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<strong>PATENTS</strong> <strong>OFFICE</strong> <strong>JOURNAL</strong> IRISLEABHAR OIFIG NA bPAITINNÍ (Cláruithe mar Pháipéar Nuachta) © Rialtas na hÉireann, 2003 (Registered as a Newspaper) © Government of Ireland, 2003 Iml. 78 Cill Chainnigh 12 November 2003 Uimh. 1981 CLÁR INNSTE Paitinní Cuid I Applications for <strong>Patents</strong> Applications Published <strong>Patents</strong> Granted European <strong>Patents</strong> Granted Applications Withdrawn, Deemed Withdrawn or Refused Applications Lapsed <strong>Patents</strong> Lapsed Supplementary Protection Certificate Granted <strong>Patents</strong> Expired Short Term Patent Deemed Void Leath 2101 2105 2107 2110 2150 2151 2151 2185 2187 2188 Trádmharcanna Cuid II Applications for Trade Marks Oppositions under Section 43 Application(s) Abandoned Application(s) Withdrawn Trade Marks Registered Trade Marks Renewed Unpaid Renewal Fees Trade Marks Removed Merger of Separate Trade Mark Registrations Leave to Alter Registered Trade Mark(s) Granted Surrender of Registered Trade Mark(s) International Registrations under the Madrid Protocol International Trade Marks Protected Cancellations effected under the Madrid Protocol Changes/Corrections in the International Register Erratum Leath 2407 2444 2444 2444 2445 2447 2448 2451 2453 2454 2454 2455 2553 2558 2558 2560 Dearachtaí Le ceannach direach ón OIFIG DHÍOLTA FOILSEACHÁN RIALTAIS, TEACH SUN ALLIANCE, SRÁID THEACH LAIGHEAN, BAILE ÁTHA CLIATH 2, nó tríd an bpost ó FOILSEACHÁIN RIALTAIS, AN RANNÓG POST-TRÁCHTA, 4-5 SRÁID FHEARCHAIR, BAILE ÁTHA CLIATH 2, (Teil: 01-6476000 – fo-line 4080/4081; Fax: 01 – 4752760) nó trí aon díoltóir leabhar. Praghas €8.89/£7.00


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Summary 20171129 – Patent Journal No. 11 of 29-November-2017, Volume 50 (Part 2 of 2), 496 page(s), 22.2Mb
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