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Short Rider Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Nirvana

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The cannabis seed, Short Rider Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Nirvana , is a cannabis seed from the seed bank, Nirvana. It is available as a Feminised Cannabis Seeds Cannabis Seed.

This is stocked by Cannabis Seeds Store, the home of all of your favourite cannabis seeds, at discount prices.

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Cannabis & The Law

In the UK, it is legal to own Cannabis Seeds but it is illegal to grow or attempt to grow the cannabis plant from these seeds unless you have a licence from the Home Office.

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Impressed with the service and love the prices – Ian
Quick delivery, would definitely buy again – Larna
Bulk Seeds are awesome, will be buying more – Dave
Huge range of seeds and the freebies were appreciated – Viv
Hi guys, thanks for a great hassle free service didn’t expect delivery to be be so quick – Stu

Short Stuff Seeds

Short Stuff’s aim is producing the best Autoflowering cannabis strains, they began to experiment with the original Lowryder and made selections of the best specimens and used these for a breeding program which lead us to Short Stuff #1, a better yielding, more potent version of Lowryder and was used as the basis for our breeding program.

Once they had Short Stuff #1 stabilised, they started to look at crossing it with photo-period strains so they could add different genetic traits, bigger yields, more potent buds and taller plants while always keeping the Autoflowering trait.

Short have created three main categories of Cannabis Seeds:

Dwarf Autos: Very short fast flowering Indica dominant strains which are perfect when a lack of space is important. The average height of these Dwarf Autos is 30cm-60cm and flowering times are 65-70 days:

  • Shortstuff #1
  • Snowryder
  • Blue Himalaya
  • Dr. Feelgood
  • Sharkbite

Next Generation Autos: Mid-size Autos have a height range between 60cm- 100cm and produce much bigger yields. The Flowering times are around 70 days and the potency is very high.

  • Auto Assassin
  • Himalaya Blue Diesel
  • Mi5
  • Onyx
  • Russian Rocket Fuel

Super Auto: Autoflowering Sativas which take longer to finish, going from seed to bud in 100-120 days. The rewards are cannabis plants which can exceed 2 metres in height and can yield over 200g per plant. Super Autos work brilliantly indoors but outdoors they really come into their own, being allowed the light and space to truly thrive!