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Canadian outdoor cannabis grow

Dutch Passion Frisian Dew, Blueberry and Hollands Hope

This weeks blog a Canadian outdoor cannabis grow from ‘Greenskell’ who grew some massive outdoor plants during the summer of 2015. Its one of the most impressive outdoor Canadian grows that we have seen for some time with several kilograms of buds from his harvest. The original grow diary is courtesy of

Greenskell brings years of expertise to his grows, his techniques of soil preparation and plant cultivation are all summarised in detail on If you are a serious outdoor grower we recommend you take the time to study the detailed guide. All the plants have 10 foot X 10 foot (3m x 3m) area, the soil is thoroughly dug over and 2-3 wheelbarrows of well rotted horse manure are added to help vegetive growth.

Nutrients (12 litres every 3 days) are from Advanced Nutrients: Bloom, Bud Candy, Big Bud for bloom phase. These superb plants do not grow so large by accident, they were given the best conditions possible.

Canadian Outdoor cannabis grow: Blueberry

Dutch Passion Blueberry is often regarded as an indoor variety, but outdoors in good conditions Blueberry can produce huge yields.

Frisian Dew and Hollands Hope are established outdoor varieties, Frisian Dew has a reputation as one of the hardiest outdoor varieties available for growers in borderline climates. Here are Greenskells comments on each variety

Frisian Dew

“This years Frisian Dew is a nice pine flavoured smoke. Mid strength body and headstone, one average sized joint will do the job for sure. This plant was harvested on Sept 20 which was perfect timing.”

“Trimming was excellent, with very dense buds. Plant had some mold, but only lost 1/2oz or so total. Total harvest was 3.25 pounds (1.4 Kg).”


“This years blueberry is tremendous smoke. Very strong indica buzz with a nice blueberry perfume flavour. This was the largest Blueberry I’ve ever grown for sure and her yield reflected that. Dried harvest was 5lbs 10oz (2.5Kg) and another 2lbs of under formed bud (0.9 Kg).”

“She did have some hermaphroditic qualities and I pulled around 30 male flowers by the end of her life. Very minimal mold, just a couple of very minor spots.”

Holland’s Hope

“There was a nice crystal count on this lemon pine flavoured smoke. Both myself and a friend think its quite a powerful indica buzz. This plant was harvested mid October(16th). The buds were fairly large but the amount of trimming was very time consuming, due to buds not being firm in density. Still she weighed 3lbs 2oz (1.3Kg).”

“Excellent mold resistant quality. Every other plant in my garden had some mold but there was nothing on the Hollands Hope.”

Photographs & good grow conditions

The photographs show how large an outdoor plant can grow in good conditions, the best cannabis genetics can allow plants to reach 3-4 metres high and they will grow just as wide. During this remarkable growth the cannabis plant will create a large root network which is essential to bring the nutrients required to allow the cannabis plant to reach such massive proportions.

The soil is key

Preparing the soil is absolutely key to growing monster photoperiod plants outdoors. Greenskell put a huge amount of work into each 3m x 3m plant area, the soil was dug over to improve soil structure and aeration levels.

Horse manure was dug into each plot and the plants were regularly watered and provided with extra nutrition from start to finish. The hard work paid off, and several Kilograms of buds were harvested from a small number of plants.

Costs of the grow

The main costs of the grow will have been the nutrients, there were no energy costs (sunlight is free) and the costs of 3 outdoor Dutch Passion seeds is around €20/$20. Producing your own medical or recreational cannabis is nether complicated nor expensive, if you can provide good conditions for the plants and don’t mind some initial digging then nature will take care of the rest.

Seedbank / strain recommendations for south Ontario outdoor grow

What are you recommendations for a seedbank / strains for outdoor growing in the GTA? Preferably a mould resistant / early flowering plant. I think a hybrid would be ideal but we're not picky.

Super excited for spring! Thanks and be safe!

I’ve become an advocate of autos for outdoors in Canada. Heck, ruderalis (where the auto trait comes from) IS a northern cultivar and developed that trait to be flowered and finished before the cold and snow set in. Autos now are not like the past. You can get some BIG autos these days that produce quite well.

All my outdoor autos outperformed my neighbour’s photos this year and that difference was even more stark because he had to toss about half his harvest due to rot after a rain storm. I pulled over a pound (dried) from 3 plants. They were not small by any means. I trained them low to reduce visibility but they got really wide with massive colas that basically ran to the bottom of each branch. Impressed the shit out of me.

This year was probably the lowest stress grow with the autos as I was done, dried and curing before the weather went to shit. In Vancouver it’s always a race to get them to finish before it gets cold and wet.

Do heavily consider autos and give them a try. I personally grow Dinafem and Mephisto, so I can give my stamp of approval there. Next on my list is Mandalorian Genetic as he breeds his autos for cold/wet hardiness.

For photos though, look at Jordan of the Islands. Again, he’s a breeder that really does a good job with cold/wet resistant strains. My buddy grows the Texada Timewarp from JOTI outdoors up north and gets absolutely crazy results each year.

48North Successfully Completes Planting at Its 100-acre Outdoor Organic Cultivation Facility, Good:Farm

TORONTO, July 12, 2019 /CNW/ – 48North Cannabis Corp. (“48North” or “the Company”) (TSXV: NRTH) is pleased to announce that it is has completed the planting of its first outdoor cannabis crop at its Good:Farm, Canada’s largest outdoor organic cannabis cultivation facility (3.7 million sq. ft. of cultivation space) in Brant County, Ont.

48North has successfully planted more than 250,000 cannabis seeds at Good:Farm. At the farm, 48North has planted 10 unique cultivars proven to be successfully grown outdoors; both high-THC and high-CBD strains were selected for planting. The Company expects two harvests annually at the Good:Farm. The first harvest is planned for late-August and will be exclusively the Company’s auto-flowering strains; the second harvest, of photoperiod plants is planned for mid-October.

Good:Farm, Canada’s first and largest outdoor organic cannabis facility, has the potential capacity to yield more than 40,000 kg of dried cannabis, at what 48North expects to be the lowest cost per gram in the country.

Planting nearly 100 acres of organic cannabis outdoors was a significant accomplishment for the organization, relying on both established agricultural practices and innovative cannabis production techniques. Our team of expert farmers and growers ensured this ground-breaking task was a success.

Jeannette VanderMarel, co-CEO of 48North

48North has signed supply agreements for cannabis from its Good:Farm and other licensed production facilities, including:

  • An historic outdoor cannabis agreement with the Société Québécoise du cannabis for 1,200 kg of dried cannabis;
  • A supply agreement with the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis agency for 2,460 kg of dried cannabis; and
  • A supply agreement with the Ontario Cannabis Store for 1,200 kg of dried cannabis.

To bring Canadians along on this journey, 48North is hosting a bi-weekly web series on Good:Farm. “See the Good” focuses on the challenges, opportunities and lessons learned on the path cannabis takes from seed to sale.

Good:Farm has a number of strategic advantages, including ultra-low-cost cannabis as well as environment-friendly and energy-efficient production. In addition, the farm’s production will help address the current national shortage of recreational cannabis.