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strawberry basil seeds

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Strawberry Basil Chia Seed Jam

Chia seeds are magic. When they become wet they get gelatinous and create a thick, gooey texture that resembles a lot of your old school favorites like pudding and jam. A couple weeks back my husband was slathering strawberry jam on his toast and I got a little jealous of an old favorite. It’s literally been YEARS since I had a bite of strawberry jam and I wanted some of my own.

Wait, what’s wrong with regular strawberry jam?

Regular strawberry jam is jam packed with sugar and sometimes other added ingredients that aren’t paleo-friendly. While normal strawberry jam may work for people without autoimmune disease, I avoid it because processed sugar causes inflammation, mood swings, and can interfere with your gut health. If you’re working on healing your gut and reversing signs of autoimmune disease, you’re going to want to get in on some of this chia seed strawberry basil jam.

Are chia seeds healthy?

Health yeah they are! Chia seeds are jam packed (omg I’m punning so hard you guys) with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber, iron, and calcium! Since chia seeds are full of fiber and expand with liquid, they can help keep you satiated throughout the day. I love throwing them in smoothies in addition to jams.

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What if I don’t have strawberries for my chia seed jam?

This recipe will work with any berry! Opt for sweeter berries that are in-season. I made my batch without honey because I picked them fresh from a strawberry patch. If your berries are store bought and don’t taste very sweet, you’ll probably want to add in the optional sweetener. You can use any sweetener, but I prefer honey as an addition to strawberry basil chia jam.

What berries are in season right now?

It’s a little tricky to answer this because it varies by region and depends on the weather. For instance, strawberries aren’t usually in season at the beginning of September, but since we had such a late start to summer this year they were ripe and delicious.

For a general idea of what’s in season in your region, head here!

I’m on the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol Diet, can I have this?

Unfortunately, chia seed jam is not autoimmune paleo diet compliant, but you could play around with using gelatin from Great Lakes Gelatin in lieu of the chia seeds to make it AIP. Side note: I have not tried this so don’t hold me responsible if your AIP-ified chia seed jam ends up a little on the weird side.