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original amnesia cannabis seeds

Original Amnesia – Dinafem

Dinafem presents Original Amnesia, the first available feminised version of this cannabis classic and icon of Amsterdam, created by the original breeder of Amnesia.

Amnesia is a sativa-dominant hybrid made in Holland, comprised of, amongst others, the famous Haze and Northern Lights genetics. Since it first appeared on the cannabis scene, it has made a huge impact on growers and smokers alike, becoming one of the most awarded varieties in the world of cannabis cups, and without a doubt one of the biggest selling varieties in the Netherlands’ coffee shops.

Original Amnesia grows quickly with the vigour of a Sativa during the vegetative cycle, but once flowering is initiated, the speed and size of bud production is much more like an Indica, with huge, dense and sticky colas. Plants don’t grow too tall, making it perfectly adapted to indoor growing, particularly in SOG (Sea of Green) systems. It also performs really well outdoors and in greenhouses, where it’s resistance to pests and diseases means a trouble-free harvest. Yields can be spectacular, reaching up to 1500g per plant!

The aromas and tastes produced by Original Amnesia are intense, and sweeter than most Haze hybrids, with predominantly lemon, incense, cedarwood and spice flavours. The effect when consumed is very powerful, initially cerebral, euphoric and uplifting, developing into a more relaxed, hypnotic state, it’s so strong that we recommend to consume with caution!

Thanks to its high production, this strain has become a favourite for Sativa growers. To achieve the best flavour, we advise growing in soil with organic fertilisers, but for reaching the maximum yield, we recommend growing it in hydroponic setups with high EC levels and with a powerful lighting system (minimum 600w per m², ideally 800-100w per m²).

Original amnesia cannabis seeds

Original Amnesia cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized, Sativa-dominant cannabis strain obtained by crossing two Original Amnesia. It is a first-class Sativa that flowers in record time.

Considered the queen of Dutch coffee shops, Original Amnesia owes its success to its unique flavour and aroma and its attractive yields. It is an easy-to-grow, medium-sized/big marijuana plant that grows vigorously and fast, yielding hard, compact buds soaked in resin. Moreover, it cops well with mould and pests.

Original Amnesia is a feminized cannabis seed that provides good results indoors with a short growth, particularly in a SOG system. Outdoors it responds best to temperate/Mediterranean climates and to the greenhouse. Do not overfeed the plant as doing so could alter its superb flavour.

The flavour and aroma of Original Amnesia are pronounced, with hints of lemon, Haze, incense, cedar and spices. The effect is powerful, cerebral, euphoric and uplifting at first, evolving then into a narcotic stone. A great cannabis strain to share with your friends.

2nd prize best Sativa at Cannazores Cup 2016.

Characteristics of Original Amnesia cannabis seeds

Suitable for indoors and outdoors
Sex: feminized
Genotype: 70% Sativa /30% Indica
Cross: Original Amnesia x Original Amnesia
Indoor flowering period: 65 days
Outdoor harvest time: mid/late October
Indoor yield: 600 g/m2
Oudoor yield: 1200 g/plant
Outdoor height: around 3.5 m
THC: high (up to 18 %)
CBD: low