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table top cannabis seed cleaner

Centurion Pro Tabletop Trimming Machine – Wet or Dry Trimmer

Here at Redbud we believe in using organic practices to work with mother nature to ensure optimal plant performance.

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Marijuana seed cleaner (deseeder). It will sort bud from stems and seeds, stems and preemies from adult seeds and will separate kief into the vacuum canister, depending on the setting. Thanks to I started with their plans.

You have no idea how many times I thought that while making it lol.

*note, I am not using the Kirby vacuum pictured. There is a brand new, 1 gallon, wet dry vac behind the seeder.

How does this work

Vacuum is connected to the top. You dump marijuana in the funnel, seeds fall thru to the pitcher, weed goes in the jar at the bottom.

Edit: you control how hard the vacuum is with the adjustable vacuum handle on top, the red slider.

We made one of these about two years ago. It's saved at least a hundred man-hours since. Probably much more than that.

OP is a breeder I take it. What's something interesting that you have in the closet?

This saved my back immensely! I'm a medical grower with back issues and I loathe processing. I thought hurting my back building this was less pain than hundreds of future labor hours will be. It's like smart money sense but with tons of pain for incentive lol!

I am trying to diversify as much as possible. I am trying my hand at feminized seeds, butane hash oil (experimental extractor I'm making), growing flower, etc. I'd like to actually breed strains but I need to get my plant limit up first.