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mary’s cannabis seeds discount code

Coastal Mary Coupons

Coastal Mary is a recently-established cannabis seed website based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They offer a range of hand-picked, premium seeds from around the world.

Most of the seeds you can get here are sold under the Coastal Mary brand, but you’ll also find some from other suppliers, including Blimburn Seeds, Gorilla Gas Genetics, Natural Born Smokers Genetics and Terpene Time Genetics.

They don’t have the largest selection, but they’ve focused on building their reputation on strains of high-quality and exceptional potency. If you’re looking for classic strains or unique new offerings, this is a great place to start; you can get autoflowers, fems and CBD strains but no regs.

Coastal Mary’s seeds are organically grown and rigorously tested to ensure excellent germination rates. Their site will likely expand as they grow in popularity, so it’s worth checking back regularly to see if new lines have been added.

If there are any problems with your order, you must get in touch with them within 90 days. If you closely follow the germination guidelines provided on the Coastal Mary website and your seeds still fail, they will consider offering a refund.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Because they’re relatively new, only a few online reviews are available on Trustpilot, along with a small number of recommendations on their Facebook page.

On Trustpilot, the reviewers were very happy with the seeds and the service. They mention the excellent customer service, fast delivery and ‘out of this world’ genetics. On Facebook, customers didn’t go into details but were happy to leave five stars and heartily recommend Coastal Mary to their friends.

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If you want to see a more detailed breakdown of Coastal Mary’s genetics, there are a few grow videos available on YouTube.

Other Information

Shipping – Coastal Mary ships to several countries worldwide, but costs and times vary depending on your location. Before you complete your order, check their checkout options to confirm if they ship to your area. All deliveries are stealth shipped, fully tracked and charged at $20.

Payment Methods – They accept Visa and Mastercard, PayPal and Interac E-transfers (if you’re in Canada).

Freebies – Free seeds aren’t added to orders as standard, but the deals page is updated regularly with budget options and reduced-price deals.

Save 35% at Coastal Mary this Black Friday when you enter this coupon on checkout. Valid until December 1st 2021.

20% off all seeds with this Coastal Mary promo code. Note: this coupon stacks with others but excludes shipping.

15% off all seeds with this Coastal Mary coupon code. Note: this coupon stacks with others but excludes shipping.

10% off all seeds with this Coastal Mary promo code. Note: this coupon stacks with others but excludes shipping.

10% off all seeds with this Coastal Mary coupon code. Note: this coupon stacks with others but excludes shipping.

Free seeds

Free seeds for all! Select the strain from the list at checkout.

The following prices apply to your subtotal , so just the price of the seeds rather than seeds + delivery.

  • Spend up to £24.99 and get 1 free seed
  • £25 to £59.99 and get 2 free seeds
  • £60 to £99.99 and get 3 free seeds
  • £100 to £149.99 and get 4 free seeds
  • £150+ and get 5 free seeds plus a randomly selected promo seed
  • Buy any 2 packs from any breeder and receive 2 addtional free seeds! Please note these will be randomly selected from our auto and feminised selection, you will receive an auto if you purchase autos and a feminised if you purchase feminised.
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Mary’s reserves the right to change the free seeds you receive at our discretion. We also offer more free seeds if you buy from the seed banks below!

Ace Seeds

Free Panama (reg) 5 pack for every full pack of Ace Seeds purchased

Mary’s Seeds are offering a 1x single promo seed pack with every DNA Genetics, Reserva Privada, Crockett’s Family Farms and DNA: Grow Your Own collection pack purchase!

Special Seeds

To give you the best experience when you buy marijuana seeds from us, we offer you discount promos in our website. Repeat customers will have a chance to get some discount codes to use to get some promo. Aside from that, we also have some discount codes that we will be giving away to customers in special occasions only. If you spend over $100 for seeds excluding shipping fees, you will receive 10 regulars or 5 feminized marijuana seeds together with your order.

Marijuana Seeds Discount Promo Special

What are your discount promo special?

We have promo codes that we will give away to select occasions and select customers (especially those who are very loyal to us). We have announced and unannounced promo discounts.

How can I benefit from your discount promo special?

You can benefit from the savings you can get and from the free extras of high quality premium cannabis seeds that will come in your mail together with your order. We do not send out mediocre quality. Just because they are for free doesn’t mean that they are high quality. We are sending them to impress you and not to discourage you for buying again.

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If I order marijuana seeds in bulk, can I get discounts?

Contact us to learn about the details. If you buy $500 worth of seeds then it’s not considered as bulk order. If you order more than that, then you can call us or chat with us.

Do I need a medical marijuana card or prescription before I can order your seeds?

You don’t need one. Just order from us and we will ship your marijuana seeds in the soonest time possible.