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The Pink Taco: Las Vegas

The Raves & Faves tour is kicking off in Las Vegas, and we just had to try a local favorite first. Here’s a quick tease of what you’ll find from our restaurant tour, sponsored by U.S. Foodservice. Features will include video clips and more, so keep checking to see what’s new!

A quick survey of several Vegas locals (‘so, where do YOU eat in Vegas’) ended up with Pink Taco on each list. So, that’s where we went. Be prepared for anything.

Like many highly rated restaurants in Vegas, it is in a hotel/casino; in this case, the Hard Rock. The Pink Taco is one of several restaurants located inside—just walk around the perimeter of the casino, past the Carlos Santana memorabilia, and into a place where Tijuana meets Vegas.

The restaurant itself has a center bar, where, in Vegas, you can play electronic poker. Otherwise, the décor includes low-rider bicycles and plenty of tacky tchotchkes. Don’t expect a quiet getaway—it is noisy, fun, and somewhat random (like, what’s with the hockey game on the flat screen?). On nice days, be sure to ask for a seat in the outdoor patio.

You’ll start with the usual complimentary chips—but these are fresh and thick, plus three versions of salsa: a tomatillo salsa verde (green), a salsa charro (black), and a mild red.

Since we judge any Mexican restaurant by the quality of its guacamole, of course we had to try an order of that. Their claim to ‘fresh daily’ was obviously true—and a bit in-your-face with the washed seed floating in the middle. It was smooth and full of avocado flavor, not weighted down with anything other than a touch of red onion. Other nice appetizer choices include the Ceviche Campechana, with shrimp, scallops and whitefish, or, do as we did and share an order of Chicken Nachos, made with black beans for something out of the ordinary.

Our server told us they were known for their flour tortillas, so we ordered the Carne Asada Tacos ($11.50), at the top of the list for the homemade specialty. While pretty standard fare, it was tasty and plentiful to the point where we couldn’t eat the third one—lots of nice chunks of meat. She also recommended the Sabana de Pollo with Chimichurri, described as ‘paper thin seared chicken breast topped with beans, melted cheese, grilled onions and Serrano chile.’ Maybe next time.

For the full experience, order the Panuchos, or Pink Taco. These are ‘corn tortillas stuffed with black beans and topped with grilled chicken, salsa Arbol, pickled onions and avocado,’ served with rice and beans ($9.75). Yes, pickled onions. We had to try just one, since the restaurant claims its name from the original concept. The onions were, indeed, pink, and added a pungent, crisp and smoky flavor to the taco that contrasted nicely with the meat. No matter what, you’ll leave talking about it.

They offer signature margaritas, drinks such as the Pink Taco Martini and the Pink Bull, as well as tequila flights.

The Food

Our signature tacos are made using pure nixtamalised corn tortillas. You won’t find minced beef and lettuce, but awesomeness like slow cooked beef brisket, pulled pork or marinated mushrooms

Our delicious burnt cheese quesadillas. Corn tortillas filled with cheese and your choice of filling

A large flour tortilla filled with your choice of filling, rice, Chipotle black beans and taco toppings depending on filling (e.g. red cabbage slaw, pink onions, tomato and corn pico de gallo).

Burrito Bowls
A naked burrito in a bowl with your choice filling, rice, Chipotle black beans and taco toppings depending on filling (e.g. red cabbage slaw, pink onions, tomato and corn pico de gallo).

Punk’d Nachos
Corn tortillas chips with melted cheese topped with your choice of filling, tomato and corn pico de gallo, jalapeños, avocado cream and Punk Ancho sauce

Fully Loaded Nachos
Corn tortillas chips with melted cheese topped with tomato and corn pico de gallo, jalapeños and avocado cream

Sides and Salads

Mexican green rice

Chipotle black beans

Watermelon salad with cucumber, feta, pumpkin seeds with mint vinaigrette

Five bean salad with coriander vinaigrette

Tomato and mozzarella salad with watercress/rocket and lime coriander vinaigrette

Chopped salad with tomatoes, corn, avocado, black beans, and roasted poblano and peppers with a mango coriander vinaigrette

Sweet Stuff

Ancho Chile Brownie with vanilla cream

Other things we make…

Blue and yellow corn tortilla chips with choice of three dips – Guacamole, roast tomato and tomatillo, chickpea and yoghurt with chipotle, fresh tomato and mango pico de gallo, fresh tomato and pineapple pico de gallo

Tomato tortilla soup – Fresh tomato soup topped with feta cheese, avocado and crispy tortilla strips

Tamales – Corn husks filled with corn masa and choice of filling from list below. Served with salsa verde and pico de gallo

Watermelon, feta and cucumber salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and mint vinaigrette

Empanadas with choice of filling – Black bean and sweet potato, black bean with corn and cheese, beef birria and cheese, pibil pork, pink onions and cheese, Ancho chicken and chimichurri


Tostaditas – Small crispy corn tortillas with choice of topping

Guacamole, prawn and feta

Cauliflower and red onion on chipotle chickpea puree with toasted pumpkin seeds

Courgette on ancho spiced road butternut squash with pico de gallo and coriander vinaigrette

Chorizo on black bean and yoghurt with chimichurri

Tacos and Fillings

Achiote in the UK
Classic Mexican Pibil Pork s low cooked in our homemade achiote paste and topped with orange infused pink onions and orange spiked sour cream

Ancho Chicken
Ancho grilled chicken topped with pink onions, red cabbage slaw, toasted pumpkin seeds and chimichurri

Jalisco Beef
Tangy slow cooked spicy beef Birria. Slow cooked beef brisket with guajillo and ancho chillis. Topped with red cabbage slaw, crumbled cheese and orange spiked sour cream. Allegedly a good hangover cure!

Just Like Honey Habanero Pork
Pulled pork shoulder infused in orange, honey and habanero. Topped with pink onions, Punk Mango Habanero Sauce, and lime spiked sour cream.

Chicken Tinga
Shredded chicken in a chipotle tomato sauce served with tomato and corn salsa and lime spiked sour cream

Yucatán Chicken
Grilled chicken marinated for 24 hours in our unique blend of ancho and pasilla chillies. With guacamole, tomato and mango salsa and lime spiked crema

Chilli con Carne
Slow cooked beef brisket and beans spiced with New Mexico and Mulato chillis. with guajillo and ancho chillis. Topped with red cabbage slaw, crumbled cheese and sour cream

Lamb with Chimichurri
Slow cooked lamb shoulder lightly spiced with guajillo chillies. Topped with red cabbage slaw and chimichurri

5 Bean Chilli (vegetarian)
Bean chilli spiced with guajillo, pasilla and chipotle chillis. Topped with red cabbage slaw, crumbled cheese and vegan yoghurt. (vegan version with no cheese).

Rage Against the Plantain (vegan)
Grilled spicy plantain, chipotle refried black beans, tomato and corn salsa with our Punk Mexican BBQ sauce and orange spiked vegan yoghurt

Chipotle Cauliflower (vegan)
Ancho and chipotle spice cauliflower, chipotle refried beans, red cabbage slaw with our Punk Mexican BBQ sauce, pink onions and lime spiked vegan yoghurt

Mushroom Mosh (vegan)
Chipotle portabello mushroom with guacamole, pineapple and tomato salsa and lime spiked vegan yoghurt

Spicy Jackfruit (vegan)
Pulled spiced jackfruit served with tomato and corn salsa, lime spiked vegan yoghurt and Punk BBQ sauce

Sweet Potato (vegetarian)
Sweet potato with feta cheese, spring onions, toasted pumpkin seeds and salsa macha (contains nuts and sesame)