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oregon pinot noir seeds


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Pinot Noir

Pure Hawaiian Purple Kush mixed with Pit Bull. Get that full on grape taste and huge bush growth in much less time. More crystal and a slight bit more skunk. Now grow that favorite blast from the past in a much shorter time. Acclimated for the North West. Huge producer. Grows extremely well outdoors. Pure Grape.

  • Strain Name: Oregon Pinot Noir
  • Description: Fast, Fruity, Vine Like Grape acclimated for the North West.
  • Category: Sativa
  • Days of Flowering: 38
  • Yield: 5-7 ounces indoor, 8-10 lbs outdoor
  • Potency (THC): 28%
  • Mature Height: 3-6 feet indoor, 8-10 feet outdoor. Takes up alot of space.
  • Type of high: Gives you energy at first and then turns into a relaxing sleepy high
  • Plant Type: Very vine like and bendable will take over your space
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Does great with both
  • Taste/Smell: Grape flavor with a skunk smell
  • Mother: Hawaiian Purple Kush
  • Father: Pit Bull

Background Information:

Oregon Pinot Noir

  • Mother: Hawaiian Purple Kush Classic clone from the Islands
  • Composition: Mother: Panama Red; Father: Columbian Gold 1972
  • Geographical Origin: Hawaii
  • Father: Pit Bull
  • Composition: Mother P-91; Father Sugar Plum
  • Geographical Origin: Oregon, 2004.

Born on our award winning Pinot Noir vineyard in Willamette Valley, this was razed outdoors alongside our grapes. This is our biggest production plant. It will produce over 5 ounces indoors. Made In Oregon

Performs well Indoors and Out in Soil. P1 Parents and original genetics work was done outdoors in our vineyard, alongside our award winning Pinot Noir grapes. Outdoors it is very durable and bred for a fast finish for the early Northern Oregon rainy seasons. This strain is acclimated for the North West. The plant is exceptionally fast for a sativa.

Grows into a giant bushy, sprawling plant. It grows as a creeper, able to bend and stretches like a vine. Able to stand on its own and grows abundant arms. Every branch throws many colas. Branches a lot with long creeping vine like branches. Nodes are close. Colas are abundant.

Bright white long haired, long bud, typical for Hawaiian, but jumps right into action in a week. Full on tropical grape color and flavor finish. Extreme producer. All our strains are bred for speed while maintaining traits and improving quality. Oregon Pinot Noir has a lot of lovely purple tones and a spider-plant form that is ideal for raised beds or container gardening

Here is another area that the OPN excels. It is very fast, with the Berkeley genes to take it to finish in a quick 42 days of blooming. We grow our entire cycle from start to finish in 9 weeks indoors. We loved the Hawaiian’s flavor and structure, but in our climate it was difficult to harvest because we get rains and fog in early October. Purples are beautiful, but they generally need a minimum of 8 weeks of flower to begin to ripen and we just don’t have that much growing season. Crossing the Pit Bull on the Hawaiian cut 2 weeks off of that and acclimatized it to our cooler climate. It takes an average of about 6 weeks here in the North West.

38 days average. Indoors OPN finishes at about 38 days. I would not keep her in bloom more than about 45 days.

OPN is an amazingly versatile plant. We have had 15 foot tall plants growing outdoors. Indoors in our mix it usually goes into the bloom room at about 4 to 5 feet tall (after 4 weeks) and comes out about 6 to 7 feet. This plant is perfect for shaping to low profiles, blending in with surrounding scenery or growing on lattice. The Tropical Grape of Cannabis, every good summer home should have a deck covered with this.

This is our biggest producer. We easily get between 4-5 ounces per plant indoors using our all organic methods. Outdoors we have seen a several pound average. She is designed for the outdoors. She is not really intended for indoors, but yielded well nonetheless. She’ll throw several pounds outdoors in a large container or raised bed.

A couple of patients have reported aphrodisiac effects from OPN.

As this plant moves through its growth phases to ripeness, what does it look like?

The buds start out mostly all hair and develop into dense purple golf-balls running up the stems. Stems start with a faint purple tint that increases as the plant ages to a deep purple.The leaves are thin and bright green at the beginning and fade to purple as the plant develops. The stem of each leaf is dark purple from the beginning. Average of 9 leaflets on each leaf.OPN is not a Christmas tree. More like a Spider plant. Ideal for SCROG. This plant is wider than it is tall, with bottom branches that hang low.

This variety was bred among the grapes of one of the most respected Pinot Noir vineyards in Oregon. It gets its name from both where it was bred as well as the purple color of its stems and buds and the sophisticated grape flavor.

The thing that really stood out about this variety was the incredibly wide space that it takes up. Even the males are huge sprawling monsters with multiple colas of flowers. OPN was key in a breeding project we did for one of our testers in Southern Oregon who requested a custom project for his vineyard garden. He had a red haired strain called “Scarlet” and he wanted something special done with her. Crossing OPN on her made for a huge sprawling bush that we called “Crimson” with that grape flavor so appropriate for the vineyard.

Perfect for winding down after work. I liked it for heavy garden work though, because it had legs and I didn’t have to keep stopping to smoke. Not really for wake-n-bake.

Medical Information

This is a strong medication for back pain. It has a great grape flavor and works on nausea, so it’s good for after Chemo. This medication has a weird type of high; it has a creeper long lasting effect.