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medical seeds 2046 feminized cannabis seeds

Medical seeds 2046 feminized cannabis seeds

2046 from Medical Seeds was born from hybrids between pure Sativas, being chosen especially for its intense effect and particular Haze aroma.

Growing this amazing plant requires a minimum of experience since the flowering period lasts about 120 days. Using the SCROG technique or training methods is advised.

2046 is undoubtedly the most powerful strain of the Medical Seeds catalogue, offering the most psychedelic trips, energizing and cerebral.


Selected for its incredible psychedelic powers and the indisputable Haze aroma,
2046 is the most potent strain from the Medical Seeds seed bank.
Patience is required to raise this lady, but you will be generously rewarded after 15-16 weeks, depending on the phenotype; the more psychedelic phenotype has the longest duration.
Cultivation can be complicated; should only be grown in S.C.R.O.G. or in
grow room. We therefore do not recommend this strain for amateur growers.
This plant, grown under optimal conditions, can become one of the greatest pleasures for any cannabis grower.
She has a powerful and energetic high that combines perfectly with an intense Haze flavor, making her the perfect gift for your taste buds.
It is also recommended as a medical supplement for diseases that require high THC levels such as glaucoma. Enjoy 2046

100% sativa
thc: very high – cbd: very low
Indoor vegetative period: 1-2 weeks
Indoor flowering period: 13-15 weeks
Indoor yield / m2: about 500 gr.
External height: 2.5-3 meters
Outdoor collection:
– Northern hemisphere: end of November
– Southern hemisphere: end of May
Yield / outdoor plant: 500-700 gr.
Genotype: Neville�s Haze x Kali Mist