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planting cannabis seeds in august

August Is Your Last Chance To Start Growing Marijuana Outdoors

For marijuana growers in the northern hemisphere August is the last chance to start an outdoor grow. Autoflower marijuana seeds are special seeds that grow within 10 weeks from seed to mature plant despite the light schedule. August and September are often very sunny months so your plants get plenty of light to create some big fat quality buds

Regular marijuana plants grow when they get 18 hours of light (summer) and flower when they get 12 hours of light (fall). As the amount of light starts to decrease the plant understands that winter is coming and starts to produce buds and seeds to reproduce. Marijuana is an annual plant that does not survive the winter.

Autoflowering marijuana plants start flowering immediately and also grow for only a month. This gives you a nice sized plant that can produce some quality buds. Because they create little side branches you can easily put a lot of plants close together. 10 plants in 4 gallon pots on 10 ft2 can produce a pound of marijuana. In just 10 weeks!

White Widow feminized autoflowers are one of the most popular strains because it is a very strong plant that is suitable for both beginners and advanced marijuana growers. The yields are always very high and of good quality. Also among medical users it is one of the most popular strains. The seeds will only produce female plants that will not focus on the creation of seeds for reproduction but only on the creation of THC.

Planting cannabis seeds in august

1. K.I.S.S.
K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. Don’t try and over think your garden. Sun, soil, water. With that, you can grow some plants.

2. Southern Exposure
When looking for a good location to grow, keep an eye out for an area with southern exposure. This means an area with no hills, trees or buildings blocking your precious sun. Maximize your sunlight exposure.

3. Good Soil
Good soil doesn’t have to mean bags of expensive soils. Granted this can give you great results, but it isn’t always cost effective or necessary. Find a landscape supply company that sells bulk soil, you can start with that and save a lot of money. $30–$70 bucks can get you an entire truckload of quality soil. Make sure the soil has good drainage and add perlite if needed. While soil with some nutrients is great, don’t forget you can always feed your plants when you water. Adding amendments to the soil is an easy and cheap way to boost your soils potential.

4. Timing With Planting
Growing outdoors successfully hinges on how happy your plants are. Giving them a good start from day one makes a big difference. If planting clones outside, wait until mid May. The long nights early in the spring will often induce flowering much too early. If you start your plants inside, make sure you don’t move them outside until the days are longer and the nights shorter. Seeds can be started the end of March or April as long as the freezing nights are behind you.

5. Security
When picking a location and setting up your garden, remember to plan for security. This means keeping people from finding it, and keeping animals out. Fence in the plants. If you are gardening in your backyard, build a fence tall enough so that the plants don’t peak over. Visible plants will bring unwanted attention. Game cameras are a good addition to guerilla grows. They let you know if anyone has found your garden and will tell you what critters are visiting.

6. Start With 1 Line Of Nutrients
Like indoor growing, start with 1 brand of nutrients. That brand of nutrients has everything your plants need to be happy. Adding to much fertilizer can overdo it and cause problems.

7. Larger Holes = Larger Plants
When you dig your holes, or choose your beds or bags, size matters. A deeper and wider area for the roots will produce a bigger health plant. Dig those holes big. You will never have a problem with too big of a hole, but it’s easy to run out of room because your hole or bag is too small.

8. Training
Training your plants can increase yield. Topping plants, cages, trellises, super cropping, or low stress training (LST) encourages more lateral growth and more tops. The more tops you grow, the more tops you harvest.

9. Lots of Water
Lots of water will make plants grow faster. Faster growing plants means bigger plants. Just make sure that they have good drainage. A drip system will help alleviate the stress of needing to hand water your plants all the time. Water timers can even let you go on a short vacation if needed.

10. Preparing for Harvest
When you grow big happy plants, you always need to think ahead. When you get ready to harvest your plants, have a place to hang and dry all your precious bud. Having a nice clean room is ideal. Sometimes that isn’t possible. So be creative. Sometimes you have to hang a tarp to keep rain and leaves off your drying buds. Make sure you have a plan for airflow. Even in your tarp tent you might need some fans. That might mean a small quiet generator. Don’t forget the scissors. Fiskers are awesome.

Regulations for growing Marijuana outdoors in Colorado:
Growing your own marijuana isn’t as simple as growing your own tomatoes. If you plan on adding cannabis to your veggie garden this year, then make sure you’re well within Colorado law by following these simple rules:

• Limit your plants: In Colorado, home growers are allowed to have up to six plants per person or 12 per household, but you can only have half flowering at a time. When you grow outdoors, expect all plants to flower at the same time (which is usually around September and October when the days start getting shorter).
Rather than pull half of your plants at this time, I suggest planting only three to six female plants. You can find out the gender early if you force-flower clones under artificial light.

• Grow your plants in a secure, enclosed location: Planting your ganja in your garden — even if it’s locked — isn’t good enough to meet regulations in Colorado. In order to grow cannabis lawfully, it’ll need to be in a fully-enclosed location. This could be a basement, garage or greenhouse, but must remain closed off at all times (opening windows doesn’t count as enclosed any more).
Fortunately, you can build your own greenhouse for relatively cheap using old windows or clear, corrugated plastic sheets. Free greenhouse plans are available online to help you get started.

• No kids allowed!: Finally (and perhaps most importantly), remember that only adults should have access to your marijuana grow. According to Colorado law, this includes anyone over 21, or 18 with a valid medical card.

Petersburg gains new business with cannabis-growing products and know-how

Shop in Old Towne specializes in unique products for Virginia’s newly legal growers.

PETERSBURG – Since the legalization of cannabis on July 1, Happy Trees Agricultural Supply with the tagline “Where You Go To Grow” has experienced a boom in sales and an influx of new faces ranging from young professionals to 80-year-old grandmothers.

According to Josiah Ickes, co-founder of Happy Trees, the questions the stores are answering run the gamut from people growing a plant for the first time to experienced growers with hyper-specific questions.

On August 2, Happy Trees will be opening its third location at 100 N. Sycamore Street in Petersburg. The shop specializes in selling products specifically geared towards growing cannabis.

“Joining the Petersburg business community is something we are thrilled to be a part of,” said Ickes. “Our ultimate goal as a business is to educate the people of Virginia on how to grow cannabis effectively and safely.”

Happy Trees provides a space where people in the Tri-Cities can ask their questions and have them answered by a knowledgeable, experienced grower on their staff instead of turning to potentially less trustworthy resources online.

“We take pride in knowing the good and the bad of what is out there on the market when it comes to growing your own cannabis,” said Chris Haynie, the other co-founder and horticultural specialist for Happy Trees. “As this product will be consumed, it’s important not to inadvertently add dangerous stuff like heavy metals to your end product. We want to help you avoid that mistake and get you growing good safe medicine for yourself.”

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Ickes and Haynie opened with years of experience cultivating different vegetables and plants. Their mission is to share this knowledge with the community and help them grow the safest, best plants possible.

Visit Happy Trees locations in Petersburg, Fredericksburg, and Richmond to shop for high-quality equipment including everything from grow lights, tents, plant nutrients, media, potting containers, hydroponic equipment, and more.

According to the Happy Trees website, everything they sell supports small businesses across the country and has been tested and approved by their staff.