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old style cannabis seeds

Old School Genetics

Old School Genetics are a European cannabis seed company formed from a collective of leading breeders.
Based out of the beautiful, Spanish city of Barcelona, Old School Genetics hold a huge library of rare and exclusive cannabis cuts from iconic seedbanks and growing collectives which they cross and select with contemporary strains from modern European seedbanks to create unique hybrid cannabis.

The main man at OSG is Oldman Green; a legendary grower perhaps most famous for his famous Peach Slush strain from the mid 1990s. Peach Slush won a few ICMAG titles and remains a part of Oldman’s cannabis genetics catalogue to this very day.

This launch drop of new strains from Old School Genetics features collaborations with Karma Genetics on the majority of these varieties and an exclusive collab with GG Strains for the beautifully-bred OS Glue.

OSG cannabis seeds are available in packs or 12 regular seeds or 6 female cannabis seeds.

Old style cannabis seeds

From the exquisite selection of original plants, maintained during decades, we bring you a hybrid in the purest OLD SCHOOL style. A cross between “Original Cheese” the most famous clone in the United Kingdom and the most powerful Afghan selected at the late 90s, “Black Domina”. A cross of Afghan and Skunk that would wake your senses to the most ancient OLD SCHOOL memories and flavours.

Its flavour is sweet, potent and with an unmatched intensity that would transport you to an unforgettable burst of high-flying nuances for experienced palates.

Its penetrating incense aroma and flowers with an earthy touch and an incomparable physical/mental relaxing state, make it an ideal strain for those eager for the most intense feelings and all the “old school” parameters.

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Old School Feminised Seeds

An Afghan and skunk cross that will transport your senses back to the 90s, OLD SCHOOL.

Her flowers are unattractive, but their chalices are marked, thick and compact. It is her aroma and taste that are most appreciated and her best qualities.

During the first two weeks of flowering, Old School, although it is mostly indica, will stretch its stems and increase its internodal distance like a sativa. You will have to try to keep the light at an adequate distance during this process as well as not overdoing it with the food.

The flavor is sweet, powerful and with an unparalleled intensity that will explode with an unforgettable burst of nuances of high flights for experienced palates.

Its penetrating aroma of incense and flowers with an earthy touch, and an incomparable physical / mental relaxation effect, make this variety ideal for those people eager for the most intense sensations in all the parameters of the “old school”.

Additional Information

Seed Bank Ripper Seeds
Seed Type Feminised
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Genetics UK Original Cheese x Black Domina
Where to Grow Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 60 – 65 days
Type 80% Indica
Yield Above Average
THC 20%+
Height Medium


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