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new york city diesel cannabis seeds

New York City Diesel x SCBDX Feminised Seeds

New York City Diesel x SCBDX Feminised is a high-CBD version of Soma Seeds’ NYC Diesel strain which resulted from the crossing of a Sour Diesel cutting with a male plant with Afghani-Hawaiian genetics. Already an intense terpene extravaganza the addition of SuperCBDx genetics has only served to increase the citric lime and grapefruit pungency whilst contributing its own unmistakable pine properties.

NYC Diesel x SCBDx is a 60% sativa marijuana strain that is suited to cultivation in all environments and which will finish flowering in 60 – 65 days of florescence. This is a truly mouth-watering medicinal strain that will not disappoint your taste buds.

New York City Diesel Reg

AlchimiaWeb is pleased to present New York City Diesel by Soma Seeds, a must-have cannabis strain. It offers a very intense fruity aroma and a high stimulant effect worthy of the best Sativa. This variety is now available in our regular cannabis seeds catalogue!

New York City Diesel, productive Sativa with a citric flavour

Soma Seeds obtained this strain thanks to a friend returning from the US, who brought seeds and described it as one of the best strains he had ever tasted. It is the encounter between a Mexican Sativa and an Afghani landrace. New York City Diesel (or NYCD) is composed of 70/30 Sativa Indica genetics.

It is a Sativa dominant strain, which translates into a strong vegetative vigour. It does not require much growth indoors unless cultivated in SCROG in order to control its vigour and fill the growing space well. It develops long flower colas with well-swollen calyxes. It is ready to harvest in about 13 weeks of flowering. It is not a very fast flowering, yet compensated with abundant harvests of excellent quality.

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NYCD Cannabis Strain: grapefruit and tangerine flavours

New York City Diesel Strain is rich in terpenes, being advisable to use a carbon filter to better control its powerful and heady aroma. It offers aromas that combine citric fruit notes such as grapefruit and tangerine, in a slightly earthy Diesel background. Aromas and flavours with a great presence in the mouth.

It produces a typically Sativa effect, clean, energetic, uplifting and motivating, allowing daily activities with a touch of good humour.