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All About Pineapple Cookies Weed Strain

Pineapple Cookies strain is a fascinating creation by Calyx Gardens’ team, and you will appreciate it, especially if you are already in love with its parents. It is a 50/50 hybrid created by crossing the powerful Calyx Garden Pineapple OG Kush with the well-known Platinum Girl Scout Cookies.

This marijuana is suitable for almost everyone with its 15% THC level. Both beginners and advanced smokers find it effective; that’s why this strain is pretty popular.

Some of the best features of this strain are its taste and aroma. If you are a fan of sweet tropical flavors, you will love Pineapple Cookies. The evenly distributed aroma and taste of pineapple with hints of nuts will allow you to enjoy the evening. But in addition to the evening, the daytime is also perfect.


If you suffer from depression or mood swings, this cannabis can help you relax and let go of all your negative thoughts. The high starts with an energy boost that can make you more creative and motivated to complete all of your plans for the day. After some time, this surge will be replaced by a feeling of relaxation that lasts for hours. The chances you will feel sleepy are quite high, so don’t plan anything for the evening.

Pineapple Cookies cannabis can relieve you from chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, and also muscle spasms.

Growing Tips

However, those who want to grow this plant at home or in the garden will face a problem. The seeds of this strain are almost non-available online because Calyx Gardens keeps the cultivation possibilities of this plant a secret.

Pineapple Cookies Auto Feminised Seeds

Pineapple Cookies Auto is a 50/50 indica/sativa feminised cannabis strain that was bred by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with UK Pineapple and adding some ruderalis auto-flowering genetics to the mix.. Pineapple Cookies Auto produces higher than average yields and is a robust and hardy strain that is easy to grow even for novice horticulturalists.

Plants are ready for harvest in a mere 56 – 63 days from the small seedling stage. Lineage genetics recommends that growers should provide these plants with 20 – 22 hours of light per 24 hours until they display the early signs of flowering at which point the hours of light should be reduced to 18 per day. Yields indoors are very good indeed with 500 – 600 gr/m 2 being expected. Outdoors plants in large pots or planted directly in the ground grow bigger than those indoors and benefit greatly by being given some form of support which in turn will increase yields which is in the range 70 -150 gr/plant.

Deliciously tempting scents and flavours of sweet, ripe pineapples with some earthy background notes are produced by the dried and cured buds. THC production is very high at 20.8% with low CBD levels of just 0.32%. The cannabinoids and terpenes produce a wonderfully relaxing effect which will be a boon to sufferers of insomnia, anxiety and depression or low moods.


PINEAPPLE COOOKIES AUTO is our latest auto flowering strain, which is a cross of our GIRL SCOUT COOKIES and U.K. PINEAPPLE. It produce’s above average yields with nicely sized dense buds packed with trichomes which gives of a beautiful pineapple aroma during flowering period. This strain is very robut so ideal for beginners who are new to auto’s, for those who are wanting to get maximum potential in a indoors enviroment, we found starting from seedlings, to give them 20 – 22 hours of light until the plant starts to produce her flowers then drop the hours of to 18 hours.

From planting your seedlings, you can expect this strain to be finished between 8 – 9 weeks and being able to produce 500 – 600 gr/m2 and outdoors yielding between 70 – 150 grams per plant. TIP : ( recomendend growers to support each plant before its starts to flower which helps produce better yields).

When it comes to taste PINEAPPLE COOKIES tastes of sweet pineapple and slightly earthy, you can epect a very relaxed high which benefits those with insomnia and a great relief for those who suffer with anxiety and stress.