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Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 23 – Sea Gardening: Inlet Seed

The Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 23 – Sea Gardening: Inlet Seed is one of the Power Moons in the Seaside Kingdom.

You can find this Power Moon in Quadrant D2, atop the Beach House, but the seed required to grow the Power Moon is in an inlet to the East.

Warp to the Beach House flag then head East until you hit the inlet with seaweed enemies inside it. Look for the gold seed on a rock at the bottom of the inlet. Grab it and head back to the Beach House roof.

Throw the seed in one of the planters. It will take some time for the seed to grow naturally, but you can use the Gushen's jetstream to water the plant and make it grow faster. I recommend planting all four seeds, then watering them all at once for maximum efficiency. Once the plant is grown hit the golden bulb with your hat to reveal the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom: Power Moons 21-40 – Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough

See how to find the locations of Seaside Kingdom Power Moons 21-40 in our Super Mario Odyssey guide. Use our main walkthrough to find the Power Moons for every level in the game.

The Seaside Kingdom has a total of 71 Power Moons. This page lists Power Moons 21-40.

Power Moons 1-20 21-40 41-52

21. Glass Palace Treasure Chest

Swim underneath the Glass Palace and look for a small tunnel on the right. Inside is a treasure chest. Komboos will swarm you afterwards, but a simple throw off Cappy should take them out.

22. Treasure Trap Hidden in the Inlet

Go to the inlet between the Odyssey and the Beach House and swim into the small cove inside the wall. Open the treasure chests in the following order: up, left, right, down.

23. Sea Gardening: Inlet Seed

Look for a seed underwater in the inlet to the left of the Beach House. Carry it back to the top of the Beach House where you’ll be able to plant it into one of the pots. Come back after some time to find the Power Moon!

24. Sea Gardening: Canyon Seed

Go to the Rolling Canyon and wrap around the corner of the shore. Go up the steps and reach the top to find a seed. Carry it all the way back to the top of the Beach House where you’ll be able to plant it into one of the pots. Don’t worry about the water, you can swim with the seed in hand.

25. Sea Gardening: Hot-Spring Seed

Stan on the Hot Spring Island and look over the edge to see a seed on the north side. Carry it back to the top of the Beach House where you’ll be able to plant it into one of the pots.

26. Sea Gardening: Ocean Trench Seed

Dive into the deep Ocean Trench to find this seed on top of one of the twisting pillars near the Sphynx. Carry it back to the top of the Beach House where you’ll be able to plant it into one of the pots.

The Ocean Trench Seed will take longer to grow and it will grow taller than the rest. If you can’t wait, grab a Gushen and bring it to the saplings to start watering them, accelerating their growth.

27. Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

Near the Hot Springs Island is a crack in the sea floor. Spot it by looking for the big red switch at the bottom.

Dive down there and ground pound to reveal a Power Moon in the 2D section. Warp in, then dash onto the first platform. Don’t jump right. Go left, jump again and get onto the last platform. Quickly break through one of the center brick blocks then jump again to get the Power Moon.

28. Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Behind the Glass Palace is an underwater area where you can find a scarecrow. Throw Cappy on, then swim towards the Power Moon on the other side. Use the swim dive to by pressing ZL and Y to get there faster.

29. Found on the Beach! Good Dog!

Let the dog near the Odyssey lead you to a suspicious spot. Ground pound it to get- oh. Coins. Run over to the west side of the beach where the inlet is at. Once there, the dog will sniff out another spot. Ground pound for a Power Moon! Aww, good boy!

30. Moon Shards in the Sand

Go past the Rolling Canyon and look for a scarecrow and a fancy vent on the seafloor. Drop Cappy off at the scarecrow and swim inside the newly opened hole.

Collect all five shards to have the Power Moon appear. Careful when you’re at the seafloor, Maw-Rays like to pop out with little warning!

  • On a lower ledge.
  • On a higher ledge.
  • On the seafloor near wooden crates.
  • In a gap in the wall guarded by a Maw-Ray.
  • Underneath an arch.

31. Taking Notes: Ocean Surface Dash

There is a music note near the Beach House. Line yourself up with the Rocket Flower and the music note, then throw Cappy and don’t move left or right to get all the music notes in a row.

32. Love by the Seaside

Warp to the Rolling Canyon Checkpoint and for a Gooma Tower with the nearby Goombas. Head inside the canyon and avoid the rolling shells as they go by. On the left you should see Goombette. Walk up to her and match her eye to eye (or higher!) to get the Power Moon.

33. Lighthouse Leaper

Available after you complete the main missions in the Seaside Kingdom. Go to the top of the Lighthouse and speak to the Bubblainian. Capture Glydon and glide towards the Glass Palace. Land on the sand and another Bubblainian will give you a Power Moon.

34. Good Job, Captain Toad!

Warp to the Rolling Canyon and capture a Gushen. Propel up to the small pond near the entrance and stock up on as much water as you can get. Start propelling through the canyon, stopping at the two ponds found inside. When you reach the crates, propel up and over the wall, then jet over to Captain Toad on the ledge outside.

35. Ocean Quiz: Good!

Go back the Sphynx in the Ocean Trench and answer four more questions to get a Power Moon. The answers: Four, Attack, Resort Outfit, To ask questions.

36. Shopping in Bubblaine

Get to the yellow Dorrie and talk to the Bubblainian on its back. Purchase the Power Moon for 100 coins!

37. Beach Volleyball: Champ

Available after you complete the main missions in the Seaside Kingdom. Go to the Beach House and step onto the volleyball court to get a game going! Your goal is to hit the ball back 15 times. As the ball goes your wall, follow the shadow and stand under the ball to hit it. You can also jump to hit it back. If the ball goes out of reach, throw Cappy and let him get it! You can also jump and use Cappy to spike the ball.

38. Beach Volleyball: Hero of the Beach!

Available after you complete the main missions in the Seaside Kingdom. You want us to play volleyball again? You must want 30 hits back, right? Nope, you need to do 100 in a row. Yikes. Before you hit the max speed at 50 hits, the ball will increasingly get faster every two hits. To speed up the process at the beginning, spike the ball before the throws get too fast.

Your best bet is to stand in the center and throw Cappy wherever the ball is going to land. You simply have to get used to predicting where the ball is going to go, quickly face in that direction, and throw. It sucks that one bad throw can mess it up, but alas. This is a tough one. If you really can’t do it, there’s a trick that makes this minigame easier. Get a second controller out and use it to play the two player mode. This will let one player control just Cappy. This will make it much easier as Cappy can quickly move about the area.

39. Looking Back in the Dark Waterway

Go to the Lighthouse and enter the pipe at the top to take you back to the waterway. You’ll get a different view now that you’re going backwards. When you get close to the other exit, look for the glowing Power Moon on the right.

40. The Sphynx’s Underwater Vault

Behind the Glass Palace is the deep section of the Ocean Trench. Swim down to the bottom and speak with the Sphynx. Answer with Bubblaine to have him move, revealing a door. Head inside to find the Power Moon inside a chest.