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ray charles seeds

All About Ray Charles Weed Strain

Some breeders came up with the idea to cross the powerful Romulan and Afghani Bullrider weed, and they ended up with an Indica strain. Its name is closely related to the name of the famous American singer Ray Charles, whose songs are as high quality and amazing as the characteristics of this strain.

Ray Charles strain has an attractive sweet smell. Its buds produce a sour-sweet, skunky smell. However, the earthy wood flavors are more present on the exhale. The taste is not inferior to the smell, it feels like a sweet wine with a sharp aftertaste.

Ray Charles Main Effects

Pretty potent with up to 21% THC content, Ray Charles quickly, but gently put smokers into a sedative state, so it is best enjoyed as a soothing evening treat. The high starts with a creeping head buzz, the body gets tingly, and intense euphoria ensues with each puff. Users feel stoned and comfortably numb. Ray Charles strain has a long-lasting experience, around 2-3 hours of euphoric bliss. We wouldn’t recommend it for being active, but it’s a great kush to unwind after a busy day. Its sedative effect with a sleepy, relaxing effect makes people sleep like a rock.

Ray Charles Medical Effects

Ray Charles would be helpful in treating such conditions as insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and stress.

Ray Charles Grow Info

Unfortunately, the seeds of Ray Charles marijuana are not available online. The only way out is to cultivate clones that can grow both indoors and outdoors, but in this case, they require a semi-humid climate. The Ray Charles plant needs around 8-9 weeks to flower.

Ray charles filled with herm seeds. Couple steps towards the end got thrown in but it's mostly the seeds and pieces of cracked seeds.

Mine is a different batch. I just checked. It’s the same date, but different cannabinoid percentages. No seeds in mine. I would be livid. That happened to me with Rev popcorn halfs recently such as Gorilla’d Cheese.

Good to know because I just got the worst eighth of MAC flower I’ve ever seen. Shit had a fuckin stem with no nug weighed in with it. Not to mention it is NOT flower by any means of the word. Pics will be posted

Had this happen with Rythm multiple times. They actually gave me a credit. I bet Grassroots would be more understanding. Contact your dispensary and have them set up a credit for a new product. I didn't think it would work, especially with GTI, but I think Grassroots takes this seriously. Just a gut feeling.