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Royal Queen Seeds

Sweet Seeds® is committed to the legalisation of cannabis. Therefore, as part of our Crime Prevention Plan, our online shop for customers over 18 years old sets limits for the maximum number of seeds each user can purchase; namely, 25 seeds every 3 months and 100 seeds per year.

We believe this is the best way of supporting responsible home-growing and self-consumption, while also preventing our seeds from being misused for illicit purposes or gains.

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Royal Queen Diamond – Feminised – Recreational

This fast-growing strain for humid environments has full buds on long branches with sweet, fruity aroma and laid back high.

► Brain: lazy, creative, relaxed
► Ease of growing: easy
► Physiology: less stress, pain & fear
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Kera Royal Queen Diamond Feminised is fairly easy to grow, and it grows quickly. As the plant matures, the dark green leaves often turn into a beautiful purple and provide a great background layer characterized by the thick buds glistening white crystals and resin. After 7 to 8 weeks the explosive flowering process kicks in with full buds on long flexible branches. The aroma of this variety is soft Sativa, sweet, fruity, and very intense. The plant grows and blooms quickly, fungi have little influence on this species. It’s ideal for humid environments. The outcome is top-quality large amounts of marijuana. The taste is strong and lingers for a while on your tongue. The smoke itself is very nice and results in a very mellow high.

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