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space cowboy seeds

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Space Cowboy Strain

In the song $$Space Cowboy$$ by The Steve Miller Band, the singer refers to himself as a joker, a smoker, and a midnight toker. A classic tune with an obvious cannabis reference was reason enough for the breeders at Exclusive Seeds in Colorado to use it to represent the name of their brilliant creation.

Space Cowboy genetics stem from crossing Cataract OG with Afghan Ghost. The bloodlines include grandparents like Afghani, LA Confidential and OG Kush.

The Space Cowboy cannabis strain possesses thick clumps of dark-orange pistils resembling bushes, balanced with lime and forest-green curly leaves. A thin coat of crystal trichomes brightens up the entire package. Its cedar and skunk odor will be hard to conceal, and breaking these buds apart releases an aroma of lemon, citrus and gasoline. The sour lemon aftertaste is pleasantly enjoyable.

Space Cowboy effects are well-balanced for the body and mind as reviewers have claimed. The relaxation of tense muscles in the temples and neck that have been reported apparently also trigger the release of negative thoughts and worries. This overall ease uplifted users’ moods and helped some get to sleep quicker. Despite being sativa-dominant, the power of its indica influence has purportedly put novice users into a catatonic state known as $$couch lock$$. Aptly named, this trippy strain is known amongst reviewers for its ability to help consumers kick back and unwind. After all, the Space Cowboy just wants to play his music in the sun.

If you’re wondering about Space Cowboy THC levels, they generally fall in the high teens.