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It is our responsibility to make seeds and help keep seeds in the hands of the many, not simply in the hands of a few. This is a monumental task, and we hope you participate.Make your own seeds, please.We encourage participants in the future of seed making for humanity.- Jason Matthys, Founder of Equilibrium Genetics…

Identify Male and Female Cannabis Plants

Identifying female and male plants is fun, and an important skill for any cannabis cultivator. We have provided photos here to help you identify the differences between male and female cannabis flowers. Male and Female plants have distinct differences that are easy to discern once a grower knows the identifying features of each. Female plants…

After My Cannabis Seed Sprouts

Once a seed has sprouted, place the pot in a semi sunny location. Depending on the amount of light and heat in the environment, the plant may need either frequent or only occasional watering ranging from once a day to once every several days. Be careful not to let the soil get completely dry when…

Plant Cannabis Seeds

We like to take a one gallon pot filled with soil a half inch below the brim. Water the soil fully and make a small hole in the soil with a chopstick or your pinky finger. Next plant one seed a quarter of an inch in the soil, then fill the hole with soil and…

What is the Best Variety for Growing Indoors?

Many of our varieties perform very well when grown indoors. Some exceptional selections may include short chunky varieties such as Sweet Honey Nuggets, early finishing varieties like Dream Queen Glue and M-Con Glue, as well as heavy indica varieties such as Granddaddy Glue.

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What is the Best Variety for Growing Outdoors?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors, including: What region is the cannabis to be grown in? What style of outdoor growing is being employed? What flower traits are preferred by the cultivator? Is plant size a factor? For wet coastal regions, in general, we like varieties such as Saturn Citrus,…

Are Your Seeds Regular or Feminized?

All Equilibrium Genetics seeds are regular, meaning both males and females are present in the seed packs. When acquiring regular seeds, a customer has a much greater variety of cannabis genetics to chose from. Natural Cannabis Seeds Equilibrium Genetics prefers to cultivate “regular” seeds. Regular seeds are made using the natural process for cannabis seed…

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