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mochalope cannabis seeds

Mochalope Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Mochalope Feminized Strain

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Mochalope Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Mochalope Feminized Cannabis Seeds Strain tastes as good as it looks, and you will enjoy smoking this for days to come. The chocolate acts as a curtain-raiser for the incoming coffee and earthy flavors that you will start to experience as the joint burns down. Make sure that you pick up a joint or some donuts depending on what you prefer so that you can enjoy these flavors to their fullest potential. After you finish your first joint of Mochalope Feminized Seeds, make sure that you save the roach so that next time you’re able to enjoy these tastes again.

This strain is sure to please your senses. The sour and woody aroma from its buds is pretty comparable to a cigar, so if you have been looking for something similar to smoke without having to pay a lot of money, then give this one a try. Not only that but once you light up a joint or a bowl, these aromas will fill the room with the most enticing scents, which will undoubtedly entice those who haven’t smoked Mochalope before.

Mochalope Packs In 24% THC

Mochalope Feminized Cannabis Seeds have very high 24% THC levels. This marijuana strain is pretty potent, and you should make sure that you medicate accordingly. You will love to smoke this before going out with friends because it gives me an excellent high that lasts for a couple of hours. Mochalope Feminized Seeds have high THC levels, so be careful not to give too much to those just starting on smoking cannabis because it may give them the munchies and put them into an uncomfortable state of being overwhelmed by the world around them.

Mochalope Seeds are 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, making it perfect for nights when you want to veg out in front of the computer or read a book. Not only that, but this marijuana strain also has some pretty intense body effects, which might make your head feel heavy and open up your appetite. Enjoy these effects that will surely help you de-stress after a long day at work.

Effects Of Our Mochalope Strain

Mochalope Feminized Cannabis Seeds are an Indica dominant strain, so make sure that you only smoke in small amounts because it has pretty potent effects. The high that you get from Mochalope is pretty upfront and robust. It almost feels like there’s a haziness in your mind after smoking this strain which makes me feel like I’m one with the world around me. Your body will also feel relaxed, so don’t be surprised if you want to take off your shoes and jump onto the couch.

Mochalope has been known to help out women who have cramps during their time of the month. The strain is loaded with CBD, which gives it these amazing effects, so if you need some essential relief from mommy duties, make sure that you smoke a couple of joints before heading home from work. In addition to relieving menstrual pains, this marijuana is also used by cancer patients since it can reduce nausea and vomiting, which is brought about by chemotherapy.

Mochalope Is Great For Insomnia

If you’re having difficulty sleeping at night, then smoking a joint or two might do the trick for your chronic insomnia condition. This strain is more potent than most Indica dominant cannabis strains out there, so be careful not to smoke too much because you will find yourself getting lost in your thoughts for hours.

The THC levels in Mochalope Feminized Cannabis Seeds are pretty high, which complement the decent CBD. So if you have an inflamed body part, try smoking Mochalope because it would relieve the pain. Not only that but smoking marijuana also helps reduce inflammation since its cannabinoids can pass through membranes and affect receptors within cells.

Mochalope provides its users with a very upbeat high that keeps them coming back for more. If you are looking for something to help you relax after a long day at work, then this is definitely what you need in your life. We all have our days where we want to curl up with some Netflix or chill with friends, and this strain is perfect for that kind of mood.

How Does Mochalope Strain Grow?

Mochalope Feminized Cannabis Seeds are relatively easy to grow because you will not need a lot of space for them. It can grow about 3 feet high, so if you want something compact and won’t take up too much space in your garden, I suggest planting this marijuana strain in one corner.

Mochalope is a medium-sized plant that will fit perfectly inside your room or even in the hallway. This plant grows relatively short, making it perfect for people looking for something that can grow indoors. Typically, the plant height is between 39-59 inches high.

When you want more buds than you can enjoy, Mochalope is the plant for you. This marijuana strain can reach up to 21 ounces per square meter when grown indoors and 21 ounces per plant when planted outdoors.

Those still trying to perfect their growing skills should opt for Mochalope Feminized Cannabis Seeds because they have an average flowering time of 8-10 weeks.

History Of Mochalope Strain

These stunning ganja scents of Mochalope Feminized Cannabis Seeds result from crossing a female Oregon Afghani clone with Chocolope, which resulted in a hybrid containing improved genetics. This plant boasts a delicious flavor profile and a particularly inviting and body-numbing high owing to her whopping THC content, making it ideal for even the most seasoned smokers – and newbies beware.

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4 reviews for Mochalope Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Mochalope Feminized Strain

Marta Durango – December 17, 2021

Brighten up your morning with Mochalope strain weed. It’s a really nice variety…pretty good for beginners and it helps with stress and anxiety. Mostly it’s a model sativa strain in my mind, definitely gets me buzzed and makes me wanna skateboard around town. And so I do. It’s a very active strain…pretty dope overall. Well worth the effort!

Jack Erin – December 23, 2021

If there’s a weed out there to help with social anxiety, this is it! It’s such a great experience growing this Mochalope weed, has helped tremendously with the stress and anxiety, both at work and at parties. I feel like I am much more social at work, can speak to my boss a little more easily, and when I am stoned on the Jack Herer, my friends really cut it up. It’s been a real trip for sure, but my life is better because of it for sure!

Mummer – January 27, 2022

If you love a nicely balanced hybrid that gives you both energy AND relaxation, then white widow might be your new favorite strain, Mochalope . I know it’s certainly mine, cause these buds don’t quit! GOOD WEED! Helps with my stress and anxiety and gives me all the focus and drive I need to keep moving through the day. I grew out in my yard and the buds did pretty darn well. I dig the smell and flavor and everything about it. I’ll definitely be back for more.

Dax Johnson – February 5, 2022

Mochalope is an excellent strain for dealing with stress and anxiety. I ordered 3 seeds online and they showed up in this beautiful packet that keeps them nice and fresh. Great germination, 100%! Got them growing in the side yard where all the sun is and turned up with some seriously nice bud! Excellent buy for when you’re dealing with some personal issues, you know?

Mochalope Reg

Lots of people love a cup of Joe in the morning—but few are brave enough to swap out their morning brew for a hit of Mochalope regular. Mochalope regular is predominantly indica, with a makeup of 80% indica and 20% sativa. We’re looking a. Read More

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Mochalope Reg


Other Recommended Strains

Lots of people love a cup of Joe in the morning—but few are brave enough to swap out their morning brew for a hit of Mochalope regular.

Mochalope regular is predominantly indica, with a makeup of 80% indica and 20% sativa.

We’re looking at the genetic offspring of Oregon Afghan and Chocolope, both sought-after strains in the canna-community. The crystal-laden buds leave you in a dreamlike state, and any built-up tension gets released after a hit of Mochalope regular.

It’s a stout, bushy plant with rich green leaves and buds. Flecks of amber decorate the flowers, and a thick coating of crystals adds a hypnotic sparkle. Expect a strong aroma of dark chocolate and coffee, a nostril-filling earthy smell, and a hint of hashish. In ideal conditions, Mochalope regular can reach heights of up to five feet tall outdoors but be kept below three feet indoors.

What better place to get your hands on some Mochalope regular seeds than from us here at United Strains of America. Enjoy packaging that won’t give the game away to your neighbors and products delivered anywhere in the USA.

Growing Mochalope Regular

If you have the right climate, you’ll enjoy fantastic results growing this cultivar outdoors or in a greenhouse. Otherwise, like many indica-dominant strains, Mochalope regular seeds grow great indoors and won’t disappoint you if you look after them.

Mochalope regular is a pretty tough plant and well-suited to beginner growers. At peak performance, this crop is capable of delivering yields between 15–17 oz. per m² indoors, and 15–21 oz. per plant outdoors. Growing Mochalope regular using Sea of Green (SOG) helps to maximize your yields by allowing more light exposure to the whole plant. The buds are very dense, so ensure that your grow space has plenty of ventilation to avoid mold.

To get the most out of the terpene profile, many cannabis gardeners favor organic soil. For optimum growth performance, cultivators opt for hydroponics, so the nutrients are directly available to the roots.

Mochalope regular favors a more Mediterranean climate—dry and warm. These are regular, not feminized seeds, so you need to watch out for male plants and handle them accordingly to avoid unwanted pollination.

Fragrance and Flavor

You might have guessed that Mochalope regular has a very definite coffee and chocolate smell—an excellent bud if you’ve got a sweet tooth. The smoke can be quite harsh on the mouth and eyes but get past that, and you’re all good.


Mochalope regular probably isn’t a suitable substitute for your morning mocha—it might be missing some of the ‘get up and go’ of coffee. The sedative qualities of this plant’s buds relax every muscle in your body—making this excellent for consumption in the afternoon and evening or on lazy days.

The unique terpene profile of Mochalope regular offers users a dreamlike high—expect to feel a passive awareness. You’ll find that the need to head to bed becomes overpowering after a while. Surrender into a deep and resting slumber for a great night’s sleep.

Coming in with CBD levels of around 0.6% and THC levels of up to 25%, Mochalope is great for treating stress and tension. If you experience insomnia, enjoying a few hits of Mochalope regular an hour or so before bed helps you drift off better.

Dry eyes and cottonmouth are common side-effects when enjoying this cannabis, but ones that aren’t difficult to remedy. Newbie smokers should approach this powerful cultivar with caution as this bud can be overpowering for some. Tread carefully if you’re sensitive to THC, as users have reported heightened levels of anxiety from consuming Mochalope regular.

Mochalope Regular Seeds

So there you have it, an indica dominant, sweet-tasting cultivar capable of delivering a knockout high that makes you think you’re dreaming. If you have a lot on your mind, Mochalope regular boasts an excellent ability to quiet the mind. It also works as a herbal lullaby, gently luring you into a deep and fulfilling rest. A great choice for anyone who loves to cut loose, relax, and take a load off.

Many cannabis cultivators seek to preserve the genetics of all strains possible. By choosing regular seeds, you become part of the preservation and get to breed your own cultivars.

For any canna-lovers with a sweet tooth, this is a strain worth your attention. Mochalope regular works well for beginners and more experienced growers, making it a great consideration for any weed garden. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on some Mochalope regular seeds of your own and start your growing journey today.