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vanna white cannabis seeds


We are busy harvesting and processing. See yas in November!

Hey Dude, Scotty and Sir Guru! Hope all is well. Wife and I have been watching since the start of covid and the DGC has been very helpful!! Joined patron and love the community! Really glad you guys do what you do! As for the seed grab, baby that rosinbomb is calling my name but the pulse monitor would always helps. Your all great, smoking one for y’all!!

hey yall, happy harvest n growing. a pulse grow i know will and could step up my game. starting to expand and pretty sure this will keep me in check, and help with any issues arising. peace hope n love yall!

Hope everyone is making it through Croptober! 4 or 5 weeks out here, deep in The land of prohibition. I would love some of Rasta Jeff’s genetics. Hard to come by anything in this area! Thanks DGC for towing the line and keeping it real!

Hey peeps! Been Patreon’s about a year now and it’s made covid so much more bearable! love watching all your vids! We never miss one! Would love to be in with a chance of winning some Lucky Dog Seed Co or
Dominion Seed Co Hope your all well!

Hey guy! Got snowed in today and working on the tent. A Pulse monitor would be a great addition to the indoor grow!
Thanks, keep up the great show!

Hey DGC, i have been trouble findIng good genetics. I would really appreciate some ocean grown seeds. Thanks for all that y’all do for the cannabis community.

Appreciate the DGC opportunity and generosity but I have everything I could ever need. Good luck everyone on the grab!

Man be bad ass to have a pulse tried get one few months back on the patron giveaway be sweet see what happing in the grow at night thanks for the knowledge #DGC

Hope everyone has a happy Halloween
Weed,Candy and horror movies perfect holiday!
Would love to play for the rosin bomb or any seeds I’m not picky lol
Thanks DGC you guys rock

I would love to win any of the beans in the claw machine. Love all the shows and knowledge shared. The discord chat is awesome as well. Worth every penny. Keep the content coming.

Well, they can keep putting rocks in the road. We’ll just keep on moving them and marching forward. I’m in the market for some feminized photo seeds. Peace out!

Hey D.G.C far and wide, been growing/watching for a year now(start of second grow flower phase) and learned everything i know from this community and i want to give back by postimg grow journals and providing food for thought as much as i can as we are all as good of growers as the people we have around us! Patreon here, would be greatly appreciative of any prize, if i win genetics i will keep the community updated the whole way!

I want to go for the Pulse grow monitor, and hopefully they will release a controller to use with the monitor soon!

hey DGC. I’m a patreon (MindsEyeOpen) I could really use that HLG 100 for my indoor grow or that new mill pep pack thanks for starting this amazing supportive community! keep on growing growmies

Irie Genetics cause Rasta Jeff is simply amazing! HLG 100!! Would go prefect with my HLG 550, Let there be light.

Hey fellas,
DGC patron from the UK here. I’d love to play. I realise posting over the pond will be a bind so anything small and easily shipped would be great.

DGC patreon here just looking for some of that HLG light!

Home Grown Natural Wonders. Going to be honest I know nothing about them, never heard of them but I love the logo. I have the same outfit and could be that guys stunt double.

Prohibition on Patreon?! I’ll do my part to keep my pastures green. Would like a little help with some good genetics. Scotty can you play for me, please?
I’ve got one outdoor grow under my belt. I’ve gotten help from Soup, had a meme featured, and tune in every episode. I’m really happy I’ve been able to find a community here. Thanks for all you’ve done to make my 2020 bearable.

Patreon member here, love what you do for the community.
Don’t have a sad story and not a vet but if you pick me I will be greatful and happy Any prize would be awesome but some seeds would be best also recharge for the win now everyone take a hit.

help out this patreon with some fire genetics please!

Sucks patron did you dudes dirty! I’m still here too support either way, been following you guys before the seed grab and haven’t got picked yet but if I do a pulse monitor would be sweet or a extra light is alway good too. Thx dudes stay lifted

How’s it growin DGC? I my good sirs am in need of the rosin bomb rocket. Just had a fairly nice harvest of about 5.5 lbs from 12 different strains (autoflowers Mephisto genetics). I froze half of it right away with plans on washing it all soon and then press the hash with the rosin bomb hopefully.
Reach in there Scotty and pluck that outta there for me would ya?

Forgot to mention Patron here by the way✌

What’s Happenin’ DGC……Masshole Grower here checkin’ in with y’all today from the east coast . Kinda disappointed with my free beans that came in from BEST COAST GENETICS….though it did say they would be a variety to be chosen by BEST COAST GENETICS……I really never even thought I would get what I got……with all the varieties and options out there…..and with how much I’ve been looking forward to recieving my free beans I was devastated to see a description on my packet that reads
CBD 8.12% THC. .03%

I guess it was completely as advertised… but I’ll be honest I’m feeling pretty disappointed about the whole scenario .

Hey all Michigan female Patreon Player here. Michigan always in here representing.. we love our DGC crew! I would like to play for a Rosin Bomb, but beggars can’t be choosey! Love you guys!

Rosin Bomb all the way! Moving into prohibition land and I gotta keep my flowers on the down low. Putting them into concentrates would make ideal concealment! Thanks for all you do DGC. Grow on growmies!

I want to play for another member this week. It’s not about me, I want to play for SunnyinBectopia – Ya’ll know she’s been a big contributor to the show with her posts and questions. This girl needs a Rosin Bomb but I know she would be stoked with anything in there.

So in the giving spirit of the DGC – play me one for SunnyinBectopia please!

I finally caught one of these. I would love to play for the rosin bomb or the pulse but heck I would be happy with any of these prizes. Best community there is you guys have been invaluable to me. I will be watching. I was sharing advice all day with friends who grow other types of plants learned from here.

Peace love and dank nugs to all of you my friends.

DGC patron here who would love to get a rosin bomb to finally try some rosin. A pulse would be badass too but then again I’d be happy to get anything. Hope you had a great Croptober!

HEY. DGC. Just found you guys and had to become a patreon. Shame they don’t support all of this. Would love some more seeds. Getting back into it after one grow 5 years ago over in prohibition land. So seeds Would be great.

Hey DGC – I’m looking to get a setup going as soon as I can get everything together.. one item on my list is a Pulse monitor, so I’d love to have a crack at that!


Not sure how to tag friends…sorry. Open to explanation of process.

Thanks and good growing to you all!

Hey DGC, making my entry for the week. I’m a fan, patron, and member. I’m still shooting for the New Millennium PEP pack or the Pulse one monitor. Both could equally up a growers game. Good luck to all of the other entrants.

I would love to get my hands on some Irie Genetics. Thanks, DGC!

Yessir its me again and here is what I have to say ,Bear with me please! Some people call me a HOMEGROWN NATURAL WONDER full of mother natures RAW GENETICS But as it is DGC is the LUCKY DOG that sets the PULSE and kept DOMINION over any other so called grow shows. Its a NEW MILLENIUM and we all know it. i would love to meet you all in person none of us are ready for the BONEYARD so my idea is to steal the ROSINBOMB ROCKET get to the SOLFIRE GARDENS . RECHARGEour HLG 100’s and Since I am a patreon I want to keep the[(PULSE)] with me forever, do it to me Scotty.

Love watching the show here in prohibition land. But would love a chance to win the rosin bomb or pulse, to help add to the good times. loving the recharge.

I’m so down for anything, constantly laughing my ass of from the rooftops of Toronto listening to you guys. I already love my job evicting raccoons and squirrels from attics, and you guy just top it off!! Patreon member.

Patreon from Kentucky trynna get lucky. Anything from the homegrown natural wonders sounds like it will be amazing, just checked out their website, loving them! thank you keep tearing down the prohibition wall!

Would love some recharge

Hello DGC fam. I am a newer member i have been growing for a few years indoors and i would love to add some gnarly genetics to my garden! Would truly love to pop some Irie genetics. Stay High Gang!

I would like to throw my hat in the ring also… Some Homegrown Natural Wonders genetics would be very cool… and again Thanks DGC for being, you have restored my faith in Community… cheers (patreon)

Yo DGC! Thanks for featuring my first meme on the show! Supporting the DGC and being apart of the growing community on cannabuzz is the best part about growing! I would love that rosinbomb rocket! I think that piece of equipment and myself are meant to be together in a dab lab! I am a Patron and can’t wait to catch ya friday! Be excellent to each other amd party on dudes!

Dude, Scotty, and Guru!

I’m working my way through my first grow with many thanks to you guys’ and Rasta Jeff’s podcasts!

I’d love to get a Rosin Bomb to squish the buds that are starting to develop now! That would be a great way to consume the fresh bud that you guys have helped me successfully grow!

A Pulse monitor would be a great help to make sure I’m monitoring the conditions in this new hobby!

Irie Genetics or any other fire genetics for my next grow would be greatly appreciated!

It might be easier to say I would be thankful for any prize! Keep up the great work and thanks again for all you guys do!

Thanks to you guys I have a shit ton of flower to press. I could use a rosin bomb. Best cannabis show on the net, peace, love and dont step on ants.

Love the crew vibe on a Saturday morning in the future down under. Especially the DGC soundtrack playlist. Almost time for some new songs. Peace and love from downunder

Hey DGC – finger and scissor hash time! Once again I’d like to try for the New Millennium P.E.P. Pack – we use Winter Frost right now and would love to try the rest of their line. Stay warm!

What up DGC! I hope you all are safe and lifted.
The knowledge that the DGC brings as a collective force helped me get through the ups and downs of my outdoor girl and inspired me to take it inside for next time. Refitting a 2x4x6 cabinet in the shed now.
Totally agree on getting more info out there on growers’ rights. Maybe the home brew and home hops growing scene could provide some context? I totally want to try grafting some cannabis onto my Comet hops plant! Hook up a Grow Hack please Guru.
I’d especially like to give a shout out and fist bump to ADHD Grower ….totally went above and beyond! So I’d like to nominate ADHD Grower for a spot on the seed grab. They’ve already got quality genetics locked up, so maybe a fitting prize for a DGCer with ADHD would be a Pulse monitor?

Hello dgc patron here!
I want to win anything with a dgc logo on it! I want to rep the dgc here in prohibition land!

Hey Guys
I just have to say, Guru I really appreciate when you jump into the conversation because I sometimes have no clue what the hell we are talking about until you throw out some definitions but sometimes I don’t know what the f*ck you say either. That’s why I became a Patreon. I need some learn’n.
I could use some new beans though to keep my education growing.
Thanks to all you people do at the DGC to keep the world Green and Clean.

Yooooo patreons rule man! Love the show and the chance to win. Scotty grab that rosin bomb for me! I need some of that gooey madness.

Aloha DGC, Joebob needs some beans. Would love to win some Raw genetics, after popping over 4 different packs of seeds this summer and fall all I’ve come up with is a couple of herms and a bunch of zeros. I would love to win some beans cause all my money goes to my kids and wife and can’t afford any more packs this year. ✌✌ no whamies

Love a chance at that Rosinbomb Rocket , love to get my meds. as easy as possible(straightener Not)… Thankyou for all the knowledge and opportunity to receive AWESOME gear ✌️

DGC fam you guys always me laugh after a hard day. If I get pick i would greatly appreciate some Irie Genetics or Raw Genetics . You guys rock

Patreon here. Around here in my small town rosin is a myth. Nobody has//sells it that I’ve ever known of. Help me show them what they are missing

What up dgc looking forward to another great show keep up what you guys do spreading the knowlage and gifting those in need, going to try my luck once more try get me a pulse monitor to go with last weeks winning duke diamonds and rosin bomb hopefully here back soon on those as just a responce would be nice even if its a sorry we cant do that, or better still congrats there in the mail lol, anyways catch you all on the live shows. Thanks and much love from the UK

What’s up dgc family.
Hope your all safe and sound.
I would love a hook up on the rosin bomb, I’ve always used my waste either for butterinfusion or making water hash but that’s as far as it really gets I’ve rolled out some hash using a hot glass bottle (frechie conolli tech) and do end up with some nice hash but to be able to make some hash rosin would be a trip and I’m sure all my friends would be happy too. If you can find it in your heart to help a patreon out and take my smoking experience to the next level. Thanks alot for your work guys keep it up luv from the UK

Rosin bomb you guys are the bomb

Good day DGC…….EPISODE 6. This game is catching on. Hook me up up with the rosin bomb boyz…..had a great outdoor harvest and need something to do with all this sugary trim and small stuff…..the DGC has brought me from a seed tossing bush grower to a refined home cultivator……#dudegrowsshow

Whats up guys,Boston Mass here,loving the show man.I started off growing because here in taxachusettes its 60 bucks for an eight over here. i can smoke an 8th a day sometimes..its crazy,im working to support my weed meds. ..first plant i grew with 10 cfl bulbs and bunch of wires hanging everywhere and got a half ounce of the best shit .I was hooked and youre help has become must watch stuff, if you want more than a half ounce..haha.thanks guys .If i could win some seeds from you guys it would greatly help me take that next step.I have gotten a new hps/mh setup now and the last plant i grew was blueberry strain,so happy with results with the new light and nutes .Im still learning about all the nutrient lines available but what do you guys suggest I should use..I grow in a finished basemant.plants are in closets maybe 2 or 3 plants at a time.Always bagseed exept for the blueberry seed that was given to me.Can you help me with getting a line setup?Rt now im using cal mag,worm castings,MG Bloom booster,bone meal,seagull guano,natures care compost mixed with MG moisture control potting soil. I also used 10% of dirt from my back yard thinking it would have all those live things in thier that are good for my plant?haha..could work?…haha…my main nutrient is the miracle grow bloom booster for the whole grow and kinda been adding the rest as i feel it needs it.i water once every 10 days,as even with the temp at 82 and the fans blasting away it takes forever to dry that mg soil.daytime temps are 80-83 and night temps are 69-75 with 35-40% humidity..Can you make feeding my plants more straight forward and maybe help me with my wet mg soil never drying?THANKS GUYS………..

The Rosin Bomb would be so helpful! I have been using the Dudes most potent oil recipe for years. I make brownies etc for my friends with medical issues. The recipe works great but just a little time consuming. Thanks guys! #dudegrowsshow #rosinbombrocket #rosinpress

Just about to pull my first ever harvest and am super excited about it! I’ve been growing them since early summer/late spring in RDWC (I know, it’s not microbe land, but man it worked and I’m a really “techy” person) and I’m just happy they’ve come to term! I’m hoping to post some pictures once I get it trimmed up and hopefully have some nice bud to share. I grew Strawpicanna from Oni seeds; if the smoke is anything like the smell right now, it’ll be a strawberry milkshake in every puff! Thanks for all you do guys, love the content. I am just getting in on Patreon to help support the show, hope the extra love spreads around!
Oh yeah, this is for the seedgrab too. I’d love to play for some new genetics (Irie would be amazing, love the arise look) or the Rocket if possible. If nothing else I’m just hoping you saw my comment, can’t be any more stoked for my own meds.

Hello DGC….First off, I wanted to say thanks again for all the content, product reviews, seed giveaways, discounts, etc., and all the hard work that goes into the channel. This has been a rough year for a lot of people for many reasons. I lost my job in March and haven’t found work in my field since. That being said, I have put a lot of my time into my garden, and being a relatively new grower I have found a lot of content on youtube to be very helpful including your channel. It’s awesome to see a lot of positivity in the growing community, people seem to enjoy helping one another out and giving other growers as much advice as possible while doing so in a friendly manner. I couldn’t be more appreciative, especially this year when there is so much negativity. That is why as I am writing this I have decided to join your Patreon channel. The free time will continue to allow me to do research and watch more content to further enhance my growing skill.

Like I said I am a relatively new grower and would appreciate any of the products above. I have a 5×5, 3×2, and 8×2 for grow rooms. I have 2 600w Viparspectar LED in my 5×5 and I veg in the other two rooms with T5’s. If I am selected to receive a giveaway (fingers crossed), I greatly appreciate and thank you in advance for taking the time to consider me.


Thanks again for all you guys do for the community. I am a patreon supporter. I am needy but not choosy, I know whatever you pick, Scotty, will be just what my grow was missing. If I am selected I want you to know in advance… your choice is perfect, its just what I wanted. Have a GREAT day DGC, and don’t forget to recharge!

Scotty, Dude, Guru and DGC playing for Boneyard Seeds NorCal. After hearing MrToad of Boneyard Seesds on last weeks DGC Seed Grab I went over to his site Mr Toad or 44bigbone44 on YouTube. He’s got real videos on males, pollen collection, seeds, how to make Silver Thiosulfate, apply, DDA soil, etc. If you like listening and learning from Rasta Jeff you will really like watching, listening and learning from with Mr Toad.

He seems like one really nice dude, humble, honest and emotional with a great back story. I truly thank MrToad for his giving and sharing.

Recharge the Fourth Macronutrient

big hey from Michigan! that rosinbomb rocket has been haunting me in my dreams lately, man. I think my subconscious is trying to get me away from flower. keep up the great work, guys!

Love the show y’all. Seed grabs have been awesome. Looking for some new genetics from Rasta Jeff. Something medicinal. Stay Irie

I would LOVE a ROSINBOMB for the small buds that are a pain in the ass to trim. Watch all the time you guys are great I am HOOKED on Recharge it WORKS

#hlg100 would love a new veg light. Even if I never win I will still always use my Patreon account to support my dudes just watching your show I benefit from all the awesome tips and info you guys share and I always tell my friends about the show!

Hey DGC, Medical Grower in Illinois with an empty 2×2 that would love an HLG 100 to get my Kosher Kush x Cherry Springer free seeds from Best Coast Genetics off to a good start… Love learning along with the rest of the crew, gives me something to look forward to in this crazy 2020 nightmare we are all living through…. keep up the good work helping everyone learn to grow dank…

Here is to a world where mids no longer exist and everything is top shelf homegrown terpene rich resin coated sticky icky dank nugs.

good afternoon dgc Scotty and guru and the Dude I want to win the hlg for the vet if not I’m gonna just get a gift card from one of the grow places but I think it would mean more if it came from the doc and if we all as a community can make this happen thanks guys go dgc

Just a patron trying to get my next grow to be 100% from DG Pro’s, I’ve almost got the set up, I got HLG lights, Radicle Bags, Seeds From SeedsHereNow, and of course I’ve got Recharge. …. but I’m missing some New Mill Nutrients, and the pulse Grow!! Right now I’m using Fox Farm nute’s and Fox Farm Soil. And Because I work so far away I’m gone from my Babies 12-14 hours a day. Could definitely use some help getting either some New Millenium, or the Pulse Grow Monitor!!

Thanks, Dude, Scotty, Guru and rest of Crew for all that you guys do.

Light up my life Scotty! I’d love to get my hands on that HLG 100 to keep a couple mothers alive…

What’s up dgc!
Patron here. Still trying for that new millennium. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them, but haven’t yet tried it. I’ve still got another 5 weeks to finish before I start all over again. Hoping to win some of that before the next go around.
Much love and appreciation for all you do.

Hey growmies. How’s it growing. I’d love to win a rosin bomb. I’m just getting into pressing my own now that I got a couple grows under my belt. I’d really like to press some of this 707 headband I just got done with. It’s the one I’m using for my profile pic. And you know as a dgc member recharge is always on my radar lol. Either way. I appreciate all you guys do. Learning in itself is a dope giveaway. Happy growing! dudegrowsshow

That rosin bomb would be perfect for my grow. But any seeds will do. Can I hear Scottie say recharge please thanks dudes u guys are the best

Hey DGC I love supporting the crew and I tell everyone about the show, honestly if i could win anything it would be amazing. Love the DGC, so happy we can have a community like this. The knowledge you provide is worth the membership alone. you guys go over the top giving back to the community we all appreciate the great work you guys are doing.

#OcenGrownSeeds would be amazing for some great genetics to fill my new spider farm tent and light but a #RosinBomb would make my dreams come true!!


I just watched a Wake and Bake America. Woa. You all look way different than i imagined.

I would love an hlg light . My 4×4 stands empty due to lack of good lights.

Keep up the good work.

I’d love the Rosin Bomb Rocket to take my edies to the next level, and also to help my son in law who depends on dabs to get the medicine he needs for nerve pain. If I’m too late for that prize, I’d really like to try New Mellenium nutrients in my grow. Really, anything would make me happy. Thanks for all you do! Peace out!

What’s up DGC? Been a Patreon for a few months now, and trying to become more involved with the community, or at least reading a lot more of the post. I feel I am now able to talk with other growers feeling somewhat knowledgeable from my time being a DGC young grass hopper a few years back. I’ve listened to all your shows and learned so much. Now I just need some of Rasta Jeff’s Irie Genetics to help me grow the dankest of dank nugs, so you know what I want to play for! Hope all of the DGC community is staying safe and crushin’ the stigma in there home states, peace!

Finishing up with my first grow, thanks boys for all the inspiration and wisdom. I used recharge on 3 and the other 3 just water and nutrients. All in Coco with perlite, and Humboldt Secret A,B,and flower stacker. 3 were dwarfs and 3 were hefty. Moving forward I won’t go without recharge again. I would love to replace my home fixture with an HLG!
Thanks for the community and all the content on all platforms! Keep Rockin and I’ll keep Rollin!

Man!! Where to start!? So I listen to your podcast all the time. I’ve become obsessed with growing and the whole culture. Unfortunately I live in a state that doesn’t allow any kinds of grows. But we are a medicinal state.But that didn’t stop me from checking out my local gardening shop. To my surprise they had an amazing selection of hydro gear, organic nutes and everything ! so I’m talking to the owner and she gives me a free sample of recharge along with your podcast card. Needles to say I think she is a 420 grower anyways I love the show guys keep up the good work! I’ll be here in my Prohibition state accumulating my grow gear until I get the green light from the state God Bless #dontsmokestress sincerely one of dudegrows biggest fans!
Ps recharge has made it all the was to boyhood home of Bill Clinton good ol Hot Springs Arkansas!


As always, I would be grateful for any of the amazing genetics, but I would love to go for the HLG 100 to crush my garment box grow. I want to push it to the limit!

Hey, what’s going on DGC crew? Just another Patron here. Thanks for all that you guys do. The show is great and the Discord community has been nothing short of solid. I would really like a shot at the HLG 100. I could really use that for my veg tent. If I buy a new a light my wife will probably kill me in my sleep, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I get a crack at the claw.

I appreciate the knowledge and fellowship. I am a longtime casual guerilla grower and until recenly have been genetically deprived. It would be amazing if you could hook up the old dude with some premium DNA from any of the generous seed wizards at your disposal. Failing that, Recharge me. I’m moving indoors.Thanks for the vibe. My first grow was a sickly windowsill attempt in 1971. All the cool kids were doing it. Columbian in the high desert in the mid 70’s. Humboldt in the late 70’s with less success. Durban Poison in the mid 80’s near a National Park in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. The last ended badly and convinced me that I am definitely a back yard grower. Most of my actual experience is growing Cactus and succulents but there’s always a little psychoactive floriculture camouflaged in there somewhere. PEACE

Seeds!! Good god I need some good seeds. I’ve grown enough bag seed, now I would like (if the ganja gods deem me worthy) to grow a plant with a name and pedigree from anyone of your friendly breeders

Just wanna see me be on the T.V, Yo.

Pick me sumthin good Scotty.

Dude, Scotty, Guru, and Crew…

Ok, make me a dabber! One try and I’m sold… get me the Rocket, Scotty!

I’d still kill for some Irie for the wife’s grow, too!

Thanks for all you do!

Dudes rundown of his pulse monitor the other day has me sold…grab away or spin the wheel of SWAG, Scotty!

What up DGC, I have been following the videos for a couple of months now and taking notes as I go like I’m college again . Double salute to Scotty, Dude and Guru. Thank you for all the knowledge you guys having been blessing us with. I tune in for every episode. I have learned so much in the past couple months. I really appreciate your platform for us in prohibition land. I have diverticulitis and the only thing that really helps is the good ol herb. I would really appreciate some of those fire beans from Irie or boneyard or, ocean. So in a couple of months I can be on the segment who growing some dank. Thanks again for you all have done and all continue to do for us in prohibition land. Scotty I want that Purple suit from last week.

I need s pulse grow or a hlg in my life or even recharge I’m not picky any prize you have would be a honor to win.

I am doubling down on my patreon comment from last week, please please please shoot a pilot episode of a bakery reality show and call it the “Microbe King”! I can’t see it being anything but hilarious.

Honestly if it get the nod to play the claw game I say it’s dealers choice on the prize. Thank you for the good times

Long live the Microbe king.

Would love to be able to win anything able to be sent up to us canucks! Thanks DGC

Sup dgc. I mean all the prizes are awesome and I could go for anything to be honest. Grow on

Would appreciate some seeds of any kind.. started growing because my father used grow, we now share the hobby as a common interest and I’d love to be able to produce something that just makes him say “wow”.

Love the show and love the enthusiasm the crew brings to cannabis cultivation.

P.s. great suit scotty

DGC patron! and loving every bit of it! I would love some lucky dog seed company, or any genetics there, they are all so good, help me and my parents grow some great medicine to give back!!

Hello dgc
Man this year has been crazy. Iv been struggling along with everyone else in the world. When stuff shut down i lost my job my car and apartment. Now im back livimg at home till i can get work again. If i can make it out of addiction from opiates going on 6 years from them i can make it through this. Iv been doing side jobs to make ends meat right now and most of my money go to buy my oil. Id love to start being able to use what i grow amd make my own oil so i can start saving up and get life back on track. I really hope everyone stays safe and healthy guys keep killing the content game.
Jay smash
Smashed cannabis on ig and YouTube

What’s sup DGC! I just came back from fl for a birthday celebration week! I never did rosin before and would like to try it. I would like to win a HLG or Rosinbomb. Thanks for having something for me to listen to while I was driving long distance! I love the youtube channel and I have listen to all the grow show episodes. Thanks for all the info!

Seed grab is my favorite game show, move over Vanna White.

Would love a pulse monitor but would be over the moon to be choose at all

Hey DGC patron here, I’m about a month out from my current harvest and would love some special beans to sprout or even a bright light to grow them under, Dominion seeds, Irie, or an hlg would be amazing to step up my next grow. Much love DGC stay irie

Rosin bomb, rosin bomb, I need a Rosin Bomb to make edibles to treat the family.

Hey DGC im a new grower from Michigan about to move back to prohibition land because I’m about to graduate the welding program in college. I would love to win some of those fire genetics to bring back to my friends in prohibition land and spread the knowledge/fire with them. Love all the content u guys make it’s been getting me through 2020. Keep up the good work!!

Hey DGC family,
Just started my first real autoflower grow from a cheap seed bank online.witch took 3months to get here. Nothing else to say but i need some better genetics .. lol.. had zero percent germination.. hell yeah thanks for all u guys and gals do at the DGC. Good luck everyone

What up DGC? I’m looking to maximize potency and yield for my grow, so I’d like to play for the New Millenium – P.E.P. Pack. Quality genetics or Recharge would be great too. Hook it up!

So many good choices…Super grateful for the opportunity & content guys … That rosin bomb tho is a big purchase that I could really use & tbh atm it’s not in my budget so definitely that has to be my #1 pick, that & because it’d give me the ability to bring my patients & I access to single source high quality solventless options, which in the MW mostly what you find is grossly overpriced for the quality of hash ….. You can’t go wrong with any of those breeders imho Bohemian highway is a close 2nd but if I had to choose I gotta go dominion Hoodoo pack cuz dukes down right now #Freedukediamond

Good afternoon D! G! C!

I’d like to thank you gentlemen for all that you do, the guests, sponsors and all the invaluable information you provide to not only the DGC family but all growers of all skill levels.

I’d like to play for some Boneyard seeds. I love their background stiry and success they have with Medical strains and iy would be an honor to grow their genetics for my parents. My mother is recovering from breast cancer and my father is an amputee. I want to make oils for her and flower for him. Of course I will enjoy the fruits of my labor either way, facilitating them with some good homegrown medicine from great genetics would be mission accomplished.

I just want thank the whole DGC crew for all the knowledge given, time, and effort that you guys put in for us! When I’m watching DGC my wife jokes and says I’m in class with my grow professors, because I’ll be dialed in to the show and taking notes. Im a Patreon member also. Im in prohibition land growing for my M.S., and I have never done a dab before. I would like to win a ROSIN BOMB!


I just want thank you to the whole DGC crew for all the knowledge given, time, and effort that you guys put in for us! When I’m watching DGC my wife jokes and says I’m in class with my grow professors, because I’ll be dialed in to the show and taking notes. Im a Patreon member also. Im in prohibition land growing for my M.S., and I have never done a dab before. I would like to win a ROSIN BOMB!


Hi dgc long time watcher would love pulse or abit of recharge but being in UK I think it a shn voucher but anything would b great all the love organicmike the worm casting king

Hey guys, long time member but I’ve been caught up in life and not able to give my grow any time. I just recently popped some beans again because I need the gardening to keep my head straight. I’d love to be able to squish some flower with that rosinbomb rocket when harvest time comes. You guys stay irie and awesome

What’s up fellow Gromies ? Don’t really care what I won because I’ve never won anything lol !! If it wasn’t for back luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all !! A Hlg would be cool !! Have a good day and be safe .

Been using, Nectar units, but want to try
New Milenum PEP
Thanks, Paul

The pulse one also looks

Hey DGC, been doing the best I can with Amazon lights in a ten by ten tent but I would love to try a hlg light !

The Rosin Bomb Rocket would be a nice prize to go for

HEY FRIENDS! I don’t want to be sappy but this year has been devastating. Covid has taken my friends and family and I wasn’t able to see them or attend any funerals. I am a mother to 5 beautiful kiddos and my last two little girls were born severely premature and spent months in the hospital fighting for their lives. We have to stay in quarantine at all times because my tiniest daughter, Frankie, had a 6 hour open heart surgery and has no immune system. She just turned 1 in May. Anyways, I have CPTSD and have my Med card and cultivator license in Missouri and just started my first ever grow. The therapeutic benefits of growing my own medicine has by far been one of the only things that has kept me mentally afloat during these terrifying times for my family. I would love love love to play for anything. I’ve got the hlg650r in a 5×10 but I only have 3 plants in there. Honestly, anything on the prize list would be helpful. Regardless if I win or not, I want to give a HUGE heart hug to all of you at the DGC and all the nice people that have answered my grow questions. You guys are cropsavers !! Stay safe out there and good luck to all!

I have been trying to win seeds for some time now. Sure would be nice to help a Canadian out with some free ones. You guys rock! Keep it up. Growers Love

Heey whats up DGC I would love to win anything in the claw machine but if Im playing it would have to be for the Rosin bomb or Recharge.
Fingers Crossed and big up from the UK.

That Pulse Grow monitor would be rad as hell! I want to be locked into my grow and look like Dude! Lol thanks guys

Love what the DGC is doing in the cannabis culture. I would love to win some seeds to plant them in prohibition land. To tell the man what I think of their laws.

Happy Halloweed DGC! Gimme that RECHARGE.

Happy Halloweed DGC! Gimmie that RECHARGE. #realgrowersrecharge

Patreon member here Any gift is cool.

I’m playing for fun. I want to win and then ‘give’ away my prize to the next person to comment below me. heh… BeLOW ME BLOW M… hehe. Whoops this comment isn’t getting on! Tanaya to claw game for me. Tamara? Natalia? Weed is bad for name memory.

Hey guys, been watching your show here for a while now. I’m from Montana and hoping that our recreational bill passes so I won’t feel like I’m in prohibition land anymore. I’d love to play for just about anything off the list guys. The pulse monitor looks sweet, the hlg looks sweet, and all the seeds are pretty amazing. I found your guys’s show actually from rasta Jeff’s grow from your heart podcast so I’m a fan of irie genetics too. Thanks for the education guys

High; we are appreciative of DGC it’s been a entertaining time educating .
I would love to try to claw my way into that rosin bomb rocket.
The reality is I have no way to make rosin I’m new to it and I grow auto flowers like moby dick xxl that are oozy resinous Nugs that scream to be squished into delicious dabs

Whattup Dude, Scotty, Guru & tha DGC. Brothers, let me tell you I could really put that Rosin Bomb to good use! I love dabs for the flavor, but more importantly for the pain relief I get from them (bulging disks in the vertebrae, bla, bla). Unfortunately, they are extremely cost prohibitive, especially after tolerance levels increase. Also, I’m just not happy with the results I get from the hair straightener & vice grip method. Anyway, I just brought down (what I consider to be) my first successful harvest after trying 5 different times over the course of the past 3 years. I’ve got some Orange Gasm drying and curing as close to the JMystro method as possible and would LOVE to give them a proper squish.

So I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for a Rosin Bomb, but who am I kidding.. I’d be ecstatic for any genetics or even some Recharge (I just ran out of my last 16oz)!

Anyway, much love and respect to the crew for what you guys do for this community!

Yoooo DGC. I’m in business to for the long game… That HLG 600 would double the Watts im pushing now. If I ever won. It’d be the 1st contest I’ve ever did. I’m a loyal fan. Win or lose.
Thats Life. #dudegrowsshow #HLG100 #HLG600

Puff & Play: The 31 Best Weed Smoking Games To Try

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate cannabis with your friends, why not get silly competitive with one or more weed games?

There are quite a few ways to combine friendly competition and fire ganja – in fact, you can incorporate cannabis into pretty much any game you want to. That being said, these are our top selections of fun weed games to play with your favorite stony companions.

Note, some of these games could you leave you on the floor, greening out. In case you do go one toke over the line (or seven), be sure to have some CBD on hand, which can help mitigate the effects of too much THC.

The 31 Best Weed Games to Play

Before we get into the specifics, keep safety in mind whenever you plan to bust out the weed games at a party or gathering. Make sure no one who is ingesting cannabis or alcohol is driving anywhere, and make sure everyone practices caution around mixing cannabis and alcohol, as well as recognizing their own limit for ingestion overall.

Also, make sure you’re prioritizing health and safety if you’re planning to gather any time soon, and taking any precautions necessary to stay protected as we continue to battle the pandemic.

Once you’ve got that all taken care of, it’s time to play:

1. Ash Bomber

Ash bomber is one of the most popular and widely-recognized weed smoking games among stoners. To play, you’ll need to gather a few materials first: a rubber band, a penny, a cup, a sheet of rolling paper (or toilet paper), and a rolled joint.

Once you have everything, you’re going to first cover the cup with the paper, securing it with the rubber band around the rim. Then, place the penny in the middle of the paper and spark up your joint.

Every time someone takes a hit, they must hold in the smoke, burn a hole in the paper, pass the joint, and then exhale. Whoever burns the hole that causes the penny to drop loses and has to do whatever the rest of the players decide. Choose wisely, and play carefully!

2. Jammin’

If you’ve smoked weed, you’ve definitely heard Bob Marley’s “Jamming,” and recognized what an important piece of stoner culture it has become over the years.

In honor of the great Bob Marley, competitive weed tokers created the game Jammin’ – essentially, you put on the song, and every time you hear the word “jammin’” ease out of Marley’s mouth like molasses, take a hit. Just be aware of your limit – those hits will definitely rack up quickly.

3. Wheel of Weed

If you enjoy arts ‘n’ crafts, setting the scene for your get-togethers, and have a good amount of time on your hands, then Wheel of Weed is the perfect weed smoking game for you.

You’ll have to create your own wheel using whatever materials work best for you, and label each section with tasks like “take two hits,” “pass the joint to your left,” “take a bite out of an edible,” etc.

Then, simply channel your inner Vanna White and spin that wheel!

4. Video Games

This is one of the most obvious, tried-and-true ways to spend an afternoon with good weed and even better friends. Reminiscent of racing home after school to get high as a kite and play Halo for hours, this activity is full of nostalgia and fresh excitement.

You can select the game you want to play depending on your mood, and what sort of high you’re experiencing – whether you feel like dominating on Fortnite or losing yourself in the transcendent melodies of Guitar Hero.

However, if gaming is how you prefer to spend every high, things can get a little stale and you may be missing out on the many cognitive nuances of the cannabis-induced altered mindset. If that’s the case, maybe skip this one and keep your mind open to the rest of this list.

5. Stoned Musical Chairs

Well, this one is self-explanatory. Relive your childhood dreams with everyone’s favorite game: musical chairs!

Except, this time it actually has a chance to be your favorite game, because we’ve combined it with your favorite thing: weed. Just make sure you establish the rules so that whoever does find a chair takes a hit, and whoever doesn’t has to skip – otherwise, no one will want to sit down.

6. Medusa

Another popular weed smoking game among seasoned stoners is “Medusa,” named after the Greek myth. Legend has it that if you looked into Medusa’s eyes, you’d turn to stone.

For this game, you’ll sit in a circle with your friends, making sure everyone has a joint or something to smoke. Everyone starts with their head down until the count of three. Then, everyone is to look up and stare at another player.

If you look at someone who is also looking at you, you must yell out “Medusa!” and take a hit.

7. Nug Hunt

Imagine an Easter egg hunt where, instead of finding plastic eggs full of money, we cut out the middleman and stuffed them full of weed instead. Welcome to the Nug Hunt, the adult version of Easter that can occur any day of the year.

Invite all of your closest friends and hide nugs, joints, edibles – whatever cannabis product you want – all over your home. Everyone gets to keep (and ingest) whatever they find.

8. Stoner Movie Smoke-Along

This one is low-maintenance, but super fun. Put on your favorite lineup of stoner movies like Dazed & Confused or Pineapple Express and take a hit every time the characters do, or any time they mention weed at all, if you’re really trying to go hard.

9. Strip Choker

Like strip poker, but stoned. For anyone who prefers their game nights to be as titillating as possible, this one’s for you.

The idea is quite straightforward. Everyone takes a hit at the same time and holds it in as long as possible. The first person to exhale removes an article of clothing. and hopes and prays their lungs will work better the next time around.

10. Taxi

This one is for the heavier hitters in the game, so maybe stay away if you’ve only just started smoking.

In order to play, gather in a circle – the smaller, the better chance you have of success. The first person takes a hit of a joint, pipe, or bong and passes it, holding in their hit as long as possible.

The goal is to hold it until the bong comes back around to you. If you can’t make it, you’re out.

Again, this one isn’t for the weak.

11. Bong/Pipe Making Contest

We’ve all been in a bind where we had to scramble to make a pipe out of an apple, a water bottle, a pen. Now’s your chance to summon those skills and dominate. Select someone (or a group of someones) to vote on the most effective homemade bong and/or pipe, gifting the winner with the greatest gift of all: eternal bragging rights.

12. Joint-Rolling Competition

Similar to the bong/pipe-making contest, but with a lot more at stake for your reputation as a stoner. Make sure to wipe off your sweaty palms, first.

13. Bong Race

Want to put the homemade bongs you made in the contest to good use? Challenge your friends to a bong race!

It’s as simple as it sounds: make sure everyone has a smoking apparatus (preferably a bong), pack a fat bowl, count to three, and spark up. First one to finish their bowl and clear the hit wins.

14. Bong Pong

We’ve all played tired old beer pong, and the perfect way to refresh a stale game is to add some cannabis.

The first part of the game will be identical to beer pong: cups, a ping pong ball, a table, and liquid. Swap the alcohol for water and the loser’s drink for a hit.

15. Running Man

If you’re looking for a weed smoking game that keeps you active and on your toes, try Running Man. This game is best played outdoors, so make sure you’ve got good weather – or at least ample layers if necessary.

Form a line with everyone participating and take the fattest hit you can handle. Then, everyone must sprint to a designated point as quickly as possible. The loser takes another hit…or the winner.

16. Push-up Challenge

Another great weed game that involves getting physical? A good old-fashioned push-up challenge.

For this one, take a big hit and hold it while you complete as many push-ups as possible (no cheating!) Whoever does the most push-ups before exhaling wins.

17. Blunts

To combine physicality with sportsmanship, Blunts is the perfect game. A variation on the classic basketball game Horse, you spell out one letter of the word “blunts” for each shot you miss.

You’ll need a ball and a basketball hoop for this one.

And maybe we can get Kevin Durant to play a match with us someday.

18. Greenjack

This one combines everyone’s two favorite greens: weed and money.

Get ready to play a normal round of blackjack, but instead of money, weed is the reward.

Or, you can take “combining both” literally and go for the ultimate reward: cannabis and cash.

19. High Card

In keeping with card games, High Card requires you to first thoroughly shuffle a full deck of cards.

Once that’s done, you’ll place one card face down in front of each player. Each round, another card gets placed down in front of the original, and each player has to guess whether that card is higher or lower than the number of the previous card.

If you win, you get a toke, and if you lose, nothing. Or vice versa…depending on what your end goal is.

20. Never Have I Ever

This classic game is rejuvenated by making it weed-themed. Each person has to make a statement beginning with “Never have I ever…” that has to do with a cannabis experience, like “Never have I ever bogarted the joint.”

Then, everyone who has bogarted a joint before has to take a toke. (Come on…be honest with yourself).

21. Film Name Game

In a clever and cannabis-infused spin on an age-old classic, the first person names the first film that comes to mind. Then, the second player has to name a film that begins with the last letter of the first film named. And so on, and so on.

Once a player is unable to name a film, they have to take a toke. Or everyone else tokes except them.

22. Name That Tune

Keeping in theme with name games, Name That Tune is a fun way to get high with pop culture.

Each person has a chance to play a song for the rest of the group. The more obscure the better, because if no one can name the song, everyone takes a toke.

However, if one or more of the participants can name the song, the song player takes a toke. Either way, you’re all well on your way to being blissfully (and musically) stoned.

23. Mentioning Marijuana

Just like the classic “Every time you hear X, take a shot,” you’ll take a hit every time there’s a mention of marijuana, weed, grass, ganja, etc.

Whether that be a screening of Pineapple Express ora binge-session of classics like Weeds or That 70s Show, there’s plenty of opportunities to make this game work to your benefit – especially if you’re trying to get really stoned.

24. One Word Story

In this game, each player speaks a word to form a group story. Each person has to add the next word that makes grammatical sense. If they’re stumped – or say something that doesn’t work – they take a hit.

This is especially difficult if you’ve already been smoking, so maybe save this one towards the end of your game night for a better challenge.

25. Weedstacle Course

The high intensity of a good obstacle course truly can’t be beat, and when the stakes are getting as stoned as possible, who wouldn’t want to play?

You can make this as easy or as challenging as you’d like, but the idea is to set up several different toking options throughout the area for participants to get through.

Craft apple or water bottle bongs, roll up joints, spark up dab rigs…feel free to get creative, and smoke as fast as you can!

This is cannabis debauchery at its most chaotic.

26. Traffic Light

This one requires self-discipline and strong lungs, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. You’ll begin by taking one hit and then passing, holding in your hit for as long as possible (the goal is to hold it until the apparatus makes its way back into your hands).

Then, the second time around, you take two hits and hold that in…and then three, four, and so on and on.

Not recommended for large smoke circles.

27. Wasted Places

For this game, you’ll each name a place where cannabis is legal in some capacity. Once one person names a region, state, or country, the next person has to name a place where cannabis is legal that begins with the last letter of the previous person’s choice.

The first person to get stumped or mess up takes a toke.

28. Seven Tokes to Infinity

You’ve heard of Seven Minutes in Heaven, but what about Seven Tokes to Infinity? In this game, each participant needs to have some sort of smoking apparatus and enough weed to pack seven bowls.

Not only does each person need to clear each of the seven bowls, but you have to be able to do so in one hit. The winner is whoever can get through all seven bowls without choking.

Seven is a lot, so feel free to lower the number. Naturally.

29. Straight Face

If you’ve had enough experiences with cannabis, you’ll know it’s hard not to smile when the dose is just right.

The goal of this game is to get everyone high enough to where they can’t stop smiling – and then force them to do just that.

The first person to smile…takes another hit. This is one of those games you don’t really mind losing.

30. Last Stoner Standing

The most chaotic weed smoking game you could possibly play is Last Stoner Standing, which is exactly as it sounds. However, we must insist that this game is reserved for the most advanced of cannabis enthusiasts.

If you’re wary, try making the rules so that you each take one hit every half hour to give you a little time to recover, until there’s only one person standing.

Even then, make sure no one is planning on going anywhere for the rest of the evening, because once you’re locked into Last Stoner Standing, there’s no turning back.

31. The Hour of Power

Finally, you may have played this with alcohol, but have you ever tried facing off in an Hour of Power using weed?

If you thought Last Stoner Standing was for serious weed enthusiasts, buckle up. In this game, each person takes a hit every 60 seconds for 60 minutes straight.

Make it through, and you’re automatically elevated to OG status.

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