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pick and mix cannabis seeds

TGA Subcool Cannabis Seeds

Pick 'n' Mix Cannabis Seeds have now launched another new seed bank, TGA Subcool Seeds adding to their already extensive catalogue. This seed bank is being added due to sheer popular demand as these are by far the most asked-for strains by customers.

November 17, 2009 ( – TGA is Subcool, Jill, Sunycheba & Badboy. Together they mix cannabis seeds genetics like DJs mix records. They should be called ‘Gene Jockeys’ because they know how to combine the best traits from the parent stock.

All TGA Seeds come as regular seeds and you can choose from either single seeds or packs of ten.

Here is the complete list of strains:

3D Third Dimension
Fruit punch with a soaring high that lasts and doesn’t peak for at least 20 minutes after initial toke, a true gem, 3D does well when topped and likes a lot of nitrogen to keep her happy, produces budsites down to the main stem, it topped will hang like a sticky willow tree in later stages of bloom, needs support, food-like, smell, taste. High is very thought provoking, body numbing, truly unique hybrid with almost apple-smelling buds, very very high resin.

Agent Orange
range Velvet is a much sought after strain in the USA, due to its uncanny orange creamsicle flavour and enjoyable medicinal high, using Subs JTR male to add yield and lots of resin, this plant is like smoking a bowl of fruit each toke coats your mouth with deep flavours of mango and oranges. A favourite of the ladies due to its flavours and medicinal effect, very thorough long-lasting stone, extremely stout plants that can support huge buds, a very good strain.

Astro Queen
Selecting from our own cross, Astroboy a large watermelon trait female was pollinated with our proven Space Queen male. The resulting cross yields very unusual tasting hybrid with with flavors from cherry to watermelon. The high is very intense and is reported by smokers as trippy and good for pain relief. Females are very similar with heavy resin and a fruity smell and taste. Very mind expanding and visual, very much a head high. Harvest window is 8 weeks.

Jack The Ripper
Created from the legendary Jack’s Cleaner, pollinated by a Space Queen male, aka Space Dude which instantly added a fruity mango flavour and added its own unique potency to the mix. JTR seeds are huge, dark and tiger-striped, they are easy to grow and will produce good sized buds with a coating of resin so heavy it causes what’s known as resin curl along the ran leaf edges. Brushing against these plants while in bloom will fill the air with a thick heavy fruit peng, literally smells like like over-ripe mango. Top plants for bubblehash or dry sieving!

Jack’s Cleaner 2
JC2 is the product of a backcross to the clone only Jack’s Cleaner, using a proven JTR male. The resulting plants are almost all 75% Jack’s Cleaner with the Space Dude’s genetics being overpowered by JC’s dominant traits resulting in a more hazey, slightly harsher tasting hybrid but with a sweet exhale a creeper stone, that can completely disorientate, if you over indulge, a definite appetite stimulant.

Jilly Bean
MzJill was lucky enough to be gifted an amazing Orange Skunk and the first time we smoked it we knew we had to outcross it with our Space Queen male. You don’t really have to be a master breeder to figure out orange and pineapple mango will be a good combination. The resulting outcross is remarkably stable and is close to a 50/50 representation of the parents. Topped it grows into a nice short bush with lots of side branching and multi heads. Flavours range from orange, tang, candy, mango and apple. The cross works really well in SOG Or SCROG. Very large stems and huge top colas make this an easy strain to grow in any medium.

Pandora’s Box
Many years ago the most powerful magic recipe was locked away to protect humanity from the devastating power, locked inside a combination of genetics that only a team of Uber-stoners would have the power to harness. This strain is very stable and we are very excited about the yields we have seen. The first plants I saw grown in a hydro hut grown by a newbie grower were literally sagging with huge glass like buds and the buzz is up, speedy, very shit eating grin and smiling like a Cheshire cat like high. It’s a bit smoother than JTR and has a different feel in the head less haze influence. I can’t tell where the ceiling is as every bowl I smoke I seem to get a bit higher until the point my vision blurs. Not for light weights. I can’t stop grinning when I smoke this weed.

Another knockout clone only strain, Urkle is one of the most sought after USA strains. Its deep purple hues make this plant a true spectacle to watch grow. As early as day 40 you will see her leaves change to a deep dark purple and now with JTR’s resin profile and potency, this is sure to become a sure fire top strain. One of the only purple strains that will rip your head off. Top Bag appeal.

Space Queen
Our interpretation of BCGA’s famous lost cross Space Queen this F2 took over a year to create agonising over four distinct and amazing mother plants found in a very old pack of Vic’s original seeds. Once the best mother plant was selected the long process of growing out the F2 generation was started and the result made us very happy and very very stoned. This cross has been grown more than any other TGS gear and everyone that germinates these seeds ends up with a keeper female they cherish forever.

The Flav
A much sought after romulan meets the resin bomb Space Queen and they both bring their own very worthy qualities to the cross, excellent resin profile, high odour and as tasty as a candy factory. Easy to grow, can support itself until the last week of bloom when she starts to get top heavy, support is recommended, excellent meds, pain relief and creativity.

Apollo 13 is another legendary clone-only strain in the USA. It was used as the seed-bearing parent in this awesome cross. Its a sticky, milky, sweet tasting plant that has a very uplifting high, very enjoyable, puts you in a very creative mood. Again Space Dude has passed on the cherry-like sweet fruit undertone to an already complex apollo flavour. Excellent toke for daytime, non-confusing and clear, each toke is a tasty treat which usually leads to smoking excessive amounts, leaving the smoker in a daze. Can creep up on you. Excellent stout structured, vigourous plants.

Seed Bank Reviews

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We of course know that our selection of marijuana seeds, price, and offer of 20 FREE SEEDS WITH EVERY ORDER of marijuana seeds is second to none, but why not see for yourself!

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