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rainbow cookie seeds

Rainbow Cookies

When you combine genetics from the two delicious cannabis strains Sunset Sherbet and Animal Cookies, you’re left with a hybrid that has a scent and flavor connoisseurs can indulge in. Rainbow Cookies produces a scent and taste that is a combination of sweet berries and baked confections that’ll make your mouth water.

Its buds are a forest green with deep purple and blue hues scattered across its flowers, indicating that its indica-leaning genetics are prevalent. The thick coating of trichomes lightens up its colors giving it a faded look.

Effects have been described by many reviewers as being grounding, allowing the body to feel stable and secure as tension is relieved while keeping the mind busy with introspective thoughts. Some have enjoyed Rainbow Cookies in social settings while others would rather take advantage of its potential sedating effects at home.

THC levels can fluctuate depending on cultivation and curing techniques while CBD levels tend to stay lower than 1%.

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