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seeds for growing great cannabis at home

6 smart planters to grow your legal marijuana at home

If you're looking to expand the kind of herbs you grow, and add some marijuana to your home grown farm, smart planters are worth considering. Great for helping flowers, lettuce and thyme bloom, these containers are also particularly good for helping your pot plants take root just as well. Once you're sure your state is down with some cannabis cultivation, these 6 planters can give you a head start on having a little — or big — crop of your own.

Run the AeroGarden through its app, or through Amazon's voice assistant AlexaAeroGarden

AeroGarden Farm

Bring the farm indoors with AeroGarden Farm. With this modern machine, AeroGarden promises your plants will grow five times faster than when planted outdoors in soil. The sleek design, touch screen panel, and Wi-Fi connectivity make this indoor grower smart and sophisticated. Control it by app or through Amazon Echo, and grow your pot up to 24" high. The timed LED lights mean that no sunlight is required, and handy reminders via app alert you as to when to add water or provide plant food. AeroGarden offers a variety of growers at an array of price points, with some at $600, so check out their website for other options.

With an HG camera inside, you can watch your pot plants as they grow in the Leaf planterLeaf


Leaf looks something like a mini-fridge, with sufficient space inside to grow plenty of pot. The device is decked out with an air control system, water sensing system, humidity sensor, oxygen enrichment system, and more. Control Leaf from your smartphone via its app, and follow instructions for precise planting and marijuana management. Peek in on your plants via the HD camera built-in, watching them grow under LED bulbs — all the light they need to grow. Leaf is currently in pre-order, with a $300 deposit, and $2,690 then due at shipping.

Sensors inside Grobo, deliver data via a Wi-Fi connection to its appGrobo


Long and sleek, Grobo won't compromise your living space. The design is meant to be energy efficient, and you can follow your pot's progress via the app or on your desktop computer. Grobo's sensors send data by app, so you know how your plants are holding up as they're hidden away. From pH levels to temperature, Grobo manages to keep your plants at their peak — all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and some starter seeds. The planter starts at $1,799 for the Grobo Solid and $1,999 for Grobo Premium which has a see-through door.


Niwa wants to help you take the guess work out of germinating, and is one of the most affordable options on our list. With a Wi-Fi connection and the paired app, this internet-connected garden can control its own climate, light and watering, using hydroponics to efficiently grow your marijuana. You can even watch your plants grow through the clear class exterior. The Niwa One Standard costs $379, while the Niwa One Premium with an aluminum finish is $429.

In pre-orders, Seedo ships with liquid nutrition, an air filter and carbon dioxide bottlesSeedo


Seedo is set to ship this September, but you can pre-order and get your seeds ready in time for shipping. Another mini-fridge-style device, this one comes with a starter kit including an air filter, carbon dioxide bottles, liquid nutrition, and a tray that holds up to five plants. Pair your Seedo with the smartphone app for a fully automatic pot-growing gadget that is easy to use, even for beginners. The app gives details as to how your plants are progressing, and more importantly, when they're ready for harvesting. Seedo, priced at $2,400, can be pre-ordered with a $499 deposit.

You can use an app to lock and open the Cloudponics growerGearBrain


Cloudponics is designed like a cabinet, but what's happening inside is not what you'd normally find behind typical cabinet doors. This app-enabled pot-growing device works with coco, soil, or hydroponics, allowing for trial and error or just a variety of options. Get hands-on app data on nutrient dosing, pH balance, climate, and more, even lock and open your device from the app, ensuring no one else gets inside. GearBrain wrote about Cloudponics last year, including some additional gear you'll need for a complete set-up, so read up before buying. While Cloudponics is currently sold out, you can enter your email in the shopping section of the Cloudponics site to be notified when the $2,690 grower is available again.

Top 6 Cannabis Grow Books

There are hundreds of grow books out there, both good and bad; some are aimed at beginners, some at more advanced growers. Of these, just a few have truly stood the test of time, and are truly worth every penny. Here, we have selected the six grow books that stand out head and shoulders over the competition.

A good grower doesn’t just have a shed full of garden shears, fertilizer, soil and gardening gloves. A real grower also has a huge library full of trusted books that they can refer to anytime they need. Not just books that fill up space on the bookshelf either, but books that are game-changers when it comes to what you know about cannabis.

But the big world of books isn’t the easiest to navigate. So please let us take some of the difficulty out of finding a good cannabis book for you. Here is our list of the top 6 cannabis books to add your library.

1. The Sinsemilla Technique (1992) by Kayo

An early classic, Kayo’s The Sinsemilla Technique is aimed at beginner to mid-level growers, and maintains a readable, conversational and low-on-jargon tone throughout. In the early ‘90s, the now-ubiquitous method of separating the male and female plants to avoid pollination was unknown to many growers in the Western world.

As the technique started to become established, it enabled growers to reduce the size of their plots while increasing the quantity and potency of the cannabis they produced. As the book explains, decreasing the size of grows and switching to indoor cultivation became necessary as law enforcement grew increasingly vigilant and well-equipped.

Although The Sinsemilla Technique lacks a certain level of sophistication, it more than makes up for it by supplying a wealth of useful information, including growing charts and abundant diagrams. It is illustrated with dozens of photos, and packed with real-life stories of growers, their tactics, and their brushes with the law. The Sinsemilla Technique was in fact the very first grow book this author ever read, and it doubtless inspired a generation of young growers just as it did me.

2. The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Medical and Recreational Use (2004) by Greg Green

Twelve years later, and this landmark book was the first notable publication to thoroughly describe another revolutionary technique, the now-ubiquitous Screen of Green (SCROG) — in which plants are pruned and trained to produce an even canopy, so that light penetration and yield are maximized.

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The Cannabis Grow Bible is targeted at a wide range of skill levels, with detailed information of every aspect of growing from basic to very advanced. However, beginners may find it easy to get bogged down in the details, as the breadth and depth of the topics covered is staggering.

Both indoor and outdoor cultivation are covered in detail, and a range of budgets are catered for, with suggested equipment and materials ranging from high-end and expensive to low-cost and even DIY. Overall, this is a comprehensive and no-nonsense guide to cannabis cultivation, with particularly good layout and formatting making it well-presented and easy on the eye.

3. Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis: An Expert Breeder Shares His Secrets (2004) by DJ Short

DJ Short is renowned in growing circles, with 40 years of experience and a selection of greatly beloved strains such as the Blueberry and Flo. DJ Short has a thoughtful, caring approach to gardening, and offers advice on how to maximize flavor and quality with minimal environmental impact, rather than focusing primarily on potency and yield as many grow guides do.

As a breeder, DJ Short has extensive advice on selection, pollination and stabilization of strains for the purpose of creating strong, true-breeding new varieties. As well as this, there is a strong emphasis on organic cultivation, and plenty of advice on how to fine-tune your set-up so that resources such as electricity and nutrients are not wasted. Each main aspect of growing is explained in a simple yet effective manner, with gorgeous photographs of Short’s strains as illustration.

Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis is an excellent addition to any grower’s library, but given its short length, it does not go into every aspect of growing in great detail. More than a complete guide, it is a supplementary work that will allow growers to take their existing knowledge to new heights.

4. Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible (2007) by Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes’ Grower’s Bible is perhaps the most comprehensive and exhaustive book on cultivating cannabis that has ever been published. A weighty, inch-thick brick of text, diagrams, charts and photographs, the Grower’s Bible offers simple, easily-understandable directions on every aspect of growing you can think of, along with another hundred you hadn’t!

Excellent layout and formatting makes it easy to navigate around the numerous sections; each chapter is broken down into subsections and thoroughly indexed, and for such an encyclopaedic work, Cervantes’ writing style makes finding answers to your questions surprisingly enjoyable and interesting.

The first edition of the phenomenon that was to evolve into the present-day Grower’s Bible was published in 1983, with the name Indoor Marijuana Horticulture. The first edition was just 96 pages long, with black and white photos, and bound together with staples! Now in its fifth edition, the Bible has grown to comprise 512 colour pages with 1,120 photographs and diagrams.

5. Marijuana Grower’s Handbook (2010) by Ed Rosenthal

The “Ask Ed” edition of the Marijuana Grower’s Handbook has it all. As exhaustive and in-depth as Cervantes’ Grow Bible, with the added extra of a Q&A column packed with problems and solutions sure to be relevant to any grower, the Handbook is perhaps the most beloved of all cannabis grow books.

Ed Rosenthal’s humble yet authoritative style has won him an army of fans, and with good reason. His extensive experience in both growing and activism has cemented his status as a hero of the legalization movement, and his obvious enthusiasm shines out of his books and videos. The Handbook is even used as official course materials at the University of Oaksterdam!

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The Handbook is another publication that has stood the test of time, with its first edition appearing in the mid-80s and a revised edition released in 1989. Since then, there have been several new editions, ensuring that all content is up-to-date and relevant in the rapidly-evolving world of cannabis cultivation.

6. True Living Organics: The Ultimate Guide To Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors (2012) by The Rev

The list simply wouldn’t be complete without a book that outlines, in great detail, what’s involved in having an organic marijuana garden. When The Rev decided to convert his synthetic-fertilized hydroponic growing system into an organic indoor system, he also chose to write this book about it.

In this book, The Rev goes through the exact process of having an organic indoor marijuana garden. He also outlines the kinds of things you have to do to convert an already-existing indoor setup into an organic one.

Aside from the detailed instructions, there are also over 200 images in the book to illustrate every topic that The Rev talks about. In fact, The Rev even gives invaluable information about making your own organic fertilizers, pesticides and more.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive! We think these are some of the greatest cannabis books out there, but there might have been a couple that we miss. If you’ve got a favourite cannabis book that we haven’t mentioned, let us know in the comments!


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have you these books in french edition, i just know “fumee clandestine” bust it was just for canabis story and beginers growers!

Unfortunately we have a limited selection of books at this time, and they are only in Dutch and English. I know that ‘Indoor Marijuana Horticulture’ by Jorge Cervantes is available in French, it’s possible that you can order it online or at an independent bookshop. Sorry I can’t help you further!

With best wishes,

Hey guys I’m new to this site but am really wanted to grow my own bud but not to really sure where to start I was looking into a book but wasn’t to sure which one would help without confusing me.if anyone can help please recommend

Hey man ….the holy bible ….by Jorge Cervantes is where we all start ….it’s a bit all over the place …i.e to look up temperature you can look on page ten and the page fifty then back to page 31 but with the weed he grows who can blame Jim . good luck it ain’t easy until you know what your doing but so rewarding when you do ? .

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It’s Really informative.

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Growing cannabis at home

Growing cannabis plants at home is legal. Adults 19+ can grow up to four non-medical cannabis plants per household. These plants cannot be grown in a space that is visible from a public place, like parks, streets, sidewalks, sports fields, and K-12 school properties. For example, you can grow plants on your balcony, or in your yard, as long as they’re not visible from a public place.

Growing cannabis at home is banned in homes used as licensed child care.

Landlords and strata corporations can further restrict or prohibit growing non-medical cannabis on their properties.

Local and Indigenous government can also further restrict growing non-medical cannabis at home under existing powers to establish bylaws.

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