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Luxembourg to legalise growing and using cannabis at home

Luxembourg’s government has announced changes to the law on cannabis, with plans to legalise growing and using the drug at home.

As part of a package of measures tackling drug crime in the country of 632,000 people, adults will be able to grow up to four cannabis plants per household for personal use.

The government will also allow the sale of cannabis seeds in shops, along with the importation of them from abroad or bought online.

It will also look to allow the domestic production of seeds for commercial purposes.

Consumption and cultivation will only be allowed “within one’s own four walls”, although the transportation or consumption of up to three grams will no longer be considered a criminal offence, but instead classified as a misdemeanour.

The leaders of the Greens – one of the three coalition partners in government along with the Democratic Party, and the Socialist Workers’ Party – said the move “represents a fundamental reorientation of Luxembourg’s drug policy”, as the government aims to tackle drug-related crime with a more “holistic” approach.

“The war on cannabis has failed,” the party said in a statement on Friday.

“The announcements of the Minister of Justice, Sam Tanson, represent a fundamental reorientation of Luxembourg’s drug policy. At last, the use of cannabis is being regulated and a legal alternative to the black market is being created.”

The Greens added that the main objectives of new legislation on cannabis would be to exempt production, purchase and consumption of a given amount of cannabis from punishment, keep users away from the black market, reduce the mental and physical dangers associated with it, and combat acquisitive crime.

Reddit where to buy cannabis seeds

As more states continue to decriminalize and legalize marijuana, the opportunities for first movers to benefit from this booming industry continue to grow.

While some states, such as California or Colorado, have been quick to jump on the bandwagon, the same is not the case for all states. This doesn’t mean states aren’t looking to move forward with legalization; it just means it can be a slow-moving process involving a lot of bureaucracy and roadblocks along the way.

So how can companies get around this legal red tape while still offering their products to users across the country? The answer lies in CBD and, more specifically, a derivative called delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 THC offers an alternative to traditional THC while remaining entirely legal in the state of Pennsylvania. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about delta 8 THC in the keystone state.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes, at least for the time being, delta 8 THC is legal in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has previously been open to the use of hemp, thanks to Act 92 passed in 2016 [1]. However, the definition of “industrial hemp” did not include language that discussed compounds or derivatives of hemp. Although this did not technically make those products illegal, it meant they operated in a grey zone.

In 2019 the introduction of Senate Bill 335 helped clear up the ambiguity around delta 8 THC and other derivatives [2]. This bill clearly stated that any compounds, cannabinoids, or derivates of hemp with a Delta 9 THC concentration of less than 0.3% were deemed legal.

Since delta 8 THC is manufactured from concentrated legal CBD, it also falls into this category.

Furthermore, the 2018 Farm Bill formally declassified hemp — with delta 9 THC concentrations less than 0.3% — and its derivates from the federal list of controlled substances. This makes delta 8 THC legal at the federal level. Although some states may not have updated their state laws surrounding hemp and its derivatives, the federal law has allowed the delta 8 THC market to continue to flourish in the meantime.

Where to Buy Delta 8 THC in Pennsylvania

Delta 8 THC products can be found at some specialty medical marijuana shops, but the best place to find these products is online (wink wink).

Online retailers provide users with access to the largest selection of delta 8 products at the best prices.

The benefits of ordering delta 8 THC online:

  • Online shops have better pricing and seasonal discounts
  • When you buy online you can read customer reviews & third-party tests before you buy
  • Ordering online is easier and more convenient
  • Online shops have a greater selection of products
  • Products left on store shelves degrade more quickly

Since this is a relatively new technology operating in a relatively unregulated market, it can be easy for companies to make false claims. To increase safety and buyer confidence, many companies have submitted their products for third-party review.

It’s important to fully research these products to ensure they have to correct potency as they claim. This will allow you to correctly dose delta 8 THC and ensure a positive experience.