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trophy wife seeds

Trophy Wife | Full Term | Seeds

DESCRIPTION: This seed line is the champion of CBD resin production. By first reversing our CBD phenotype of “The Wife” to herself we conducted a S1 pheno hunt in search of a cut that finished a bit earlier with the high testing CBD content. We then paired her with our new 50:1 Cherry Wine male to compliment her progeny in both flavor and compound content. Expect top shelf bag appeal packed with an offensively loud terp profile.

PALETTE: Packed with a loud cheesy terp profile. Heavy notes of cheese and skunk complimented by cherry undertones.

Trophy wife seeds

We are now offering our own MSH strain called ‘The Trophy Wife Kush #1’ Feminized Hemp Seed. It’s our version of The Wife x Legendary x Bubba Kush Feminized Hemp Seed. It produces an amazing light green flower with a superb cannabidiol profile, and the terpene profile is next level! This lady is sure to please with super XL yields and a bud structure to write home to your mama about.

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We are now offering this fire full spectrum high CBD hemp strain called ‘The Trophy Wife Kush #1′. This is boutique hybrid industrial hemp strain created through a collaboration with Laplata Labs and Bloom County, who are a collective of world renown cannabis breeders sharing strains and working together to create the greatest hemp flower in the world!

The Trophy Wife Kush #1 is our version of The Wife. It’s a cross of The Wife x Legendary x Bubba Kush. This strain has an excellent leaf structure with a 7-8 week flower cycle. It produces an amazing light green, dense flower with a superb full spectrum cannabidiol profile. This flower is gassy and smells amazing with a terpene profile that is next level!