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redd cross seeds

Redd Cross seeds

Buy Redd Cross seeds online with Seedsbay. Here you will find detailed information on the Redd Cross cannabis seeds, from specifications and reviews to flavors and effects. We have listed every seedshop where you can buy Redd Cross seeds along their offers. Compare prices on Redd Cross seeds and get the best deal for yourself!

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Redd Cross seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Redd Cross seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Redd Cross seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Redd Cross seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

Redd Cross specifications

Read the Redd Cross seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Redd Cross seeds.

Variety 50% Indica and 50% Sativa
THC level 20%
CBD Level Low
Flowering Time 60 days

About Redd Cross seeds

Redd Cross is a strain with both the indica as the sativa variety and has a THC percentage of 20%. This strain has a low percentage of CBD. Redd Cross has similarities with Afghani and Spirit of ’76 and is a combination of 50% indica and 50% sativa. Grow Redd Cross seeds and get a fine marijuana plant with generous crops. Grow Redd Cross seeds into a nice and bushy marijuana plant, about 60 days of flowering before the plant is ready.

You cannot buy Redd Cross seeds in one single seedbank on the internet, as soon as we know a shop which are selling Redd Cross seeds, we will post it here.

Redd Cross reviews

Read what other people has to say about Redd Cross seeds.

Most helpfull

Sage P. Bradley from Yemen

I got this for my daughter who’s been suffering with chronic pain for 6-yrs. She has EDS-III, Dysautonomia, CSF Leaks and PTSD. This brought down her joint and nerve pain significantly as well as her ongoing headaches. As a hybrid indica dominate with 17% CBD. The CBD does wonders for her nerve pain and any other neurological issues she has. The dispensary was out of Harley Quinn and we tried this instead and I’m pleasantly surprised

Most recent

Kyra V. Maddox from Langen

Redd cross is a bitch to trim but she finishes early. mid to late September. puts out coke cans for buds. is one of the most beautiful plants you will ever see in an outdoor garden. and easy to grow indoors as well. But more importantly she is tits best for pain and evening time sleep issues. She will hit a solid 18% THC and 8.0% CBD. if you have any type of nerve pain this is a Med you should always keep on hand. Also her cousin Madd Krush a sativa dominant version of the Redd cross is another must if your issue is pain and PTSD. BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE. Genetics gone madd is one of the most affordable seed breeders around. If you suffer from chronic and or nerve pain sleep disorders and or PTSD you really owe it to yourself to check out generics gone madd


Non-psychoactive cannabis seeds lovers are in luck, Medical Seeds presents their feminized Red Cross CBD seeds with possible therapeutic uses and less than 0.3% of THC.

  • FREE SHIPPING From 30€
  • DISCREET & SAFE Courier & Post
  • FREE SEEDS 1 for every 30€
  • Terpenes Complex
  • Type Hybrid
  • Flowering time Average
  • Cannabinoids Little or no activity
  • Yield capacity High
  • Height Small
  • Cultivation needs Some

Red Cross CBD feminized seeds

Medical Seeds continues to surprise us with new CBD rich Cannabis varieties, without psychoactive effects and loaded with CBD. To obtain their feminized Red Cross CBD marijuana, Medical Seeds have combined their Lambada CBD with the Medical Zero CBD.

What is Red Cross CBD like?

Red Cross CBD’s feminised seeds give rise to Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana plants. This is evident in its morphology, as it has a compact structure, low height and other characteristics typical of Indicas strains, such as rocky and bulky buds, short internodal distance, ease of cultivation and resin everywhere.

This is a strain that thrives well in different climates, although it grows optimally in temperate climates. Red Cross CBD has excellent cold weather performance. This variety has a normal flowering time of around 8 weeks indoors. Outdoors, on the other hand, this variety is harvested one week before the end of summer.

Red Cross CBD Production

Red Cross CBD medical marijuana has an average yield. Thus, indoors it is possible to expect up to 400 grams per square meter. Medical Seeds indicates that it is possible to grow up to 12 to 15 plants of Red Cross CBD per square meter. Outdoors this variety can also produce up to 800 grams per plant, which is more than great for a plant that is harvested early.

Most common effects

The best thing about the Red Cross CBD is that it is a CBD-oriented variety. This means that it does not have the psychoactive effects of THC, but has all the potential of cannbidiol. This makes it a variety with less than 0.2% THC. It should also be noted that this strain can produce up to 9% CBD and 0.5% CBG, one of the most promising new cannabinoids.

Organoleptic properties

Red Cross CBD marijuana can produce a terpene explosion. During the tasting it is possible to notice very intense sweet and floral aromas.


  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: Indian Dominance
  • Genetics: Lambada CBD x Medical Zero CBD
  • Cannabinoids: <0.2% THC, 8-9% CBD and 0.5% CBG
  • Height: Low
  • Flowering: 8 weeks indoors and harvesting outdoors 1 week before the end of summer
  • Yield: 400 gr/m2 indoors and up to 800 gr per plant outdoors
  • Planting: Spring or all year round with artificial light.


Now on in your orders you will receive even more gifts, in addition to the free seed every 30€ you will also receive one or more of these gifts: lighter, grinder, beach bag, t-shirt and cap.



3 to 5 seeds packs


3 to 5 seeds packs

3 to 5 seeds packs

Non-psychoactive cannabis seeds lovers are in luck, Medical Seeds presents their feminized Red Cross CBD seeds with possible therapeutic uses and less than 0.3% of THC.

Only +18. We do not sell cannabis seeds to any customers who we suspect intend to use them to cultivate cannabis in a country where it is illegal to do so. Cannabis seeds are sold only strictly as souvenirs or collectibles and they are illegal to germinate in most countries. CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All texts are registered in Safe Creative.

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Redd Cross

Redd Cross is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Genetics Gone Mad that crosses Spirit of ’76 with an undefined Afghani indica. It was named as a result of a strain-naming contest and much of the development of Redd Cross is attributed to the late Dan Christensen. Its large, colorful colas give off a spectrum of red and pink hues and produce sweet floral flavors that elevate your mood with a warm glow of effects. Medical patients will find comfort in this strain’s ability to relieve pain without completely debilitating the other senses.

Redd Cross is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Genetics Gone Mad that crosses Spirit of ’76 with an undefined Afghani indica. It was named as a result of a strain-naming contest and much of the development of Redd Cross is attributed to the late Dan Christensen. Its large, colorful colas give off a spectrum of red and pink hues and produce sweet floral flavors that elevate your mood with a warm glow of effects. Medical patients will find comfort in this strain’s ability to relieve pain without completely debilitating the other senses.

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bobble head seeds

Sweet Seeds® bobblehead

Decorate your favourite room with the Sweet Seeds® Ganesha.

Made from resin and hand painted.

Size: approx. 20 × 6.5 cm.

Don’t forget to give him some “flowers” as an offering. He will make sure your next harvest is abundant.

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Sweet Mix Auto®

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Sweet Seeds® is committed to the legalisation of cannabis. Therefore, as part of our Crime Prevention Plan, our online shop for customers over 18 years old sets limits for the maximum number of seeds each user can purchase; namely, 25 seeds every 3 months and 100 seeds per year.

We believe this is the best way of supporting responsible home-growing and self-consumption, while also preventing our seeds from being misused for illicit purposes or gains.

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pot roast seeds

Skillet-Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Everyone enjoys a good jack-o’-lantern in October, but don’t be so quick to toss those pumpkin seeds—also sometimes referred to as pepitas. With a few steps and some seasoning, they happen to be great for snacking. The trick is to make sure they’re completely dry before you toast them in a skillet.

You can toast or roast pumpkin seeds in your skillet on top of the stove for a tasty snack. They can be salted or spiced to suit your palate; we’ve listed some ideas in this recipe but feel free to customize beyond salt and pepper to your liking. The shells are edible and contain fiber. You can also use this method with other squash seeds, such as acorn squash and butternut squash.

Easy Pot Roast

Pot roast was a favorite in our household growing up, especially on Sundays. My mom would put one in the oven before we left for church and upon returning, the aroma would hit you in the face when walking through the door. It felt so comforting. I still get those feelings when making a roast.

I have several favorite ways of preparation using a variety of ingredients but still am always on the look-out for new pot roast ideas. This recipe included an old stand-by from pot roasts of the past, a package of dry onion soup mix. Since I was feeling nostalgic about pot roast at the moment I decided to try it. The dry mix is combined with sour cream, dill seed (which reminded me of an old Pillsbury Bake-Off winning recipe), water, salt, and pepper to form the gravy. Instead of mashed potatoes, buttered egg noodles with poppy seeds sounded right. It was.

The roast is basted a few times during the cooking process and makes a rich gravy that has a nice color and barely needs thickening or it doesn’t have to be thickened any more at all. I preferred to strain the sauce but that is personal preference too. Serve with buttered noodles with or without the poppy seeds, or with mashed potatoes. We liked it with cooked baby carrots, or pick your favorite vegetable.

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oregon pinot noir seeds


Home of Stoney Girl Gardens – Portlandsterdam – Stoney Only Dispensary

Pinot Noir

Pure Hawaiian Purple Kush mixed with Pit Bull. Get that full on grape taste and huge bush growth in much less time. More crystal and a slight bit more skunk. Now grow that favorite blast from the past in a much shorter time. Acclimated for the North West. Huge producer. Grows extremely well outdoors. Pure Grape.

  • Strain Name: Oregon Pinot Noir
  • Description: Fast, Fruity, Vine Like Grape acclimated for the North West.
  • Category: Sativa
  • Days of Flowering: 38
  • Yield: 5-7 ounces indoor, 8-10 lbs outdoor
  • Potency (THC): 28%
  • Mature Height: 3-6 feet indoor, 8-10 feet outdoor. Takes up alot of space.
  • Type of high: Gives you energy at first and then turns into a relaxing sleepy high
  • Plant Type: Very vine like and bendable will take over your space
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Does great with both
  • Taste/Smell: Grape flavor with a skunk smell
  • Mother: Hawaiian Purple Kush
  • Father: Pit Bull

Background Information:

Oregon Pinot Noir

  • Mother: Hawaiian Purple Kush Classic clone from the Islands
  • Composition: Mother: Panama Red; Father: Columbian Gold 1972
  • Geographical Origin: Hawaii
  • Father: Pit Bull
  • Composition: Mother P-91; Father Sugar Plum
  • Geographical Origin: Oregon, 2004.

Born on our award winning Pinot Noir vineyard in Willamette Valley, this was razed outdoors alongside our grapes. This is our biggest production plant. It will produce over 5 ounces indoors. Made In Oregon

Performs well Indoors and Out in Soil. P1 Parents and original genetics work was done outdoors in our vineyard, alongside our award winning Pinot Noir grapes. Outdoors it is very durable and bred for a fast finish for the early Northern Oregon rainy seasons. This strain is acclimated for the North West. The plant is exceptionally fast for a sativa.

Grows into a giant bushy, sprawling plant. It grows as a creeper, able to bend and stretches like a vine. Able to stand on its own and grows abundant arms. Every branch throws many colas. Branches a lot with long creeping vine like branches. Nodes are close. Colas are abundant.

Bright white long haired, long bud, typical for Hawaiian, but jumps right into action in a week. Full on tropical grape color and flavor finish. Extreme producer. All our strains are bred for speed while maintaining traits and improving quality. Oregon Pinot Noir has a lot of lovely purple tones and a spider-plant form that is ideal for raised beds or container gardening

Here is another area that the OPN excels. It is very fast, with the Berkeley genes to take it to finish in a quick 42 days of blooming. We grow our entire cycle from start to finish in 9 weeks indoors. We loved the Hawaiian’s flavor and structure, but in our climate it was difficult to harvest because we get rains and fog in early October. Purples are beautiful, but they generally need a minimum of 8 weeks of flower to begin to ripen and we just don’t have that much growing season. Crossing the Pit Bull on the Hawaiian cut 2 weeks off of that and acclimatized it to our cooler climate. It takes an average of about 6 weeks here in the North West.

38 days average. Indoors OPN finishes at about 38 days. I would not keep her in bloom more than about 45 days.

OPN is an amazingly versatile plant. We have had 15 foot tall plants growing outdoors. Indoors in our mix it usually goes into the bloom room at about 4 to 5 feet tall (after 4 weeks) and comes out about 6 to 7 feet. This plant is perfect for shaping to low profiles, blending in with surrounding scenery or growing on lattice. The Tropical Grape of Cannabis, every good summer home should have a deck covered with this.

This is our biggest producer. We easily get between 4-5 ounces per plant indoors using our all organic methods. Outdoors we have seen a several pound average. She is designed for the outdoors. She is not really intended for indoors, but yielded well nonetheless. She’ll throw several pounds outdoors in a large container or raised bed.

A couple of patients have reported aphrodisiac effects from OPN.

As this plant moves through its growth phases to ripeness, what does it look like?

The buds start out mostly all hair and develop into dense purple golf-balls running up the stems. Stems start with a faint purple tint that increases as the plant ages to a deep purple.The leaves are thin and bright green at the beginning and fade to purple as the plant develops. The stem of each leaf is dark purple from the beginning. Average of 9 leaflets on each leaf.OPN is not a Christmas tree. More like a Spider plant. Ideal for SCROG. This plant is wider than it is tall, with bottom branches that hang low.

This variety was bred among the grapes of one of the most respected Pinot Noir vineyards in Oregon. It gets its name from both where it was bred as well as the purple color of its stems and buds and the sophisticated grape flavor.

The thing that really stood out about this variety was the incredibly wide space that it takes up. Even the males are huge sprawling monsters with multiple colas of flowers. OPN was key in a breeding project we did for one of our testers in Southern Oregon who requested a custom project for his vineyard garden. He had a red haired strain called “Scarlet” and he wanted something special done with her. Crossing OPN on her made for a huge sprawling bush that we called “Crimson” with that grape flavor so appropriate for the vineyard.

Perfect for winding down after work. I liked it for heavy garden work though, because it had legs and I didn’t have to keep stopping to smoke. Not really for wake-n-bake.

Medical Information

This is a strong medication for back pain. It has a great grape flavor and works on nausea, so it’s good for after Chemo. This medication has a weird type of high; it has a creeper long lasting effect.

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cannabis seeds mumbai

Mumbai man grows cannabis at home using hydroponics, arrested

Bitcoin analysis helps take down darknet child pornography website

New botnet sends sextortion emails asking bitcoins in ransom

Man held for cheating people of Rs 52 crore in bitcoin scam

Two Indian-origin Canadian nationals indicted for bitcoin fraud

Crimes related to Darknet among issues to be discussed at

A 26-year-old man and an accomplice were arrested for growing cannabis at the former’s residence in Chembur in Mumbai after ordering seeds from abroad using the Darknet and paying through bitcoins, police said on Tuesday.

Mahul-resident Nikhil Sharma was arrested with one kilogram of cannabis and 54 grams of mephedrone on Saturday by Unit III of the Crime Branch after which they raided his home where the cultivation was discovered, an official said.

“He was using hydroponic system to grow cannabis in his home. He used the Darknet to order seeds from abroad and paid by bitcoins, which are illegal in India,” the official said.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in water solvent instead.

“Sharma named Frenix Rajaiyya (26) as his accomplice in procuring the cannabis seeds from the dark web after which he too was arrested. They were remanded in police custody till Friday,” he informed.

(This story has not been edited by Business Standard staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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Welcome to Hybridseeds

Our initial brand was the widely successful, which we have had to close down permanently. Never the less we have a brand new venture coming to our Indian customer base with hybridseeds. We aim to be India’s top cannabis seedbank

(meant for souvenir purposes).

Our relationship has been closely cultivated with some of the world’s top hybrid genetic seedbanks. We aim to bring world class hybrid cannabis seeds to the Indian subcontinent.


[email protected]
Hybrid Seed Bank is a website for only people aged 18 or over.

Hybrid Seed Bank does not in any way tolerate the use of illegal drugs and will accept no responsibility for the use of any products sold through our website. Any information included on the Hybrid Seed Bank website is intended only for educational, scientific or historical use.

The cultivation of cannabis is illegal in many countries across the world and therefore Hybrid Seed Bank only sell cannabis seeds as souvenirs and not for cultivation. Information on the Hybrid Seed Bank website or on packaging is only made accessible for countries where the cultivation of cannabis seeds is legal.

Hybrid Seed Bank have the right to cancel an order at any time should we believe that the transaction is of fraudulent activity, malicious or if the order will in any way be used to harm Hybrid Seed Bank. Until payment has been received and accepted, products will remain Hybrid Seed Bank property and customers cannot ask Hybrid Seed Bank to honour any errors or price errors in the product description.

Contact Information

You can contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff by using the contact details provided below and they will be happy to answer any questions you have. However, any questions asked regarding the cultivation of seeds will be refused an answer.


Once a payment is made we confirm via email and dispatch within 24 hours with a tracking number and all over india maximum time for delivery is 7 days.

Returns policy

To return any products purchased on Hybrid Seed Bank you will first have to contact us to have the returns approved. Any products that are sent to us without prior consent will be sent back to you at your cost. If a return is arranged it must be sent back to us within 14 days of the day you first received your order and must be in an unused state and in the condition in which you received the items. We will refund the cost of the item however we are unable to refund any shipping charges you paid when ordering.

PLEASE NOTE: We only sell fresh seeds and genuine products and we guarantee this and also guarantee that you will receive your items in a perfect condition. Any seeds that you purchase from Hybrid Seed Bank are of the same quality and freshness as if you were to walk in to a seedbank in abroad. As one of the largest cannabis seed supplier in the India we occasionally receive discounts meaning we are often able to offer the seeds at a lower price than many of the seedbanks . Our seeds are purely meant be used as souvenir purposes

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mendo purple seeds

Mendocino Purple Kush Feminised Seeds

It is a plant of a long bearing but very robust and with a very large leaf. It´s recommended for Indoor to use SOG due its big size.

Their 4 phenotypes gives a colour scale that goes from green to intense violet and makes it spectacular. Its aromas vary from the intense earthy of the Purple Kush and the sweet touches of the Mendocino Purple. The phenotypes more purple are normally in the buds with a sweeter smell and the green phenotypes in the earthy ones.

3rd Extracción Mecánica – Oil Hunters Cup 2015 Madrid

3rd Best Kush – High Life 2015 Amsterdam

1st Interior – Copa Mendoza 2015 Argentina

3rd Resina – 7º Copa Cataluña Grows 2014

2nd Extracción – Canafac-Acmefuer 2014 Canarias

5th Interior – Copa Thc Valencia 2014

2nd Extracción – Oil Hunters Cup 2014 Madrid

1st Extracción Mecánica – Spannabis cup 2014 Barcelona

2nd Interior – Breeders Cup 2014 Barcelona

1st Extracciones Mecánicas – Asociación Cannábica M.C. 2º cata invernal 2014 Miranda de Ebro

1st Extracción – Secret Cup Canarias 2014

Additional Information

Seed Bank Medical Seeds
Seed Type Feminised
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Genetics Mendocino Purple x Purple Kush
Where to Grow Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8 – 9 Weeks
Type Indica / Sativa
Yield Indoors: 450 g/m2 – Outdoor: 600 g/p
THC High
Height 2 – 3m


– FREE for all orders over £25.00 GBP

– only £3.50 for orders up to £25.00

– only £7 for Special Delivery

Rest of the World

– FREE if order value exceeds £250.00 GBP

– only £10.00 for orders below £250

All orders despatched within 24 hours (if in stock).

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies – 5% discount

We accept the following currencies GBP, EURO and USD (notes only) & strongly advise that a Registered Delivery service is used.


Origin: (According to LEAFY): Mendocino Purps, or Mendo Purps, or even just The Purps, comes out of Mendocino County in Northern California. Winning one of the Top Ten slots in High Times’ Strains of the Year in 2007, Mendocino Purps began as a clone-only plant, but BC Bud Depot developed a stable cross to make The Purps seeds available. This cannabis strain grows well both in and outdoors. It can grow 3-4 feet at harvest indoors and 6-8 feet outdoors. Flowering time for this strain is 8-9 weeks. It has medium-thick leaves and green hues that turn more purple as the plant ripens. The taste has been likened to a caramel coffee and woodsy pine.

Origin: (According to WIKILEAF): Mendocino Purps, or Mendo Purps, is an Indica strain that won High Times Cannabis Cups in 2007 and 2009.

Inexperienced users, or those with a lower tolerance, should be aware of this strain’s ability to induce powerful drowsiness and laziness. It is recommended that users keep food close at hand as the “couch-lock” effect may be stronger than the ‘munchies’ effect. Some might also find that this strain may cause ‘the giggles.’ Negative effects include dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, headaches, and some paranoia when high doses are consumed.

Like most pure Indica strains, it should be used in the afternoon or at night as users will become drowsy. For this reason, it is a good medication for insomnia. Mendocino Purps’ mood elevating effects make it effective medicine for relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. The numbing body high gently eases away most chronic aches and pains, particularly those that are accompanied by movement disorders such as muscle spasms. It is also used to calm nausea and increase appetite.

Mendocino Purps is a back-cross of a pure Landrace USA Indica. As its name suggests, this clone-only strain came from Mendocino County in California. While the original Mendocino Purps is rare, BC Bud Depot received one in 2004 and inbred it to create seeds of the strain they called The Purps. It is often confused with the clone-only strain and the hybrid from TH Seeds called Da Purps.

Origin: Northern California.

This strain generally features THC content in the teens, which can climb as high as 20%. Its cannabinoid levels generally fall between 0.20% and 0.30% but can be higher.

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transformer seeds

Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Welcome to Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki. You may wish to create or login to an account in order to have full editing access to this wiki.

  • Cybertron Technology
  • Creators
  • Age of Extinction technology
  • History
  • Talk (0)

Joshua Joyce’s seed, which he got from Lockdown

a deploying seed

Seeds are specifically designed to kill off organic life instantly, by turning them into Cybermetal. They work by re-configuring into charge mode, while turning on their blue charge lights. They hover low above the ground, and start rapidly spinning. When they detonate, they cause a huge wave of molten lava-like substance that burns off everything but bones from an organic being. Once cooled down, the bones are covered in Cybermetal, which is retrieved by ship. The bones of the animal are left behind. Seeds are launched in large groups by Creator Ships.


Psittacosaurus, one of the last surviving dinosaurs during the attack.

In the beginning of Creator Ships enters Earth 65 million years ago, and deploys hundreds of Seeds. The Seeds killed off the Dinosaurs completely, turning them all to Cyber-metal fossils, and the metal is collected.

Joshua’s seed signaling its location.

Later in the film, Cade Yeager discovers that a company called KSI collects these metals, and uses them to design their very own man-made Transformer prototypes. The owner of the company,Joshua Joyce, wants more Transformium to build his Transformers, so he and an illegal black ops squad known as Cemetery Wind strike a deal with a Cybertronian Bounty Hunter known as Lockdown. Cemetery Wind captures and delivers the Autobot Leader Optimus Prime, and Lockdown exchanges him for a Seed. However, Joyce has second thoughts, after Cade convinces him that his prototype leader Galvatron (Tyran)/707.04 Delta is evil, and wants the seed to destroy Earth by making more prototypes. At that moment, Galvatron gains control over Joshua’s Prototypes and attacks the factory. He and the prototypes chase after Joyce and the Seed.

the sarcastic text message

After finding out that the Seed had the power of a nuclear bomb, Joyce heads to Hong Kong, where he attempts to deliver it to the Autobots. However, the prototypes attack, and Joyce is left stranded in Hong Kong with Cade, hiss daughter Tessa Yeager, her boyfriend Shane Dyson, and Autobots Hound (Movie), and Bumblebee (Tyran). After several of the prototypes are destroyed, by the Autobots and the Dinobots, Joyce takes the seed to safety across a bridge, where he meets up with everyone else. With Lockdown killed, Optimus takes the Seed, and flies off towards space, in an attempt to find his creators.

Transformer seeds

A Seed is a device made by the Creators and contains elemental Transformium that is the primal material of Transformers. It functions by being primed, then detonating, turning all organic matter around it into molten metal. Despite being on the small side, to the extent a human can carry one about with little difficult, their small size belies their power. When they go off, it’s with the blast-range being equivalent to that of a human tactical nuke.



Age of Extinction film

Around sixty-five million years ago, the Creators used the Seeds as part cyberforming initiative on thousands of worlds, to create Transformium, with the material being used to construct Transformers. On Earth, this led to the extinction of the Dinosaurs. However, for whatever reason the Creators didn’t take all the samples, and some Transformium remained present on Earth. Eventually human scientists discovered it but were unaware of its true nature. This changed following the encounter with the Transformers where the scientific applications were uncovered. After the Battle of Chicago, Kinetic Solutions Incorporated was forced to mine Transformium either from the deposits on their world or from dead Transformers. This saw Darcy Tyril being dispatched to find new deposits for KSI who sought to find new sources of the material. At the time, Harold Attinger of the CIA allied with the Cybertronian bounty hunter Lockdown hunting down Autobots in search of Optimus Prime to return to the Creators. In exchange for the CIA’s assistance in capturing Prime, Lockdown would give them a Seed which would then be given to KSI for deployment in the Mongolian desert, where they would mine the Transformium for a century. Unbeknownst to them, the reborn Megatron intended to take the Seed to forge a new army of Decepticons, and get revenge on humanity at the same time by using it in a fully-populated city. Ultimately, the Autobots managed to stop the Decepticon plot, and afterward Optimus took the Seed into space to hide it to prevent its power from being abused for evil. Age of Extinction

Ask Vector Prime

In Tyran 609.23-PX Kappa, Lockdown arrived on a Decepticon-controlled Earth to demand that Optimus Prime be handed over to him. When both Megatron and Sentinel Prime refused, Lockdown offered Sentinel a protomatter seed in exchange for Optimus. While Sentinel was sorely tempted by the deal, Optimus used the opportunity to reignite Sentinel’s cold spark. Sentinel proceeded to pretend to hand over Optimus, ambush and defeat Lockdown, and capture Lockdown’s ship. Allying themselves with the Dinobots, Sentinel and Optimus waged a long guerrilla war against the Decepticons, eventually restoring freedom to Earth and revitalizing Cybertron with the seed. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/07/22

Transformer seeds

An unusual twist on the classic cottage garden flower, Nigella ‘Transformer’ adds intriguing texture with its uniquely shaped flowers and upright, seed pods. Unlike the Nigella ‘Love in a Mist’ that produces watermelon-like pods, these curious seed pods have long tentacles and are pretty unusual looking. Used fresh or dried the seed pods are a great filler in bouquets. Cut flower production just 12 to 16 weeks.
Growing to a height of 50 to 60cm (18 to 24in), the plants have fine ferny green foliage and produce unusual tall yellow flowers. This species is also a good choice for borders and mass plantings the plants tolerate some drought once well-established. Deadhead to prolong blooming.

Once you see Nigella in bloom, you will always recognise it by its unique mist of airy bracts and foliage. It earns its common name of Love-in-a-Mist from the tangle of ferny, fennel like foliage that forms a mist around the flowers. The airy foliage makes a nice complement to broader leaved plants and is a great filler for use with cut flowers in a vase.
Nigella is ridiculously easy to grow. A hardy annual, it can be sow early in spring or sown directly where it is to flower. Sowing to flowering takes just three months. The flowers are well suited for traditional cottage garden settings or plant in a meadow where the soil is a little on the dry side and not too rich. Once the petals drop, the blossoms transform into little fairy lanterns and the seed pods can be dried for winter decorations indoors.

Sowing: Sow direct in late Winter to Spring or in Autumn
Seeds are best sown in short drills 0.5cm (¼in) deep directly where they are to flower. Sow thinly, once temperatures reach around 18°C (68°F). They prefer a sunny open site but will grow in most sites and soils.
Prepare the ground well and rake to a fine tilth before sowing. Mark the sowing areas with a ring of light coloured sand and label if sowing more than one annual in the same bed. Sow 1mm (1/8”) deep in rows 30cm (12in) apart.
Seeds germinate in approx 21 days. The seedlings will appear in rows approx 6 to 8 weeks after planting and can be told from nearby weed seedlings quite easily. Thin the seedlings out so they are finally 23cm (9in) apart by early summer. Compost should be kept slightly moist, but not wet at all times.

An early autumn sowing can be made in sheltered areas for earlier flowers the following year. Planted it in the autumn it will send down a taproot and form a rosette of feathery leaves during the winter. As temperatures warm up in Spring, flower stalks shoot up. If it’s a dry spring, give it water and it will grow large and erect. Without water it tends to flop over.

Prefers well drained soil enriched with manure or compost ahead of planting. Can be grown on light sandy soils.
Feeding is rarely needed but water well and apply complete plant food as growth begins in the spring.
Deadhead to prolong flowering. Leave a few plants to die down and self seed. Others can be pulled up and composted

Cut Flowers:
Harvest the stems in the morning after the dew has dried. Cut when the flowers are fully open because buds will not open after cutting. Cut the stems with a sharp knife about 3cm (1in) from the bottom of a main stem, at an angle of about 45 degrees as this provides a larger exposed area for the uptake of water. Remove all the lower foliage that would be submerged in water.
Fill sterilised a bucket with luke warm water and add warm sugar water. Place the flowers in the bucket and leave over night to condition before using in an arrangement.
To dry the pods, cut while the pods are still green and somewhat fresh. Tie the stems into a bundle and hand upside down to dry. You can cut the seed pods in half to display the interesting seed chamber structure.

Plant Uses:
Cottage/Informal Garden, Flower Arranging, Flowers Borders and Beds, Wildflower Gardens or Wildlife Gardens.

The genus Nigella is native to North Africa and southern Europe. It is one of about twenty species in the genus, all of them annual herbs from the Mediterranean region. Several are cultivated in gardens, and one, Nigella sativa, is grown for its aromatic seeds.
Nigella orientalis is native to Western Asia.

The genus name is taken from the feminine of Latin nigellus, a derivative of Latin niger meaning black.
The species name is from the Latin orientalis and means ‘of or from the East’.
The plant’s common name ‘Love-in-a-mist’ comes from the flower being nestled in a ring of multifid, lacy bracts. It’s also called Devil-in-the-Bush. Jack-in-the-green and Lady-in-the-bower. In German, there are comparably poetic names like Jungfer im Grünen (Danish jomfru i det grønne) ‘Maiden in the green’ or Gretchen im Busch ‘Maggie in the bush’.

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blush seeds


With abundant pink-blushed, fragrant flowers, and flower buds that appear on the purple stems in late spring, Deutzia Pink Blush makes a fantastic addition to any garden. Discovered at Plant World as a seedling, the colours of subsequent seedlings invariably come true. With contrasting medium-green foliage, this low-growing mounded shrub is ideal for raised beds and rockeries as it can be pruned and trained to spread sideways.

Sowing Advice

These seeds have already been thoroughly cleaned and cold-stored for several months. They should be sown into well-drained, sandy compost at any time of the year, and covered to their own depth with sand or grit. No artificial heat is needed; the seed tray is best left in a cool spot outside and kept moist. Seeds usually germinate in the spring after a chilling in the cold compost, regardless of when they are sown.

Sea Blush Seeds

Sowing: Direct sow in late fall or early spring, planting just below the surface of the soil. Keep the soil lightly moist until germination, which usually takes place within 7-14 days. This seed can also be started indoors 6-8 weeks before planting in the spring.

Growing: Water seedlings until they become established; this plant develops rather slowly. Mature plants tolerate occasional drought, though they prefer moist soil and will benefit from watering in dry weather. They also grow well in rocky areas, and make an excellent addition to rock gardens. This plant is highly attractive to bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

Harvesting: These blossoms do not perform well as cut flowers, and are best enjoyed outdoors.

Seed Saving: After the flowers fade, the pods will develop; they tend to ripen at different rates. Collect them as soon as they begin to turn dry and brown, but before they drop to the ground. The seeds vary in appearance, since some have “wings” and some do not. Store the seeds in a cool, dry place.


Common Names: Shortspur Sea Blush, Short Spurred Plectritis

Latin Name: Plectritis congesta

Species Origin: US Native Wildflower

Type: Native Wildflowers

Life Cycle: Annual

USDA Zones: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

US Regions: California, Mountain, Arid/Desert, Plains/Texas, Midwest, Northern, Northeast, Southeast

Seeds per Ounce: 28,700

Stratification: No Stratification

Germination Ease: No Stratification

Sunlight: Full Sun, Part Sun

Height: 12 Inches

Color: Pink

Bloom Season: Blooms Late Spring, Blooms Early Summer



Native to the Pacific Northwest, this blushing seaside beauty is a sure sign of spring. The low-growing plant also makes an excellent addition to rock gardens or other small spaces in your garden.

This low, seaside wildflower has been called a sure sign of spring. The ripening seeds of this plant have been a fascinating study for botanists, since their genetic variation results in a variety in the shape of the seeds. The genus name “Plectritis” means “unusual,” while the species name “congesta” refers to the densely structured flower heads.


Sowing: Direct sow in late fall or early spring, planting just below the surface of the soil. Keep the soil lightly moist until germination, which usually takes place within 7-14 days. This seed can also be started indoors 6-8 weeks before planting in the spring.

Growing: Water seedlings until they become established; this plant develops rather slowly. Mature plants tolerate occasional drought, though they prefer moist soil and will benefit from watering in dry weather. They also grow well in rocky areas, and make an excellent addition to rock gardens. This plant is highly attractive to bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

Harvesting: These blossoms do not perform well as cut flowers, and are best enjoyed outdoors.

Seed Saving: After the flowers fade, the pods will develop; they tend to ripen at different rates. Collect them as soon as they begin to turn dry and brown, but before they drop to the ground. The seeds vary in appearance, since some have “wings” and some do not. Store the seeds in a cool, dry place.


Common Names: Shortspur Sea Blush, Short Spurred Plectritis

Latin Name: Plectritis congesta

Species Origin: US Native Wildflower

Type: Native Wildflowers

Life Cycle: Annual

USDA Zones: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

US Regions: California, Mountain, Arid/Desert, Plains/Texas, Midwest, Northern, Northeast, Southeast

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austria cannabis seeds

All You Have to Know About Cannabis in Austria

There have been numerous debates on the legalization of weed in Austria. Austria has complex laws regarding the sale, use, possession, and growth of marijuana in the country. The sale and supply of weed are punishable. However, if it is for personal use, you can use it without any problem. Besides, the citizens are allowed to grow a small number of plants for their recreational use.

If you are looking to enjoy the herb while in beautiful Austria, be sure to continue reading to stay on the safe side.

Table of Contents

Cannabis Laws in Austria

Marijuana laws in Austria are dictated by the narcotic substance act, which was put in place in 1999. However, since the year 2016, marijuana has been decriminalized, and you can use a minimum of 20 grams. If you are found in possession of any other drug, you could be put into prison, charged fines, or both.

There are alternative solutions to a person who is found to have an amount that exceeds personal use. Some authorities will send the offenders direct to health facilities, and you should finish your term in the health facility before you are released.

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However, if someone is caught with an amount that exceeds personal use, they often think that they have any intention of selling them; hence they are sent to prison. The laws in the country are there to guide people on how to handle different issues regarding the trafficking of drugs and their use.

Selling of Cannabis in Austria

It is important to note that the supply and sale of marijuana is a severe offense, and it is punishable by imprisonment and fines. An individual who is found to own marijuana above the recommended amount of personal use is sent to prison for five years. Large quantities are often measured to be over 20 grams of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Can You Grow?

Austria has come a long way in terms of the laws that govern the growth and sale of marijuana. In 2008, they amended their narcotic acts to be in tandem with European Union legislation. The amended law indicates that it is permitted to grow marijuana to extract active substances used for medicinal purposes.

This new legislation meant that people could grow hemp that contained a maximum of 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol. However, the plants can be produced only to the level of flowering because, at this time, the levels of THC are still low.

The growth of marijuana in the country has increased since the amendment of the law was passed, and there is a surge in the growth of marijuana across the country. However, this law does not define the emergence of seed heads, or flowers are evidence of intent to manufacture weed for sale. In addition, the law indicated that it is prohibited for people to harvest plants that have clearly formed heads and flowers because it represents the production of an addictive substance. Addictive substances are not allowed under the law.

The Legality of Weed in Austria

There is so much uncertainty in Austria about the CBD laws that have been enacted or the laws that are in place. The current government revised the rules, and this made it different from that of the European Union. However, it is still sold as an aromatherapeutic product.

There is a grey area in the law on the production, sale, and use of marijuana. However, it is integral that you check out the current regulations to avoid any problems with the law in the country.

Medical Cannabis Status

It is imperative to note that you can buy marijuana seeds in Austria, and you can grow them as long as it is for personal use only. The bill that was passed allowed the cultivation of marijuana for medical and research purposes. However, it is essential to note that they are controlled by the ministry of health. The supply of drugs that have cannabis in them is only prescribed by a medical practitioner certified by the government.

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Industrial hemp production began in 1995 in Austria. The country is seen to be progressive in terms of the legislation that includes the plants that do not have more than 0.3 % of tetrahydrocannabinol. As a result, the hemp industry is growing, and there is a place called Hanfthal, which is the hemp valley in Austria. In this region, there are over 70 hectares of hemp, and there is a museum where you can learn more about the growth of marijuana.

Marijuana Cloning

Under the current situation, marijuana can be grown in Austria and as long as it is not for narcotics purposes. Growers in the country are permitted to grow marijuana in hundreds, which will depend on growing the marijuana. THC content should be so low so that it does not cause addiction.

Addictive substances are banned under the law in Austria. There are over three hundred thousand clone plants that are sold in the country annually. The high number of plants grown in Austria has made the country a top destination where cannabis is grown on a large scale.

There are local and international buyers in Austria and the neighbors such as Austria and Germany, where the sale of seedlings is illegal the residents of these countries go to Austria to get their seedlings. There are areas in the country that you will be prosecuted if you are found growing on a large scale.

How Do Austrians View Marijuana Production?

A majority of Austrians do not have a problem with the growth and sale of marijuana as long as it is only for recreational purposes. Some numerous meetings and conferences occur annually to increase an understanding of weed and its benefits.

There is a major call by people in the country to have laws that will prevent any sort of addiction to cannabis, and the legislation has been tightened to govern the use of this compound. Weed is prevalent among the younger Austrian population, and you should check out their view on everything.

Weed News & Events in Austria

Austria is a dynamic country, and multiple events are held annually to celebrate the growth of marijuana. Some of the events held in Austria include Wiener Hanfmesse, an expo that showcases the people in the cannabis industry, growth, and the most innovative ways of producing weed.

The event is usually held in April each year. Another major event is Cultiva Hanfmesse, an event that majorly focuses on the function of cannabis in the medical world. This event also includes an expo that incorporates the sale of cannabis-related products coupled with music.

What is the Future of Weed in Austria?

There is a progressive movement in Europe where marijuana has been incorporated into modern medicine and research. There is always a swing between the locals and the government on marijuana and depending on the government that is in place. The progressive wants laws that govern weed to be relaxed and protect the people and does not lead to addiction. Austria has complicated rules and regulations about cannabis, and you should ensure that you are aware of these laws before consuming weed.

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The Austrian government considers drug addiction as a disease, and therefore the laws on marijuana cultivation should be regulated, and the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol should be limited. The laws in Austria usually distinguish the types of offenders, and some criminal offenders want to profit while endangering the life of the public. These are liable to 5 years in prison.

On the other hand, some offenders are carrying a small amount for their own consumption. These are usually sent to health facilities if they exceed the minimum amount by a few grams. The law is specific on the amount of marijuana that someone must have, the intent of selling is where the problem comes in.

However, if it is for personal use, you can have at least 60 grams. Recreational use of weed is illegal in Austria. However, if you use it for personal use, then the law is a bit lenient. Anything below 20 grams is treated as for personal use; hence you should not be in possession of over 20 grams of the compound.

In conclusion, if you are traveling to Austria for vacation, you should have all the essential information about the laws regarding weed. When you are aware of your situation, you can handle yourself more carefully and avoid brushing with the law.

Austria cannabis seeds

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bubba fresh seeds

Bubba Fresh

Here you can find all info about Bubba Fresh from NorStar Genetics. If you are searching for information about Bubba Fresh from NorStar Genetics, check out our Basic Infos, Shop-Finder and Price Comparison or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

Bubba Fresh is a mostly indica variety from NorStar Genetics and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±59 days ) and outdoors . NorStar Genetics’ Bubba Fresh is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

NorStar Genetics’ Bubba Fresh Description

A fresh Take on the Pre ’98 Bubba Kush. The sweet soft Banana OG and spicy chocolaty Bubba make a wonderful mocha latte in your pipe! The Bubba dominate growth structure and abundant trichome production make for a hash monster, that will provide great pain relief, or that needed nightcap to help you fall asleep. The dreamy buzz and tasty smoke will have you packing up a second.

Genetics: Pre ’98 Bubba Kush (Abusive) x Banana OG (65% Indica)
Yield: Above Average
Flowering time indoor: 56-62 days
Harvesting outdoors: September – October

Where to buy Bubba Fresh cannabis seeds?

Bubba Fresh from NorStar Genetics is available only as regular seeds. Feminized seeds are not available at the moment. In 2 seedbanks, we found 3 offers between EUR 47.43 for 5 regular seeds and EUR 94.86 for 10 regular seeds. If you are looking to buy Bubba Fresh Cannabis Seeds from NorStar Genetics somewhere – have a look to our Bubba Fresh Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops – or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current Bubba Fresh offers: Seedsman and Cannapot Hanfshop.

Bubba Fresh seeds

Buy Bubba Fresh seeds online with Seedsbay. Here you will find detailed information on the Bubba Fresh cannabis seeds, from specifications and reviews to flavors and effects. We have listed every seedshop where you can buy Bubba Fresh seeds along their offers. Compare prices on Bubba Fresh seeds and get the best deal for yourself!

Buy Bubba Fresh seeds

Buy Bubba Fresh seeds

Bubba Fresh specifications

Read the Bubba Fresh seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Bubba Fresh seeds.

Variety 70% Indica and 30% Sativa
THC Level Low
CBD Level Low

About Bubba Fresh seeds

Bubba Fresh is a typical hybrid strain with low THC levels. This seeds will grow a plant with low CBD levels. Bubba Fresh has similarities with Banana OG and Pre-98 Bubba Kush where the plant is 30 percent sativa and 70 percent indica. Grow Bubba Fresh seeds and get a fine marijuana plant with generous crops. Grow Bubba Fresh seeds into a nice and bushy marijuana plant, the Bubba Fresh has an average flowering time.

The Bubba Fresh has a Citrus, Earthy, Pine and Coffee taste and the bubba fresh has a creative, sleepy, uplifted, aroused and tingly effects. Order your Bubba Fresh seeds online at one of the 13 seedshops, find the offer that suits you and get your Bubba Fresh seeds at the best price.

Bubba Fresh flavors

Is it good to know what the flavor of Bubba Fresh is before you buy Bubba Fresh seeds online. It said Bubba Fresh tastes mostly like:

  • Citrus
  • Earthy
  • Pine
  • Coffee

Bubba Fresh effects

You want to buy Bubba Fresh seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the Bubba Fresh strain. Bubba Fresh is known for the following effects:

  • Creative
  • Sleepy
  • Uplifted
  • Aroused
  • Tingly

Where to buy Bubba Fresh seeds

We have listed all seedshops where you can buy Bubba Fresh cannabis seeds. Compare prices and offers before you buy Bubba Fresh seeds and get yourself the best deal available.

Bubba fresh seeds

At the Cannapot Hempshop you can order a lot of different types of cannabisseeds from worlds finest breeders. You can find feminized seeds, regular cannabisseeds, automatic seeds and we also offer a nice selection of fine medical CBD seeds with a lot of cannabidiol. We have the finest seedbanks from all over the world, we list over 165 different seedbanks with incredible good genetics. You can buy marijuana seeds legal without creating an account – if you have an account you only need to do it once, all data is saved temporarily and the specifications of your account are secured by SSL – it is highly encrypted. If you need more genetics you can have a look at myCannapot myCannapot is our special auctionsystem where you can find real rare seeds, some bargains and a lot of very interesting cannabisstrains. All the weedseeds come directly from the breeder so have a look and maybe you are lucky to get some real nice stuff.

Shipping and returns
All costs, the shipping and handling, as well as the costs of the moneytransaction and the customs duty, pay our customers.

All goods will be delivered with the Austrian Post – if the amount is higher than EUR 100,– we will send the order always insured. If the amount is under EUR 100,– we send it regular but you have an option at the orderprocess where you can choose an insured delivery – this service costs EUR 3,10 extra. If you wish a Stealth-Delivery you can also choose this during the orderprocess – for this service we charge you EUR 10,– extra. Stealth-Delivery means that we repack your seeds from the original breederspacks into other very discreet packages.
Orders of EUR 150,– (€) or more we do not charge any shipping or handling fees. For return delivery and rejected delivery we have to charge you 10 % of the total amount!