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Serious Seeds

The Cannabis breeder behind Serious Seeds, Simon, is responsible for AK-47.

He studied biology at one of the universities in Amsterdam. To begin with he was always a non-smoker of tobacco, and therefore also marijuana because in Holland it is common practice to mix the latter with tobacco to roll a Cannabis joint.

It was a serious career change but one he has never regretted. In 1994 after a period working for Sensi Seeds he decided to leave and start his own Cannabis seed company with some American cannabis refugees.

That year AK-47 and Chronic both won prizes at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. After the show the initial Cannabis seed company ended and in 1995 Serious Seeds was founded.

Serious Seeds has always been a small company based in Amsterdam, with a select list of seeds. They started favouring quality not quantity and plan on maintaining that principle to the end.

Simon discovered the merits of smoking pure marijuana after his studies whilst travelling through Africa in 1986.

From that moment on he started collecting Cannabis seeds and back in Holland he immediately started growing them out for personal pleasure crossing what he thought were the best Cannabis plants seemed a natural follow up.

Contact with other Cannabis growers gave him access to different Cannabis strains from which he also selected the best Cannabis plants.

The genetic background of this material was not always clearly known. Simon was teaching biology at a high school when Alan Dronkers asked him to come and work at Sensi Seeds.

Serious Seeds

“Your guarantee for success. We are the only company to put a unique serial number on each pack, so we can identify when it was produced and to which shop it was sold. We do this in order to be able to identify the authenticity of a seed pack in case of a complaint. We guarantee the germination of our seeds and if a seed does not open, contact us, and we will help.”Serious Seeds .

Like many seed banks across the world, Serious Seeds began with one man’s journey, and for Serious Seeds, that man is Simon.

The founder of Serious Seeds, Simon, started life as a non-smoker. However, in 1986 during a trip to Africa, he discovered his love for marijuana . Simon cultivated genetics for personal use for nearly a decade, experimenting with his preferred strains to satisfy his tastes.

However, as more people began trying his product, he found himself changing professions from High School teacher to the full-time breeder with Sensi Seeds . After a year of working in a popular seed bank with Sensi, Simon decided to start his own company, and in 1995, Serious Seeds was born.

Immediate success ensued, with a Cannabis Cup win in Serious Seeds’ first year as an active seed bank. That was followed up a year later with another Cannabis Cup win for his White Russian strain. A fantastic start for such a new breeder.

Simon has always been keen to keep Serious Seeds a relatively small seed bank. However, their size has never diminished the quality of their seeds or reputation as one of the most coveted seed banks in the world. You can enjoy Simon’s legendary strains for yourself; buy Serious Seeds from Seedsman now.

Serious Seeds

Without a doubt, Serious Seeds seed bank is a guarantee when it comes to achieving excellent results both in germination and in crop stability. They started with 5 unique strains which have become true classics for indoor cannabis growers, also showing great adaptability in outdoor cultivation in Mediterranean climates and greenhouses.

These first varieties were AK-47, Bublegum, Chronic, Kali Mist and White Russian, all of them champions in countless events and cups held in the Netherlands and Spain.

  • Ak 47: good production and high potency.
  • Bubblegum: unique scent and flavor.
  • Chronic: amazing yield.
  • Kali Mist: uplifting effect.
  • White Russian: high THC content.

Apart from these 5 strains, Serious Seeds have added a number of other classics originally developed by other breeders like Biddy Early, Double Dutch or Warlock, also own new strains like Serious Six or Serious Kush.

All Serious Seeds packs have a serial number to identify and locate the defective seeds in case of claims.

Serious Seeds offer their seeds in packs of 11 regular and 6 feminized units.

Serious Kush – Serious Seeds

Alchimiaweb presents here Serious Kush, an awesome version of the OG Kush genetics developed by the guys at Serious Seeds. It is a high yielding hybrid between White Russian and OG Kush with top class flavor and effect. Highly appreciated for its co [. ]

  • 6 seeds 70.00€ 49.00€

AK-47 Auto – Serious Seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present here the AK-47 cannabis strain AutoFem version by Serious Seeds, well-known for its remarkable fruity and spicy aroma, fast flowering, generous harvests and a high effect worthy of the best Sativa marijuana lines. AK-4 [. ]

  • 6 seeds 55.00€ 38.45€

CBD Warlock – Serious Seeds

CBD Warlock, developed by Serious Seeds, is a hybrid between Warlock and Cannatonic created in collaboration with House of the Great Gardener. Already available in Alchimiaweb. This strain is included in the Seriously Medical line of high-cbd variet [. ]

  • 6 seeds 70.00€

CBD Chronic – Serious Seeds

CBD Chronic is a cannabis strain developed by Serious Seeds to provide medical users with a high yielding plant with high CBD content. Already available in Alchimiaweb’s catalog of feminized seeds. This strain has been created in collaboration with [. ]

  • 6 seeds 70.00€

Ak-47 – Serious Seeds

Ak-47 is a very productive and easy to grow strain that has become very popular. The Ak-47 from Serious Seeds has won many awards, including the renowned Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. This plant, of medium height, has a short flowering period forming a [. ]

  • 6 seeds (Product sold out) 80.00€

AK47 – Serious Seeds

This easy-to-grow plant is the most renowned strain from Serious Seeds, and quickly became a legend thanks to the quality of the final product,as well as its bountiful harvests. With a medium size, good performance and fast flowering, the AK-47 has [. ]

  • 11 seeds 80.00€

White Russian – Reg – Serious Seeds

White Russian from Serious Seeds is the fruit of a fabulous combination of genetics. The plants t are fantastic, both in appearance and regarding the effect. Something which is not surprising if one takes into account that it comes from a crossing b [. ]

  • 11 seeds (Product sold out) 70.00€

Strawberry Akeil by Serious Seeds – Serious Seeds

Strawberry Akeil from Serious Seeds is now available online in the catalogue of feminised seeds here at Alchimiaweb! King Keil, a German hip-hop artist and a great cannabis lover, participated in the development of this strain. He gave his opinion o [. ]

  • 6 seeds 80.00€ 52.00€

KaliBubba – Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds presents here KaliBubba in a regular version, a genetic that initially was not included in the breeder’s official catalogue, although it has been shown in many cannabis exhibitions. Serious Seeds decided to incorporate KaliBubba to its [. ]

  • 11 seeds 70.00€

Biddy Early Feminised – Serious Seeds

Biddy Early from Serious Seeds is the result of collaboration with Magus Genetic, this genetics won the second prize in the category “Outdoor Sativa” on 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup and the 2004 and 2010 Highlife Cup, Serious Seeds now g [. ]

  • 6 seeds 35.00€ 24.45€

White Russian – Serious Seeds

White Russian from Serious Seeds is the result of the faboulos combination of genetics. Plants produced are fantastic in both appearance and effect. In fact, we could not be surprised if we consider that it comes from the crossing between the Ak-47 [. ]

  • 6 seeds 70.00€ 49.00€

Bubble Gum – Serious Seeds

The marijuana strain Bubble Gum from Serious Seeds, as all the genetics of this seed bank, quickly became very famous within the community of marijuana growers , for its sweet fragrances with a bubble gum flavour and its stimulating high effect.It is [. ]

  • 11 seeds 70.00€ 49.00€

Chronic – Serious Seeds

Chronic from Serious Seeds is a plant to grow when efficience and quality is the ultimate goal. It is the most commercial strain of Serious Seeds, with sativa / indica base, which can produce over 600 grms/m2. Its strong effect is a result of the lar [. ]

  • 6 seeds 70.00€

Chronic – Reg – Serious Seeds

Chronic ist the most commercial strain of Serious Seeds Bank, thanks to its great production and its spectacular quality. This medium sized and not very dense plant, is the perfect combination of good yields and excellent quality of the harvest. Ma [. ]

  • 11 seeds 70.00€

Double Dutch Feminised – Serious Seeds

Double Dutch Feminised is the result of crossing a Warlock strain and the marijuana Chronic. Its structure is mainly Indica, with wide leaves and thick stems during the growth phase it appears as a dense plant,in the flowering period it produces b [. ]

  • 6 seeds 70.00€

Exile – Serious Seeds

Exile has the characteristics found in the genetics of Warlock, Northern Lights and White Widow. It does not react to shorter days as quickly as Warlock, but once the pistils are mature, it takes on the same colour. It has a strong sweet flavor, wi [. ]