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martian og seeds

Martian Kush strain

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Martian Kush | DNA Genetics

Another high quality strain from DNA Genetics is a combination of two of their cup winners! Martian Mean Green crossed together with The OG #18 makes this cross out of this World when it comes to strength, taste and smell. The Martian Kush has it all! Martian Kush will stretch so pinching is suggested. Large clear resinous trichomes will make this strain a concentrate connoisseur’s delight. Flowering in 9-10 weeks depends on the grower and method of growing. Expect above average yields from this instant classic.

Mars OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Go for Mars OG marijuana seeds the next time you have trouble falling alseep or working up an appetite. This indica-dominant hybrid relaxes the mind and body but still leaves you clear-headed and focused.

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Do you ever wonder what it’s like to float in space? Imagine for a second that you could experience a zero-gravity body float on the moon. That’s what it’s like to smoke Mars OG marijuana seeds. The body buzz of this indica-dominant hybrid is next level. The high of Mars OG leaves you feeling relaxed, calm, and zen from head to toe. A wave of serenity and peacefulness washes over you as your brain and body settle into a slower pace.

Mars OG is mild and gentle enough to keep couchlock at bay. Just because it’s an effective indica, that doesn’t mean you’ll be entirely braindead or a total space cadet. Mars OG actually keeps your brain and mind engaged throughout the relaxing experience. This means you’ll be able to think clearly, hold conversations with others, and be able to remember details of the task at hand. Mars OG can boost focus and concentration, making it a great daytime smoke.

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Everyone can enjoy the medical and recreational benefits of Mars OG marijuana seeds. With moderate THC levels, the high of this strain is rarely overpowering or overwhelming. Mars OG is not known to cause any negative side effects, such as paranoia and anxiety. You may want to choose Mars OG the next time you have trouble falling asleep.