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Mountaintop Mint Feminised Seeds

Mountaintop Mint is a Bx1, 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid that resulted from a cross between The Bling and Mac Mints. Being a Bx1 strain Mountaintop Mint has a degree of variability in its expression but it was such a great performer that Humboldt Seed Co. wanted to get it out there as soon as possible.

Growers will discover the absolute mintiest terps. around. A long-ish flowering cycle produces very high levels of THC and great production. Indoors these plants will be ready after 70 days of flowering while outdoor, northern hemisphere harvests will be due between October 5th – 20th. Resin production is heavy.

Spearmint and menthol scents and flavours have a Skunk-y finish. THC levels are an amazing 26 – 30% giving a knock-out and mind-numbing effect.

Mountaintop Mint from Humboldt Seed Company

This cross of the marijuana varieties The Bling and Mac Mints has it all – the gardener can look forward to a great indica / sativa mixture with an extremely strong scent of mint and skunk. It is the perfect strain for indoors and for the greenhouse, provided you have good ventilation, the plants grow extremely dense and should therefore always be well ventilated to avoid mold. Mountaintop-Mint is definitely one of the best cannabis strains lately, it’s a fantastic smelling plant with an incredibly high quality!