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ordering cannabis seeds online safe

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Dispensaries grow shops and coffee shops are common places to purchase Cannabis and its seeds in countries where it is legal. Unfortunately, many countries like Australia and some states in the United States are still secret.

The good news is that seed banks can help you cross this line of limitations. Seeds are available for purchase, and they can be mailed to you even if you live abroad. With this scenario, seed banks have created their websites to check out their items from all over the world.

Is It Safe to Buy Seeds Online?

When you buy Marijuana seeds from a seed bank, this question will pop into your head. You’re worried about various things, including obtaining defective seeds, receiving terrible customer service, receiving little or no guarantee, and falling victim to fraud.

Here are a few pointers.

1. Understanding Your Country’s Legislation

You may be aware that some countries let customers get a limited number of Cannabis seeds. This does not imply that purchasing and germinating these seeds is legal in your country.

It is best to investigate the legality of this topic in your nation. Learn about the requirements for importing these seeds. On the other hand, Seed banks have methods for concealing shipment and delivery.

2. Selecting a Trustworthy Seed Bank

There are respectable seed banks such as Seed Supreme. Consumer familiarity is a sign of a reliable cannabis seed bank. A seed bank with a long operation history is also a reliable source. You will get the greatest seeds.

3. Don’t spend a lot of money rashly.

It’s something newcomers should think about. Place a small order first to be safe and verify the seed’s legitimacy. It won’t apply if you’ve previously been pleased with the products you’ve purchased from a specific seed bank.

4. Order Division

When you need to buy many seeds, you must divide your order. You may place multiple orders, but they must be placed at different times. Another option is to purchase a limited amount from various seed banks.

5. Using a Secure and Secret Payment Method

You do not want your marijuana purchase to appear in your account’s transaction summary. Seed banks are well aware of this risk. As a result, they would require their consumers to pay in cash, Bitcoins, bank transfer, or through an external payment processor.

Using a third-party payment processor has advantages. The seed bank does not require your credit card information, and the processor deletes your information once the payment is processed. If you are still uncomfortable with this procedure, you can try another one.

6. Choosing a Name

It is possible to place and receive orders without providing your full name. There will be no proof to track and trace the buyer, and you will not need to go to the post office to claim your package.

Add an initial or an nickname to your postal address. When delivered to you, there is no need to sign on some records because they will fit in your mailbox.

7. An Additional Email Address

Creating a new email address for your online account on a seed bank’s website won’t take much effort. You can use an ad that has nothing to do with you.

8. Mail your order to a P.O. box.

Many seed banks can easily deliver orders to a P.O. Box.

9. Using an Alternate Address

You can also request that your order be delivered to a friend or family member’s home.

10. Shipping Without a Signature

Registered mail does not need your signature. You can avoid track and trace, but you won’t be able to track where your delivery has gone.

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing Cannabis Seeds from a Seed Bank

If you’ve decided which seed bank you’ll buy seeds from and you’re familiar with the process, you must carefully consider the crucial variables that you must be aware of.

A Comparison of Different Seed Types: Regular, Feminized, and Auto-flowering

  • Regular Seeds

A normal seed pack contains a mix of men and females. These seeds have not been backcrossed or inbred in the same way that feminized and auto-flowering seeds have.

You simply need to separate them based on gender during the blossoming stage. Males will only fertilize females, and seeds will emerge rather than buds.

  • Feminized Seeds

All-female plants are guaranteed with these seeds. It saves you time and effort when determining the gender. It’s important to remember that a single male can pollinate the female population. All you have to do is plant feminized seeds in soil or growing media and wait for them to sprout.

Due to the lack of a male plant, these seeds are not appropriate for breeding.

  • Autoflowering Plants

The change from vegetative to flowering occurs due to the plant’s age, not the light cycle. After two and a half to three months, the buds are ready for harvest. Its plant’s drawback is that its output is less potent, but it may be finished quickly.

The Price of Cannabis Seeds

Feminized and auto-flowering seeds are more expensive since they require more production. They would need a short period to grow.

The number of seeds to purchase

Even if you have high-quality seeds, there will always be a percentage of them that do not germinate. Expect around a quarter of them to not sprout.

If you’re growing standard seeds and want six Cannabis plants, you can plant four times as many as you need, for a total of 24 seeds. Some will not grow, while others will turn out to be males, and you will need to select the best phenotypic from six plants.

In the event of feminized seeds, double your goal number of plants. A couple of seeds will not germinate, but you can obtain the six pieces required for successful growth.

Last Thoughts

Online seed banks allow you to purchase Cannabis seeds. You can use the preceding suggestions and then do your study. Gather as much information as you can before placing an order.

Knowing the seed types allows you to choose the ideal one for you. Don’t just throw money and expect to flourish. You must know how many seeds you will receive and how to plant them correctly.

How to Get Good Cannabis Seeds Online?

How to choose online Cannabis seed shops? While select an online shop, you need an idea about the legal status of that website. Different countries have different laws and rules regarding this product.

Different cannabis strain has many benefits and some few drawbacks but still it is up to you how good or bad you want them to be.

Read carefully what people say about a particular site before adding it in your favorites or ordering from there directly. It is no point saying, I would recommend my one favorite site all over the world but if it’s not even allowed for most American citizens (technically), then stay away from that seller LOL..

If not sure about any seller just buy genetics at Dutch Seeds Shop website as these are tested and eligible for American citizens too

Best Feminized Seeds on the Market!?

Most cannabis growers will require a reliable source for good seeds at some point in their careers. The problem is there are too many “bad seeds” out there. Buy Cannabis Seeds Online!

If you are looking to have the safest and most dependable of your initial and future purchases, buy only from one of these four seed banks around the world: Greenhouse Seed Company, Royal Queen Seeds, Mr Nice Seed Bank or Sensi Seeds.

We have chosen these seed banks based on their reputation, reliability and safety. First, they are all well-established companies (some of them since 1994) serving the industry for many years.

They also passed all major genetic tests conducted by governments around the world as a proof of their initiatives to be safe and secure in everything that is done about selling seeds or cannabis flowers for rastafarians or other uses.

    ; considered among the top Dutch marijuana seed banks! Developed over 25 crossings for feminized genetics, unlike many other small generic competitors who use feminizing agents to manually reverse pollenated plants from hermafrodites – virtually eliminating male pollens from outdoor grow sites.
  1. Discrete Marijuana Seeds; one of the largest seed banks available currently – established in 1994 with more than 500 successful growers achievement awards : no matter if we talk about indoor, hydroponic or soil gardens this breeder’s seeds succeed in any growing medium you can think off… And yes.. they are very nice people too! Being one of our favorites! Recommended especially if your starting out growing indoors.
  2. Express Marijuana Seeds: founded in 1985, Sensi seeds has been legal for over 29 years with a proven record of consistently producing results for their customers. One stop shop, excellent above average performance and consistency. Please visit us at if you have any specific questions or requests!

So buy cannabis seeds online only from these trusted seed banks!

1. 420 Seeds Bay Review


  • A lot of different types of seeds
  • Good promotions and sales
  • Free shipping on orders over €100


  • They do not offer free marijuana seeds (But they guarantee germination)

A good cannabis seed bank is one that has good customer service. 420 Seeds Bay offers 24/7 online customer support via email.

You can contact the company for any reason at any time using this method. The marijuana seller also offers a number to call in case you need help with anything related to your order or if there are technical issues you cannot resolve yourself.

So, it would be safe to say that this one is among the best cannabis seed banks because of the services it provides its customers with.

In addition, you will get some really nice prices for their products including discounts when you buy more than one pack of seeds or other items from the store’s catalog.

Some companies might charge extra based on where you live but these guys have no problem with delivery anywhere globally!

It is also nice that they give away freebies like t-shirts and hats with every purchase made by their clients over €50!

If someone knows how to sell marijuana seeds then it must be these people running 420 Seeds Bay since they were established in 1993! These guys know what they are doing!

2. Discrete Marijuana Seeds Review


  • Good discounts
  • A lot of different cannabis seeds for sale
  • They ship worldwide and have low prices for shipping
  • Very easy to navigate through the website’s menu bar without getting lost amongst the several other pages available…
  • Freebies with every purchase. No one is perfect but they do their best to go above and beyond so you don’t need to worry about that when buying at this seed bank. A very good cannabis seed bank indeed!


  • So far we cannot find anything negative about them…

Maybe they could be a little more generous with freebies like t-shirts or hats but hey if you get one then it’s nice because in some cases you might actually want such stuff rather than needing it? It all depends on your personal preferences I guess!

However considering how many people use these marijuana seeds for growing weed indoors and outdoors there is no way that anyone can say that these guys haven’t proven themselves time and time again as a brand worth knowing about.

We will come back later on if we find out otherwise… For now only positive things from us here at Lexaporo while recommending this company as one of the top Cannabis Seed Banks around!

3. Dutch Seeds Shop Review


  • Good discounts on orders
  • Free shipping to US, Europe and most other parts of the world
  • The company offers a lot of different types/strains of seeds for all purposes (Indoor, Outdoor, feminized seeds etc…)


  • None…

These guys are awesome! If there was one thing we could say about these guys, it would be that they don’t brag about anything and do everything you would want from a cannabis seed bank, so if you need to order seeds online then please consider buying from them.

One thing we definitely like about Dutch Seeds Shop apart from everything else mentioned before is how easy their website is to navigate through without getting lost amidst hundreds of pages related information available for viewing…

Everything appears neatly organized, so even beginners should have no problems understanding anything presented by these Dutch marijuana seed bank professionals…

We personally use their services here at because we trust them and know that our customers will be getting what they ordered on time or even sooner than planned!

So far this is one seed bank with an excellent reputation, so it is good for everyone who wants to buy marijuana seeds online safely.

Not only do they offer free shipping but also freebies like t-shirts which come in very handy when growing weed indoors…

They have beginner packs which make growing really easy as well as advanced expert packs depending on your level of skill needed in order to grow plants successfully…

They produce high quality seeds with an excellent germination rate, perfect for your needs – whether you are looking to grow indoors or outdoors.

4. Express Marijuana Seeds Review


  • Good discounts on orders
  • Very fast shipping and delivery anywhere in the world
  • Quick response to email questions if you need help with anything.
  • Has all the information you need about growing weed as a beginner or an expert… This is one of the best cannabis seed banks for sure!


  • It could use more guides on growing cannabis

The best part about Express Marijuana Seeds is that they offer free shipping worldwide! That’s right – No matter where you live in the world (USA included) you will get your order delivered for free within 7-10 days of ordering it.

Even if this seems too good to be true, then don’t worry because it isn’t! They have been around since 2004, so they know what they are doing when it comes to selling marijuana seeds online safely and securely.

Besides offering affordable prices, Express Marijuana Seeds also gives away free stuff like t-shirts and hats which is something we really appreciate here at Lexaporo since our customers really like them.

You can pick one up while ordering your seeds from these guys, so please do not miss out on that opportunity!

If there was something we could say negative about them then maybe their website design could use some improvement but nothing serious enough that would make us want to delete them as one of our favorite cannabis seed banks!

So far, no issues with this company whatsoever – Everything steers clear from deception and other shady practices going around nowadays from some unscrupulous sellers pretending to be legitimate businesses…


After all this, I think everyone can agree with me when I say that anyone looking for reliable places where they can buy marijuana seeds online should look no further than Dutch Seeds Shop or other four seeds banks recommended by …

We constantly check out different cannabis seed banks around the web especially ones who sell cannabis seeds to the USA because we want our readers only experience positive things while trying new strains or visiting a new site selling seeds online…