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Strain Review: Spec Ops by 303 Seeds

☁️It’s a high potency strain, so i would recomend newbies or low tolerance people proceed with caution because this bad boy can surprise experienced stoners.

☁️It’s a very euphoric relaxed laid back high, the strength of this strain could, in larger quantities, knock you out.

☁️It’s a fun mental high that’s good for stimulating conversations, watching shows, doing creative fun things that dont require lot of energy.

✔Its great for pain, insomnia, and intense anxiety
✔Would recomend
✔Might buy again .
I didn’t really buy it, my sister in law did and she let me take pics and review it
But honestly its a very powerful strain, so if anyone is looking for a strong indica dominant this is amazing, something i would definitely buy for sleep and anxiety. .
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All About Spec Ops Weed Strain

Spec Ops strain is a non-dominant hybrid with a minimal THC/CBD ratio. The crossing was made by 303 Seeds and includes excellent genetics. These result in a high THC project that’s suitable for seasoned users only. The THC levels of this strain can go over 25%.

The lineage of Spec Ops cannabis is a cross between Bio Diesel and Alien Rock Candy. This weed is best for evening use.

When you smoke the pot or consume oil or wax, you’ll feel the effects rapidly. They begin with a full-body relaxation and a sedated, physical high that keeps a user couch-locked and at ease. This is often accompanied by a creativity boost, a bit of euphoria, and artistic inspirations.

The Spec Ops weed is used by patients suffering from muscle spasms, cramps, chronic pain, arthritis, chronic stress, and inflammation.

This bud features a pungent, skunky flavor with a wood taste on the exhale. If you continue to toke, it can turn a bit spicy and sour.

The aroma is also heavy, combined with a skunky pungency, diesel, fuel, and deep earth overtone.

Thanks to its extremely high potency, the nugs of this plant are completely covered in white, milky trichomes. The plant is mature and ready for harvest in 56 to 70 days and has a moderate difficulty of growing.