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punto rojo (tierra adentro) seeds

Punto Rojo

Region: South America
Genetics: Pure Colombian Landrace
Latitude: 2° N
Regional Harvest: End of October
Region: Tierra Adentro (South of Huila Colombia)
Seeds: Regular
Height: 2 to 3 meters in optimal conditions (natural outdoor environment in Colombia)
Yield: 500gr. of dried flowers in natural outdoor environment
Vegetative stage: 16 to 20 weeks
Flowering: 12 to 16 weeks
Aromas: Fruits, Incense, pine, lime, pepper, floral
Effect: Psychedelic, little trippy, laugh-inducing, day brightener
Characteristics: Several phentotypes showing pink or red or golden green pistils, some also purple. Cone-shaped plants, with main cola and christmas tree like

Pure Colombian variety coming from Tierradentro. There are two major differences in this line, those of high and low mountains. Those from the high mountains are more psychoactive and euphoric like those of the Sierra. The others from the south and interior of the country and the low mountains deliver a very special psychoactive buzz, euphoric , and with a touch of corporal effect at the end, there are low percentages of CBD that give it a balanced and very special effect, it gives great well-being, they are not narcotic, that is, they have a low percentage of CBD, it stimulates the appetite (ideal for medicine).

The smoke of this Punto Rojo is soft and smooth, with a subtle taste and incense smell, its taste is not fragrant on the palate, rather, it is woody. Its effect is psychoactive and can become lysergic and psychedelic. It produces hunger and a slight weight in the body at the end, but it’s very fleeting. It makes you feel very active and gives you energy to perform daily tasks without getting too sleepy or drowsy. Its effect goes on for 3 hours and more.

They have great vigor, their vegetative stage goes from 16 weeks to 20 weeks, its flowering from 12 to 16 weeks depending on the phenotype, the low mountain types finish faster, there are three main phenotypes, all are conical, like a Christmas tree, very symmetrical, with thin thin leaves, the high mountain ones have thin leaflets, the low mountain ones have leaflets a little wider, also very sharp and with pink or red pistils, there are some of purple phenotype in both high mountain and low mountain, and a beautiful golden green phenotype.

They have great genetic potential due to their resistance to fungal pests and extreme temperatures. Its aromas are fruity and with incense notes for both the high and low mountain, producing more than 500g per plant in its natural outdoor environment, the seeds are, elongated. The colour is brown gray and a dark tanned veined color. It has great resistance to moisture, fungi and pests.

Tierradentro was so named because it belonged to a department with a topography of mountainous knots and deep canyons; Due to this, the Spaniards called it Tierra Adentro (inland) because they felt enclosed between mountains.

Note: These seeds come from Colombia, using original colombian seeds. They have been obtained by open pollination, using as many male and female plants as possible in natural outdoor environment. We have removed the plants with weak and undesired traits so as to strengthen and preserve the desired traits and at the same time keeping the maximum possible biodiversity of this line.

Punto Rojo from The Landrace Team

Finally, here’s PR#5 at 20 weeks, the beauty queen. She really lives up to her punto rojo namesake. Let’s hope she smokes as good as she looks.

These pictures were horribly compressed. If someone can tell me how to attach uncompressed images I’ll post up some improved images. Thes don’t do the plant justice.


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To me their website look like a blatant copy of the real seed company. They just copied the makeup and also copied strains they acquired from other sites. They just aded a few things but for the rest it’s almost a copy. Also the strains they offer, while probably being what you pay for, are probbly sourced via RSC, CBG and other sites. And I am sure however that they did collect few strains themselves. But IMO this is not done, when another company is selling these genetics, and they were before you and they are still in business, then it is really without any class or respect.

Thai Hill
Genetics: Thai Landrace
Region: Mae Hong Son
Strain: Thai Hill
Sourcing: Personally collected at source
Latitude: 19°N
Harvest: October/November
Height: 2 metres outdoors
Seeds: Regular
Vegetative stage: 12-15 weeks
Flowering: 15-16 weeks
Aroma: Sweet carrots and sweet tropical fruits
Taste: woody flavour with fruity and fragrant touches
Characteristics: Great vigor with large serrated leaves of 7, 9 and 11 leaflets. Intermodal spaces of 5 to 10cm

Real Seed Company –>

Genetics: Ruderal Himalayan Cannabis
Sourcing: Landrace Genetics, Hazara, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, 2019
Purpose: n/a
Latitude: 35° N
Harvest: Early August to September
Height: 2–5 meters
Aroma: [forthcoming]
Characteristics: Early maturing, day-neutral (‘autoflowering’)
Grow Type: Outdoors, greenhouse

I think I will let this one pass.

To the OP: sorry for going off topic you did grow some beautiful sativa’s.


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Buy low, sell "HIGH"

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I was told The Landrace Team do source seed them selfs personally i think it is good to see more company’s doing this.The more people that do it the more it benefits the local farmers of set genetics and the consumer /growers.

I would love to read a smoke report on the Punto Rojo from them.


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Appreciate the nudge for a smoke report.

After a proper 8-month cure, this batch of punto rojo is fantastic, old-school smoke. PR #5 was my keeper with sexual stability, beautiful red pistils, pungent hazy aromas and great, energetic sativa effect, all at the cost of long flowering (20 weeks) and wispy buds and low yield. I grew out a clone of #5 that was hit with some Colombian gold pollen from 1978 seed stock, as well as some punto rojo pollen from CBG seed stock. I’m currently vegging the TLT PR x ’78 CG now; it’ll be interesting to see what the nearly extinct 40-year-old genetics bring to this Colombian mashup.

PR #2, the earliest, skinniest-leaved plant, had the loudest aromas, while the other plants had relatively faint aromas during flower and after a long cure. Smells are of subtle pine, wood, slight menthol in the jar, and the buds burst forth with a piney, lemony astringent smell when broken up. A good friend and fellow weed nerd thinks it smells like piff when burned. I’ve never smoked uptown haze but it reminds me of that 70s weed; it does leave a nice incensy unmistakable primo marijuana aroma lingering in the room after a joint is smoked.

Potency is pretty consistent across the line. Potency, as measured by THC percentage, is probably only 10-12%, but the effect tells you why THC concentration is an almost meaningless metric for quality of the high. One or two puffs out of a pinch hitter and I’m set for several hours. I’d describe the high as soaring, less introspective than most haze hybrids, more social. My girlfriend really likes these long-flowering Colombian sativas and it adds a nice dimension to our sex – we’ve found that this herb allows her to achieve orgasm synesthesia, something that doesn’t happen with haze hybrids. It helps that I know what I’m doing.

There’s more variability in the quality of effect than there is in potency. I did not like the high I got from PR#1, and as a result I have a bunch of it on hand that I don’t smoke. It smells nice with what I believe a hoppy aroma (like an IPA). At higher doses I found it to be anti-euphoric. PR#5 is at the other end of the quality-of-effect spectrum. Really clear, soaring, upbeat high. Great for outdoor activities, the mind races and visual and auditory perception is enhanced and altered. All in the head with an easy come-down. Top shelf smoke and unlike anything you can find in a dispensary.

PR #3 was my second best plant, and I would’ve kept a clone if it hadn’t made lots of nanners late in flower. LOTS. It was the leafiest of the plants in veg but it yielded massively, with enormous colas that were reasonably dense for a pure sativa. This one had more floral aromas and the effect was similar to PR #5.

I think the TLT punto rojo I grew is the real deal, a true Colombian landrace, intersex issues and all. It compares well with the punto rojo x mangobiche I grew from CBG-derived seed stock. Acknowledgement and thanks to Criposo Art, who collected these genetics in Colombia, and to The Landrace Team, who made them available. I had no problems whatsoever with my transaction or dealings with TLT.

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