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volume cannabis seeds

Volume cannabis seeds


THC: 20-25% CBG: 0,5-1% CBD: 0%

Trainwreck x Jack Herer

The effects are a balance of the relaxing body effect from the Trainwreck that can ease some medicinal user, with the uplifting effect from the Jack Herer that will keep your head clear and creative. A good day smoke to keep working.

Flowering Cycle: 56 – 70 days
Yield: Medium – High

Harvest: mid-end October
Average Height: 170 – 200 cm
Yield: 700g/plant

3 rd HTCC 2014.
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The Dark Phoenix is a cross of the famous California cut Trainwreck that has been a reference during many years for medicinal use for insomnia, pain, lack of apetites, mixed with the equally famous and mythical, Jack Herer.
By crossing the Trainwreck with the Jack Herer we wanted to bring the compactness and amazing foxtailing to the Jack’s smell and amazing production.

The plant grows relatively tall but still moderate for an indoor grow, maybe with the use of topping for the lower spaces, the stretch of the Dark Phoenix is very vigorous during the first weeks of flowering and will produce some strong branches that will catch up on the sides to form on a nice crown effect.

The flowers are as vigorous as the stretch, forming some beautiful and big preflowers early in the flowering, then they will connect together to form some long colas and explode in a beautiful sativa foxtailing bouquet with a very decent yeild and colors that can turn from blue to deep dark black leaves on some plants, a beautiful expression of colors.

The smell of the Dark Phoenix is a must-smell for any sativa lover, the complex mix of flavors of the Jack going from the piney, earthy, and hazy, combined with the pungent smell of the Trainwreck bring some lemony and spiciness to the sativa mix. A great combination for a real explosion of flavors in mouth.

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