and exciting and it really gets you high. I burned through this stuff like water, rolling joint after joint until I am good and baked, then I just happen to get trashed on some whiskey and honestly, that’s okay too. I am a happy guy and I feel my freedom is in a good place!!

William Gilli – December 1, 2021

I have been a fan of Wedding Cake weed for some time now. It’s been on my buy list since last christmas. Luckily my brother bought me some of these seeds for christmas time this year and they are already doing really well. I live in LA so it’s easy to grow year-round, and the warm summer vibes are just incredible. I love living here and I love growing this marijuana. It’s been a good time all around!

Tonya Guillem – December 9, 2021

Oooooo so soothing! I feel like smoking this Wedding Cake weed is like taking a nice bath after a long day, it relaxes your muscles and gives you the time of your life. It’s like watching all the stress of the day just melt away from you, can’t believe how fast it grew! It was like a total bombshell, took off and cared all for itself. And I am a lazy guy! I just think that it’s useful to have helpful growing advice online!

Corrie Carrey – December 14, 2021

WOW I never knew about this Wedding Cake strain before growing it, and I gotta say I really enjoy it. A very nice buy, especially for the price, so chill and so relaxing, and it tastes just great too. Very fun to have your own weed at home, it’s a little bit of work, but a little bit goes a long way in the end. Definitely excited for the prospect of growing more weed.

Sean Vrand – December 17, 2021

Wedding Cake is a brilliant strain, truly a magnificent indica with all the little bells and whistles you can expect from a beautiful feminized seed. Very easy to get started and grow indoors. Can’t explain why I love it so much, maybe it’s the colors or the relaxing indica vibe? Either way it’s pretty rad and exciting!

Tom Seltin – January 6, 2022

Get yourself loaded on the Wedding Cake strain of weed. This stuff is powerful and delicious and helps tremendously with stress and anxiety. It’s soooo beautiful too, and super tall and beautiful. I got an excellent yield, way better than expected, and all of it super fresh and sticky. Never grown weed with so many beautiful colors, especially red! Weed truly is a magical plant. Definitely give this a try!

Aensha Sanner – January 28, 2022

No weed in this world is as amazing as the Wedding Cake. It shows up at all the right times and delivers its magic and the swell of happiness you will feel in your chest is certain to make you smile and thrive in a difficult and intense world. I have been very excited to burn this weed on the nightly basis, give myself all kinds of pick me ups and helps me with stress. I really love this website!!