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northern cheese haze seeds

Northern Cheese Feminised Seeds

Northern Cheese is the latest Cheese hybrid strain from Dready Seeds. It is a cross of their old Dready Cheese strain with Sensi Seeds’ famous and highly-regarded Northern Lights #5 x Haze. Flavour-junkies will really get their fix as these two impressive strains synergise to produce a veritable taste sensation.

Northern Cheese is predominantly sativa yet retains the typical indica characteristic of restricted height. It’s a versatile strain that will respond well in all grow-media but it absolutely thrives in hydroponic systems especially Deep Water Culture methods. Indoor growers will be able to harvest their crops after a flowering period of between 60 – 70 days. whereas outdoors harvest will be during October in the northern hemisphere. These plants can grow as high as 200 cm. outdoors but significantly less indoors. In both environments yields are high. and support will be required as its branches are quite thin but the buds can be dense. Dready Seeds report that the use of netting does the job admirably well.

Within 2 weeks of the start of the flowering phase growers should have their carbon air-filters ready as this is one odiferous plant. It can easily stink-out the neighbourhood so this point is not to be taken lightly. That’s not to say that the aroma is unpleasant, just mighty powerful.

The aroma and flavour combine the cheese character of the UK Cheese and adds that special Haze quality resulting in something quite special. THC levels are high and have been measured at 15% – 20% with medium CBD. The effect is very uplifting in smaller doses but with increased use it turns into a very indica-like effect that will be much heavier and relaxing, such that much time can be lost whilst getting lost in its relaxing power.

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The aroma and flavour is also carried over into any extracts and concentrates that are made with it and this is another strain that could well have therapeutic uses due to its high THC and very relaxing effect.

[Weekly Strain Experience Thread] Northern Cheese Haze

Have you tried Northern Cheese Haze? Any particular comments about growing it, yield, size, timing, smells, flavors, or effects? Any other details about phenos or other strain traits? Are there any grow journal posts with it you want to link here?

From the strain guide — Northern Cheese Haze:

Genetic Heritage: (Exodus Cheese x Northern Lights #5/Haze F2 (cutting)) x Fantasmo Express F4 Regular Auto

Cycle Time: 60 to 70 days from sprout

Yield: 110 to 160 grams

Aroma and flavour: Musky, spicy cheesey fragrances

Effect: Effects range day-dreamy to social to eventual couchlock

Medicinal Effects: Good painkilling and muscle relaxant properties

Extract: If using full flowers, good levels of terpenes

Myself and my wife’s favorite strain so far. We have tried quite a few mephisto strains by now. It’s got a crazy cheesy bacon smell to it. Very low odor initially. The high is outstanding. Euphoric and relaxing but not sleepy at all. Not sure why NCH doesn’t get so much attention! Best strain overall for us.

Is it still you fav strain?

I got a 5 pack on Black Friday. First one was a weird one, stopped growing completely at D45, left it in another month and it never grew at all. The roots just stopped growing, they weren't rotted or anything, just not a big rootball like I normally see. Not sure wtf happened to it.

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Ended up pulling like 26g or something, and I really enjoyed the smoke even though I felt the plant was a bit underdeveloped.

One seed never germinated.

Have two going now, one is pretty normal (D58, looks healthy). The other is a complete abomination:

It was stunted for two weeks after sprouting, just the cotyledons for 13 days, didn't grow at all, everything else was at the 5th node before this got it's first, I even put another random auto seed in there thinking I'd just rip this runt and salvage the pot with anything else. That seed never popped, and I let this thing go because I was too lazy to shuffle everything around again.

Then it started slowly growing. The main stalk was fasciated and I thought it was going to be a crapshoot, but I let it live. It ended up topping itself and is now a very lanky-alien-arm-lookin-Trevor, 3 and a half foot behemoth crowding up the tent.

And I still got one waiting for another time.

Edit: I guess I'll add that it was a nice calming yet uplifting smoke, didn’t give me anxiety at all. I loved using this for my morning smoke, big reason I ran it in 2 of my 5 buckets this time. The smell while growing is always extremely faint, but after curing I really dig the flavors here.