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reddit cannabis seeds mailed confiscated

So, I had an attitude order seized, and got a letter from the Department of Agriculture. Is this common?

I only ordered five seeds, used stealth shipping, and paid with bitcoin, but I did use my name and address, as I am being as hush hush as possible. I've heard of people getting letters by Customs, but never the DOA. This was my first time ordering novelty seeds online, and I have zero legal problems on the books. Thoughts?

My thoughts would be if they were going to pay you a visit, they would have not sent a letter.

Sure, but why the Department of Agriculture? Obviously this is an agricultural product, but how did they get involved in this when I've never heard of it happening before? I'm not so much worried about a raid, especially since I don't have anything here, since they took my damn seeds. , they just don’t want some fucked up shit taking over our crops, you should be good , contact attitude, also check out local seed banks, I feel the quality is better even if it’s from same breeders , but freebies are also nice

I gotta say, i dont give a fuck about freebies. I only have a limited space, and theres already so much I want and have, I got no time for random seeds. Although I DID get a bad azz kush freebie and that was pretty damn good.

It happened to my buddy. He got same letter. I wouldn't worry about it. Your order should be guaranteed, since you got stealth shipping. Email them and they'll resend.

This is why I refuse to order from over seas, we have plenty of ways to get seeds here in the states to avoid customs and to avoid flagging where you are illegally growing marijuana. Is your freedom worth a bunch of freebies? Paranoia isn't always a bad thing.

get a po box under an assumed name with a different home address and don't worry about it?

its only pot seeds not a rock of crack, your fine. I'm surprised they seized the seeds. Where do you live and what country did you order from? DOA sounds pretty dumb they don't want people growing their own weed and want you to buy it by sounds of things. lol also if you get brave again try NirvanaShop. i got my seeds with stealth ship. very good price too.

I live in the United States. Package got caught at JFK. Unlike the Customs letters, the letters from the US Department of Agriculture do not say that no further action will be taken, although I assume none will be.

Yeah, I definitely went with Attitude because of its reputation and prices, but I really wish I had gone with a US seedbank. It took the package 20 days to reach me (15 of those were sitting at the same spot) once I ordered them, only to get a letter from the DOA saying that they had been destroyed. Worst of all, they tried to be specific with what kind of seed it was, calling it "Cannabis Sativa." They were Northern Lights seeds.

cannabis seeds seized and destroyed

I Had the police seize some items from my home a couple of months ago for malicious communications and they also took my cannabis seeds away (I was not growing cannabis but did have a grow tent and led grow light stored in the shed).

They gave me the green light to go pick up all my things and I got everything but the cannabis seeds back and they told me they had destroyed them.

I have all the receipts for the seeds and they run into hundreds of pounds because I had around 300 seeds in packs of 10.