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orange ghost seeds

Orange Ghost Cannabis

Like a tall glass of orange-essenced water, the ‘Orange Ghost’ hybrid is a more uplifting take on our heavy ‘OG Ghost’. The ‘Orange Juice’ influence kicks it up a notch by offering blasts of juicy citrus flavors, and a happy, energetic head buzz.

Ghost OG x Orange Juice Bud

Orange Ghost is the balanced combination of the indica-leaning hybrid ‘Orange Juice’ and heavy-hitter ‘Ghost OG’. What results is a delicious combination of classic OG flavors with hints of juicy tangerine. Bud appearance is large, dense and conical with small vibrant green calyx and a generally rustic hue of pressured pistils and trichomes. Growers can expect a 9-week flowering time and a room that reeks of fresh orange peel.

Essences of juicy tangerine and pungent musk.

Orange citrus flavors with earthy kushy undertones.


The heavy sedation offered by Ghost is tempered by Orange Juice’s subtle energetic cerebrals without sacrificing the Ghost’s coveted full-body euphoria. The Orange Ghost high is similar in nature to more uplifting OG’s such as the coveted Larry OG. This lovely strain is first felt in the head as a whirl of uplifting euphoria. The flighty head rush soon mellows into a warm and soothing full body melt. Cerebral effects plateau into a lightly focused euphoric stimulation that allows one to remain lightly active, despite a wandering mind. Both relaxing and invigorating this is a great strain to work through a new album or peruse an art gallery.

Medical Uses
Orange Ghost is a great stress reliever that won’t leave you feeling burnt out after the effects have worn off. Relaxation and happiness are the hallmarks of this strain, making it a great option for treating depression and anxiety. Appetite is stimulated particularly for those who enjoy fresh citrus flavors. This strain can even be helpful in transitioning the user into sleep although it is best enjoyed in the afternoon where the inspired cerebrals can shine.

Orange Ghost (Bhut Jolokia) Pepper Seeds

The Orange Ghost pepper is a new member of the Ghost pepper family. At one time, its cousin, the world famous Red Ghost pepper, held the record for hottest pepper. The heat level and flavor of the Orange Ghost pepper is very similar to that of the Red Ghost pepper, but the orange variety has a more citrusy flavor. The extreme heat kicks in almost immediately after consumption and builds up for several minutes.

The Orange Ghost pepper is wrinkly and pointy, and the pods start off green and eventually ripen to a bold orange color. From 2007 to 2012, Guinness World Records certified that the Ghost pepper was the world’s hottest pepper. Eventually the Ghost pepper was overtaken by the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper and the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion as the world’s hottest pepper. In 2013, both of those peppers were taken over by the Carolina Reaper.

Although the Ghost pepper is no longer the hottest pepper in the world, it’s still as popular as ever. Some of the most popular hot sauces in the world feature the Ghost pepper as the main hot pepper ingredient. The recent surge in spicy food and beverage items often cite Ghost pepper as a main ingredient, such as Ghost pepper burgers, Ghost pepper chips, and craft beers that are brewed with Ghost peppers.

Orange Ghost Pepper Seeds (Non-Isolated)

The Ghost Pepper aka Bhut Jolokia chili was at one point the hottest pepper in the world! If you’ve grown other Bhut Jolokia varieties like our Red, Yellow, Chocolate, Purple, or White seeds, don’t forget to add the stellar Orange Ghost Pepper to your list of peppers to grow. The Orange Bhut Jolokia pepper’s heat is around 900,000 – 1,000,000 SHUs with a great citrusy, Naga flavor and is the most prolific out of all the ghost peppers. The chili plant will produce smoother pods than the other wrinkly Ghosts and might look identical to elongated habaneros.

The Orange Ghost pepper plant will grow to about 3 feet (possibly will grow larger if planted on the ground) and ripen to green, orange, and then red. We must warn you though, the peppers are ready to be eaten when orange and are EXTREMELY hot as it builds up at the first bite. Great for making hot sauce, jams, and powder. We’ve heard you can even brew Ghost peppers to your craft beers!

This is the hottest commercially grown pepper in the world as most ghost peppers run around the 900,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Unit) mark, but they have been recorded at over 1,000,000 SHUs. These original heirloom seeds are out of India and are the finest available. Our seeds have been field-tested for years and are sheer perfection.

Fun Fact: The word “bhut” means ghost, possibly to hint that the heat will creep on you like a ghost!