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strongest cannabis seeds in the world

Super Strength Cannabis Seeds

When collecting standard strength cannabis seeds just isn’t enough, it’s time to consider the super strength cannabis seeds we have on offer! Seed City boasts an excellent selection of high strength cannabis seeds for you to browse. As of 01st March, we stock one of the largest collections of super strength marijuana seeds available anywhere!

When looking for your high strength marijuana seeds, remember you can refine your search further with our revolutionary Seed Selector. Add filters on the left, and you can search for specific cannabis seed strains, for example: super strength Indica seeds, super strength Sativa seeds, or super strength high THC seeds. The possibilities are endless!

We stock some of the most infamous high strength marijuana strains, including AK 47 and AK 49, THC Bomb, Gorilla Bomb, and OG Kush. Browse our collection and find the best high strength cannabis seeds for you! Always delivered securely and discreetly, always at the lower prices than anywhere else online – guaranteed.

What are the most powerful marijuana strains on earth?

Well, we have selected the top 5 strains whose potency measured beyond the 20% THC for this final list of the world’s strongest cannabis strains. Check out the top list gallery of buds to see them. All the strains are Haze related, so Sativa dominated, so high level THC.

Number 1 Strongest Pot: Amnesia

The most popular Sativa-dominant hybrid Amnesia is now available in a reliable feminized version. Feminized Amnesia marijuana seeds produce a harvest that retains all the best traits of the regular version – a soaring psychedelic high, relatively short flowering time and great big yield.

An initial hybrid was produced, boasting genetics from original Haze ,lanky and low yielding but with a mind-blowing high, and a compact Afghani with bulky, resinous buds, and a strong stoned effect. To boost the sativa content into the stratosphere, this hybrid was back-crossed with powerful oldschool Thai – one of the ancestors of Haze. The spectacular result, Amnesia White, is so irresistible that we just had to create a feminized version, and fans of easy to grow Sativas have been rushing to buy it since it was released!

Amnesia Feminized marijuana delivers a heavy harvest of long, solid buds coated with a generous layer of resin. Plants grow vigorously, but can easily be kept compact by triggering the flowering period after only a short time in vegetation. The number one top THC Bomb!

Number 2 Powerful Marijuana: Mexican Haze

Mexican Haze Feminized cannabis is a mostly-Sativa strain. A blend of Jack Herer, Acapulco Gold and classic Haze, this feminized marijuana hybrid is already one of the more famous members of our weed seed collection due to her explosive cerebral high.

Mexican Haze Marijuana is usually an indoor plant, and can also be grown outdoors in a sunny Mediterranean climate. People who buy Mexican Haze Feminized Cannabis seeds can expect a beautiful, almost tropical garden of vivid green plants with branches that reach upwards vigorously, especially during the flowering period. Be prepared for plants that can quadruple in size by the time they are ready to harvest!

Her growth pattern is classic Cannabis Sativa it is tall and slender with long internodal gaps and an extensive flowering period, but the huge THC production results are well worth every bit of extra effort!

This female cannabis strain produces a very heavy yield for a Haze; her buds are long, open and thick with resin. When smoked, Mexican Haze has a fresh, fruity taste and a staggering, almost hallucinogenic high. One of the stongest marijuana strains on the earth!

Rank number 3 Strongest Marijuana: Super Silver Cheese

Crossing Super Silver Haze with Cheese was an ambitious breeding project which could have led to a true clash of the titans! The tall Sativa structure and mind-blowing high of one of the best-loved members of the Haze family had to combine with the compact, heavy, physically relaxing traits of Cheese to retain the best features of both varieties in a stable feminized marijuana strain. Success was achieved in a breeding line with the desired balance of vigorous growth, moderate height gain, rewarding yield and the all –important dual effect of body-stone and mental high. After no little effort, Super Silver Cheese was born; all that remained was to feminize the seed strain, and the finished product was ready for our pot fans to order on-line!

Super Silver Cheese Feminized seeds will delight growers and consumers alike; the unapologetic double slam of Cheese and Haze potencies offers the best of both worlds, simultaneously elevating the mood and melting away muscle stress. The distinctive aroma of Cheese is sweetened by topnotes of chamomile and musk from the Haze parent, resulting in a special flavor that we can’t get enough of! Best flavoured of this top 5!

Number 4 Strongest Cannabis: Swazi

Swazi is a pure and original Sativa cultivar which was brought in seed-form from Swaziland, at the south-eastern tip of Africa.

While this cannabis strain can be grown inside, outdoor growers who can allow it to grow to its full size may see more of its amazing potential – Swazi will become enormous if given a chance! In a warm, sunny climate it can easily reach 3 metres tall, with huge 13-fingered leaves.

Indoors or out, Swazi produces a great yield of long, sticky buds. It has a delicious aniseed flavour and produces an active, electric, uplifting buzz that’s highly enjoyable but not overpowering.

Swazi is a pure Sativa suitable for both casual smokers and connoisseurs who appreciate quality and a large THC contents.

Number 5 Most powerful Marijuana: Hawaii x Skunk

Hawaii x Skunk #1 is a balanced Sativa-Indica hybrid which can produce a spectacular harvest.

This powerful seed strain was created by crossing one of the parents of Hawaii Maui Waui with the infamous Skunk #1. It can grow outdoors in cooler climates than our Maui Waui strain and is, of course, ideal for indoor growing.

This unique marijuana hybrid usually grows tall and, with good sun or artificial lighting, will fill its frame with thick clusters of solid, sparkling bud by harvest time. It generally produces thick-bladed Indica-style leaves when young and much longer, thin-bladed leaves as it approaches maturity.

Hawaii x Skunk #1 gives a very smooth smoke with a deliciously exotic Haze-Skunk flavour and a very strong physical-cerebral high.