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Guerrilla grow Ireland

  • Thread starter GuerrillaIreland
  • Start date Feb 24, 2014
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You shoule make your way to the Introduction section for new members and introduce yourself. We can all get to know you better, and you can p ost a link to your thread/grow here.

There are many Dutch Passion People here on this site. I am sure they can direct you to the information you need. Autoflower’s were made for growing in places just like yours, and then peeps made them good in other places as well. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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Howaya, what’s the story horse?

Autoflowering outdoors in Ireland, awesome idea. Coming up to Spring and Summer now is the time to do it. My advice, when we would do outdoor grows (back in another un-named country I used to live in hehe) we would always grow in four separate plots. One plot for the bugs, one plot for the rippers, one plot for the pigs and one remaining plot which hopefully survived all those typical outdoor pot plant killers is left for you. 😉

Let us know how it goes will ya? Couple of photos and a report on the success would be awesome. I’ve always wondered about how successful outdoors growing would be in our green, wet and not so sunny country would be like.

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good luck Ireland. All of our auto’s are grown outdoors, and if you look on our website and click on the varieties you will see plenty of grow diaries by customers. To read these you need to click the ‘more info’ tab in the centre of each page.

Plenty of people do auto’s in greenhouses as well.

Many outdoor growers tend to start the auto’s indoors for the first 2-3 weeks. Then they plant the auto’s outdoors usually around mid-May and hope for some sunny weather for the following 2 months. The main issue for you could be cold weather, a spell of cold weather can easily slow down an outdoor auto by a few weeks. Another non-auto option for you would be Frisian Dew, that would finish around the start of October. If you read the Dutch Passion blog on Friday you will see an epic Frisian Dew grow. Good luck

Growing madake / moso bamboo from seeds in Ireland

Not sure why exactly but the prices for bamboo went up in the last 1-2 years. I know this happened with the timber / wood, maybe bamboo falls under this category. Anyway I was interested in growing bamboo myself – after all, Japanese bamboo (madake) is harvestable for yumi making at 3 to 5 years age. That is acceptable waiting time, but I’m pretty sure the the conditions / climate in Ireland that are different to Japan may have an influence on what size can the bamboo grow in this time. The only way to find out is to try.

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I bought two bags of seeds from China 2 years ago. For a year and a half I tried to grow them with 0 success (out of 200 seeds not one germinated). Seeds bought on eBay came with no instructions, internet offers many different approaches to growing bamboo from seeds. I checked with Irish plant growers / botanical gardens but with not much success. Madake / moso is a huge, fast growing bamboo that would have little application in home gardens – bamboo plants are used mosty as a pot plant, or to make live fence, so smaller / denser species are preferred. Maybe you grow madake differently?

What I tried that didn’t work:

I guess to simulate winter changing to spring, few online guides advised to keep the seeds in a freezer for a week + before germinating. I tried this for 1 week, and then I forgot about the rest of the seeds so they were sitting there for 2 months – results were the same (no plants).

All guides have the common step of soaking seeds in water for a day or two.

Some guides also suggest treating the seeds with salty water for 15mins before soaking (not sure what this do but I tried anyway).

After soaking for 2 days some of the seeds sank to the bottom of the glass; apparently these were the good seeds – the rest, swimming under the surface, were not going to germinate. Ratio of good/bad seeds in my case was 10/90 (most of them didn’t hit the bottom).

I then planted the seeds in the sandy-ish soil and watered it often, nothing came out after over a year at this point.

In March this year I bought a new batch of seeds, because they were named “madake” on the eBay auction, and were shipped from Italy (so I could have some conversations / get advise from the seller); also the seller had other auctions with live plants so I thought that they know what they’re doing. The seeds arrived withing few weeks and this time they had instructions included (albeit in Italian) about growing them. There were few different steps that I had not tried before; results at this day are promising so I will lay them down below.

  1. Wash and soak the seeds, keep in water for up to 2 days, change the water every 6-8 hours. (no freezing)
  2. Treat against funghi with salted water for 15mins.
  3. Peel the seeds from the husks. New step – before I planted the whole seeds with husks. Not sure how in natural environment that would be an obstacle – no one is peeling them in the wild?
  4. Sow seeds on a damp paper towel in a container wrapped with foil to create a green house. Keep the box at 25 degrees plus, water as needed to keep wet. This was a new step for sure, and I could observe the seeds / pick the ones that are actually germinating / live.
  5. When leaves begin to grow, plant them in sandy soil, one plant per pot.
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Some photos below, taken at different steps:

Seeds after soaking and peeling the husk – from left: peeled seed, empty husk, un-peeled seed Seeds on wet paper towels in a box – right after soaking for 2 days / peeling husks. Beginning of germination Few days later Ready for planting in soil – root (white) and leaves (green) are out. Not all seeds germinate at the same rate – seed on the right is either dead or slow. Some seeds rot Right after planting in soil and watering After few days in the soil

Ratio of good/bad seeds for this batch / method is much higher – 2 weeks after putting them on the wet towels, out of 37 seeds I planted 9, further 12 had germinated already, and 5 rot. 11 remaining seeds look ready but nothing happens to them. To be honest that is much more than I was hoping for, I ran out of pots already, but at least it worked.

I will try to keep them in green house for as long as possible, they seem to like it better that outdoors. I’ll update this post periodically to show the growth.

Conclusion – it is possible to germinate madake from seeds in Ireland.

Pictures above were taken on 06JUN2021. Pictures below were taken 5 days later (11JUN2021):

Another 5 days later (16JUN2021):

I keep these plants indoors, on the windowsill so they get a lot of sunlight and the temperature is in high 20’s; they seem to be growing fast (

1cm per day) – also faster than the plants that I keep outside in the balcony. Day time conditions are probably similar but during the night temperature outside can fall below 10 degrees Celcius while it stays above 20 indoors.

Once the plants get big indoors I will move them out but it may be too cold for them to keep growing at the indoors rate. What I think this will do to the bamboo is the distance between the nodes may be too short for yumi making, and it will take longer to reach the required diameter / length. Also it would be interesting to see if the plants survive winter – which in Ireland means 10-13 degrees during day and rather limited sunlight (9AM to 3PM) for few months. Not the most extreme conditions, but also the summer is not much different (16-21 degrees with much longer day time, 5AM to 10PM). I may need to find a greenhouse for them eventually.

Update 26 June 2021

There seem to be a distinct difference showing up between the indoor vs. outdoor plants growth rate – indoor plants are twice the size and grow quickly, while the outdoor are still small. Also the outdoor have leaves that dry on the ends – but the indoors are all nice and intact. The white mould is present in the indoor plants, the outdoor have a green moss developing.

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The difference between indoors and outdoors conditions – it is probably down to the night time temperatures, as during the day the balcony door are always open and the temperature is the same. At night temperature outside can go below 10 degrees, while indoor it is always around 18+. In terms of amount of sun, the outdoor plants get more sunshine during the day – probably from 6AM to 8PM. Indoor plants get sunshine from 6AM to 1-2PM (then the sun moves past the window).

Worth noting are the indoor plants furthest away from the window – they do grow slower than the rest, I think they are not getting as much sun and may be blocked by the other pots, in result they are smallest from the pack.

Conclusion as per before – in Irish climate the bamboo will not grow as fast / tall as in warmer climate; I think it has more to do with the night time temperature than the amount of sun. Some photos below:

  • indoor plants:
  • outdoor plants:

Update 11 July 2021

The difference between indor and outdoor keeps growing, the indoor plants are now 3 times taller than outdoors.

In addition to more leaves, longer sections (distance betwen nodes / joints / knees), the indoor plants also sprang additional culms that are developing into new plants. Outdoor plants are not doing too well.

  • indoor plants:
  • indoor plants – culms and new plants (from the same seed):
  • outdoor plants:

14SEP21: for the plants on the window, close to the glass, a third sprout has grown. Each new sprout is thicker and stronger than the previous – the first sprouts are very thin, the third are much thicker and grow much faster.
They’re about 30cm tall now (the ones that are growing well; others are 15-20cm tall).

Some photos below:

Plants on the same window but further from the glass are growing slower and have yellowish leaves. Plants outside on the balcony are dwarfs and are barely growing now, also have some dark brown spots on the leaves – maybe a disease? We’ll see how they make it through the autumn / winter.

Very warm and sunny autumn in Ireland this year, plants on the window were growing fine but got crowded and the weaker ones died:

Some developed white mould: Post-mortem shows well developed roots:

The remaining plants are growing nicely but are reaching the glass and not elongating, so it is time to move them to a new place to keep them growing straight up. Plenty of leaves, and new shoots are popping up:

The outdoors group is not doing well, but at least they are still alive. Grass and garlic are overgrowing them quickly: Either exposure to harsh Irish sun (sic!) or constant wind, or lack of obstacles is slowing down the growth compared to indoor group. Long term these may be better suited for permanent planting outdoors but now they are barely hanging.