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Minecraft Shipwreck Seeds (Java Edition)

Minecraft Shipwreck Seeds for the PC/Mac version (Java Edition) of Minecraft. These seeds have a shipwreck close to the game spawn point. View all Minecraft Seeds or all Minecraft Java Edition Seeds.

Massive Island w/2 Shipwrecks, Coral Reef [Java] 1.14

Spawn on a massive island in this Minecraft Seed for 1.14 Java Edition. It might be better described as a mini-continent! There’s two shipwrecks, a large coral reef, tons of resources for a survival game, too!

Shipwreck Village with Stonecutter Minecraft Seed [Java]

Spawn by a village which has a shipwreck within it’s bound in this Minecraft Seed for Java Editon 1.14 and higher. The village also has a stonecutter. Not far away from the village you’ll also find a second shipwreck.

Shipwreck and Pillagers Holding Iron Golem Hostage [Java 1.14]

Spawn with a Shipwreck and Pillager Outpost in view in this Minecraft World Seed for Java Edition 1.14 and higher. Don’t miss the iron golem the pillagers took hostage!

Large Coral Reef with 2 Shipwrecks off Island [Java Seed]

Spawn on an island looking at a huge coral reef biome. Just past a nearby island in one of the coral reef biomes there’s two shipwrecks to loot, too. For Minecraft version 1.14+ and higher.

Swamp and Several Shipwrecks – Mac/PC Seed

Spawn by a swamp and then loot the 3 shipwrecks (and buried treasure) in this Minecraft Seed for Java Edition 1.13.

Top 5 Minecraft exposed shipwreck seeds for Bedrock Edition

Minecraft shipwrecks are an exceptional way for players to gain access to incredible loot early in the game.

Ships across the globe, have transported equipment, items, and even treasure for thousands of years. There are still stories today of people finding precious chests filled with gold and other riches. Minecraft players, who are also treasure hunting enthusiasts, can treat themselves to that same thrill in the game. However, it will be far easier to find these Minecraft shipwrecks.

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This article will showcase five of the best Minecraft seeds where the player can find ships and shipwrecks that are exposed on the surface.

Top 5 Minecraft exposed shipwreck seeds for Bedrock Edition

#1 Fully intact ship and island

Minecraft players, who explore this seed will find an entire ship nuzzled ashore on a small island. Aboard the ship are multiple chests containing emeralds, diamonds, and many more precious resources. To make this seed even more convenient, there is also a treasure map that leads to a chest right on the same island as the ship. This would be a phenomenal map for any Minecraft player looking to start a new survival adventure.

Seed: -1184384676

#2 Ship stuck in the sand

In this seed, Minecraft players can find a shipwreck right near the shores of a desert biome. Eager players can search through the ship for useful and worthwhile loot, and then head off on towards the rest of their adventure.

Before any player leaves though, they should check out the massive coral reef in the nearby ocean. That reef is probably what caused this ship to crash onto the beach.

Seed: -244885508

#3 Ship docked in a Village

The Minecraft ship in this seed is still completely intact, safely docked in the middle of a village. This is a great way for Minecraft survival enthusiasts to get some efficient and quick double-loot from both the shipwreck and the surrounding village.

Players who are into building could even develop this village into a booming seaside town.

Seed: -1645160513

#4 Ship capsized on land

Something bad must have happened to this poor Minecraft ship. In this seed, Minecraft players are treated to ship that has seen much better days. Even though this thing can no longer sail, it still has plenty of useful items that can be plundered from its hull.

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Seed: 1349883075

#5 Crash in the cold

The crew on this Minecraft ship must have had some issues with the snowy weather and rough seas. For those who prefer colder temperatures, this seed offers players the perks of a shipwreck with this cold beach.