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papaya punch seeds

Papaya Punch

Papaya and Purple Punch form a tropical blend that makes us feel like we’re sippin on Pina Coladas in Terps & Caicos.

Bred by ONI, Papaya Punch is a cross between Purple Punch & Papaya. The result is a Pineapple Coconut blast of aromas, perfect for relaxation time! Visually stunning, an abundance of prismatic trichomes lay on a background of lime green, orange & violet hues. Effects are calming, like laying on a chaise lounge listening to the rhythmic sound of ocean waves.

Strain Details

Strain Type:



Papaya x Purple Punch

Cannabinoid Profile
THCa: 0%
THC: 0%
CBDa: 0%
CBD: 0%
CBN: 0%
CBG: 0%

Papaya Punch

The Papaya Punch cannabis strain lives up to it name in both scent and taste. When you open up a package of this strain, you’ll find it has a delicious berry-like scent. Once heated, through smoking or vaping, its berry qualities become more noticeable and a hint of cheese can be tasted.

Cultivators that acquire Papaya Punch seeds are lucky, as this strain sells quickly. Consumers have reported that Papaya Punch strain can have the effect of mellowing the user, though not likely enough to sedate unless one consumes a larger amount. Some have experienced a boost in creativity that they’ve used for either hands-on activities or as a conversation enhancer. Though it’s an indica-dominant strain, some reviewers have said they’ve experienced an increase in energy after which it sent them crashing into the couch.

Papaya Punch THC percentage levels tend to average in the mid-20’s while CBD levels are too low to be significant. This strain resulted from a cross between Papaya and Purple Punch, which is the basis for its alluring name.

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