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Dirty Little Secret

GMO Cookies, also known as as "GMO Garlic Cookies" and "Garlic Cookies," is a potent indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Chemdawg. This strain produces a euphoric high with mentally uplifting effects. Consumers say Garlic Cookies promotes an incredible body high that leaves you feeling relaxed and free from pain. In large doses, this strain may lock you to the sofa and make you feel sedated. As a descendent from Girl Scout Cookies, you can expect louds flavors from Garlic Cookies, like a diesel aroma and a garlic-forward taste that lingers on your tastebuds. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain, depression, and nausea. According to growers, Garlic Cookies flowers into light green, spade-shaped buds that are dusted with white trichomes and curly orange hairs. This strain was originally bred by Mamiko Seeds. If you've smoked, dabbed, or consumed Garlic Cookies (aka GMO Cookies) before, tell us about your experience by leaving a strain review.

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About this brand

Phat Panda was founded in 2014 by Robert and Katrina McKinley. The 30-man crew has now grown to over 700 employees.

Our vision is to contribute to the space by continuing to challenge ourselves every day and bring inspiration and innovation to the Cannabis industry. We blend the most advanced growing techniques with state-of-the-art technology to bring our customers the best products.

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. In 2016, Marijuana sales in North America reached $6.73 billion—reflecting 34% growth over 2015. By 2021, sales are expected to jump to $25 billion. And Phat Panda wants to be at the forefront of it.

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Phat Panda Featured Strains

Here at Agate Dreams, there is a lot of enthusiasm around Phat Panda’s products and for good reason! For those who are unfamiliar, Phat Panda is a Spokane-area-based cannabis company that produces over 40 strains of premium marijuana and are constantly introducing new strains to the market. They use state of the art agricultural and production techniques that have resulted in both local and world-wide buzz in the cannabis industry. Their innovations and attention to detail have led them to be the No. 1 cannabis producer in Washington State!

Since Phat Panda produces cutting-edge hybrids, the names of their strains will likely be unfamiliar to most. Don’t worry about that, we are here to help! Below we have some strain suggestions for those looking to up your ganja game:

  • Trophy Wife – a cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, this Indica heavy hybrid packs a punch with a sweet, delicious taste. This strain is known to melt stress and leave its users relaxed, euphoric, and happy.
  • Panda Cookies – another Indica-dominant hybrid, Panda Cookies has SinMint Cookies and Anima Cookies in its lineage. The strong, pungent, earthy buds produce relaxation and euphoria coupled with a dynamite body buzz.
  • White Fire OG – a 60% Sativa hybrid combines the earthy, diesel flavor of Fire OG with the mild spiciness of the aptly named The White. This gorgeous, white-dusted strain provides a mild, smooth lift that makes it great for social situations or to help with creative pursuits.
  • M.A.C. (Miracle Alien Cookies) – a well-balanced strain that smells savory with a clean fresh taste. The beautiful, heavily frosted buds will provide a balanced high that has been described as “leaning slightly Indica.” An awesome cross of Starfighter, Alien Cookies, and Columbian Gold, this strain really highlights why Phat Panda is getting serious buzz in the industry.
  • Ghost OG – the most familiar of the strains on this list, this award-winning strain is known for melting anxiousness, stress, and pain. A potent earthy citrus bomb, it presents a nice head/body balance that can be enjoyed at any hour.

Come check out our Phat Panda products soon! If you still don’t know which strain to get, talk to our knowledgeable budtenders who should steer you in the right direction. Toke on Dreamers![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]