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Marijuana Seeds in South Carolina

South Carolina has specific laws put into place for the use of medical marijuana seeds, but only in terms of strains that are high in CBD, and low in THC. Patients suffering from specific types of epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome, and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome are legally allowed to be prescribed specific certified CBD-based products, and must brandish all purchases of such with state-issued tax stamps.

There have been votes put forward to the local government to expand these laws, but the changes are likely to remain restrictive to some degree, and aren’t unlikely to come into effect any time soon.

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What are cannabis seeds that are high in CBD good for?

If you are a resident of South Carolina, you may be curious of the uses of medical marijuana – especially strains that are gaining legal status, such as those that are high in CBD.

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical compound found within plants of the hemp family, and specific seeds and strains can contain varying amounts that can be used to treat a range of ailments. The higher the levels of CBD, the lower the effects of THC tends to be (the psychoactive compound commonly associated with the narcotic) – and the more prominent the benefits.

With two main strains taking center stage in the medical industry, indica and sativa, the former tends to be higher in CBD (and therefore health advantages), but modern cultivation does allow farmers the ability to cross-pollinate and breed strains to produce much more specific results.

Those using medical marijuana that is considered to be high in CBD can treat:

When treating these types of issues, use is best advised in the evenings/night time, when the patient is relaxed and not in a position to put themselves at risk (i.e. when driving).

How can cannabinoids be used for healing?

While the above ailments tend to be treated with a focus on relaxation, medical cannabis is also especially effective at reducing the symptoms of pain. Neuropathic pain in particular (as opposed to nociceptive pain), can prove to benefit from the use of CBD both topically and when ingested; and this can be especially important, as these symptoms can often be difficult to alleviate with traditional treatments and solutions.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In South Carolina

While many states in America are clear with laws covering the possession and cultivation of marijuana, understanding them here is slightly more confusing. It’s fair to say you cannot legally buy marijuana seeds in South Carolina in any orthodox retail outlets, however that doesn’t stop people buying marijuana seeds in South Carolina online, and while cultivating marijuana for recreational purposes is prohibited, growing medical marijuana for personal use, may be permitted in small amounts.

If you are considering growing marijuana in South Carolina, we suggest cultivating a few high quality plants for personal use only, to remain on the better side of any future punishments, should you be caught. Chronic pain, insomnia, eating disorders and many more ailments and illnesses can be alleviated with the use of marijuana, and although still illegal, the use of medical marijuana for certain afflictions has proven to be a successful defense for some people. Secrecy equals security, tell no-one of your plans or show them your growing operation, either indoors or outside. They used to say loose tongues cost lives, when it comes to marijuana, loose talk costs harvests!

South Carolina isn’t one of the biggest states, covering an area of approximately thirty-two thousand square miles, but it does have plenty of rural areas in which to grow marijuana outdoors throughout the long growing season the state enjoys. Ambient temperatures and long hours of daily sunshine provide the perfect climate for growing marijuana in South Carolina, and with the slower onset of Winter, and warmer night-time temperatures compared to many states, a complete selection of Indica, Sativa and hybrid marijuana seeds can be planted and successfully cultivated through to complete maturity, before the night air becomes too cold and damp for flowering to continue.

It is often said that well-grown indoor marijuana plants produce the best, most potent buds, when grown correctly. This is due to a greater degree of control over the plant’s environment in most cases, ensuring the temperature remains within set parameters, the humidity is reduced, and the plants receiving a set, twelve hours of darkness every night. Grown outdoors, these factors are in the hands of nature, changing the temperature, altering the humidity and in South Carolina, reducing the daylight hours slowly as Fall approaches. All of these factors produce changes in the plant, and although indoor grown marijuana plants may well produce the highest quality buds, the biggest, heaviest harvests achieved per seed, are usually when they are grown outdoors, over an entire season, often resulting in kilo’s, rather than ounces of buds.

High Quality Marijuana Seeds

Buying Outdoor Marijuana Seeds In South Carolina

With it’s long growing season and good conditions, South Carolina offers the perfect environment for growing marijuana seeds outdoors. Many Sativa based strains require up to ten weeks to fully flower and mature, and with it’s warm climate, even these strains can be successfully grown and cultivated to complete maturity before the onset of Winter. Indica dominate strains usually mature quicker, needing around eight weeks to ripen, and so produce a slightly faster harvest. Buy marijuana seeds in South Carolina that best suit your needs and level of experience, as well as taste. Certain strains are easier to grow than others, less affected by mistakes such as incorrect nutrient levels or feeding schedules. If you are just beginning to grow marijuana in South Carolina it’s better to produce a high quality harvest of easy to grow buds and cola’s, than a poor quality yield from a harder to grow strain. Beginner seeds doesn’t mean lower quality buds or yields, it simply means easy to grow plants.

We offer a wide assortment of marijuana seeds for sale that can grow well outdoors in South Carolina, whether you wish to grow guaranteed female plants, provided by our feminized selection, or produce your own seeds using a male from our regular marijuana seed collection. Our assortment of high quality marijuana seeds contains both medical and recreational strains, as well as a choice of autoflowering seeds. Considered the easiest of all marijuana seeds to grow, autoflowering marijuana plants require approximately ten weeks from germination to completely flower and mature ready for harvest, regardless of the time of year, in fact auto seeds produce their heaviest, best yields during the very height of Summer, and with little care or attention required, are becoming the choice seeds for ‘guerrilla’ growers across the country. Choose from our wide selection of outdoor marijuana seeds below.