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manitoba poison seeds

Manitoba poison seeds

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Early Sativa

A compact sativa bush with massive buds. She’s a great plant for guerrilla growers. Height 3 to 4 feet Yield 8 oz.

Outdoor harvest time early September

Fast Manitoba

Indoor / outdoor
Developed from Sensi Seed Bank’s Early Girl strain. This plant is perfect for Guerrilla growing: short and dense, growing mainly into a single cola. Good for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse. Height: 3-4 ft Yield: 1/4

Outdoor Harvest Time: early to mid Sept.

Fast Manitoba x Manitoba Poison

Indica/Sativa. Fast Manitoba was developed from Sensi’s Early Girl strain. Crossed with Manitoba Poison it’s ready even earlier. Short, dense plant with one main cola.
Height: 4-5 ft Yield: up to 1/2 lb lb

Outdoor Harvest Time: early to mid Sept

Island Bud

Mostly Sativa. More potent variety of this breeders Early Sativa. Bred from Durban genetics. Classic Sativa growth pattern. Sweet taste and uplifting high. Height: 5-6 ft
Yield: 3/4 lb +

Outdoor Harvest Time: early to mid Sept

Lethal Purple

Early, purple buds. 80% Indica. Very perfumed smell with a sweet flavour and strong stone. Height: 4-5 ft Yield: 1/4 lb+

Outdoor Harvest Time: mid Sept

Manitoba Poison

Indoor / outdoor
This mostly Indica plant with African origins turns purple. Good mould resistance.
Indoor Height: 3 ft.
Outdoor Height: 3-4 ft Yield: 1/4 lb

Indoor Flowering: 7 weeks
Outdoor Harvest Time: early Sept

Manitoba Poison x Mighty Mite

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A dense, compact, early strain that grows one main cola. Excellent for “Sea of Green”. Height: 3 ft Yield: up to 1/4 lb

Outdoor Harvest Time: mid Sept

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Manitoba Poison

Manitoba Poison is a knockout stone for the great outdoor grower: a fast relaxation and sleeping agent that combines African strains for hardy growth and an early finish outdoors at other latitudes are good, but it is especially useful in climates with short 6-7 week growing seasons and long days over summer. While Manitoba Poison works well as a multi-branch, the breeders prefer to pack them tightly in an outdoor sea of green.

This variety grows to about 4 feet tall. Her thick and durable jade leaves often darken to purple tones as she ripens. Manitoba Poison’s buds also take on purple coloration, and form dense, very mold-resistant balls or ovals. The short season and hardy flowering are reasons why this plant thrives in the temperate northern climates of Canada, the northern U.S., or Europe, ripening as early as September at 50 degrees North latitude. Manitoba Poison grows a central cola and large branches with tops that cluster heavily with bud. When well-manicured, her flowers look as if they were grown indoors. On the whole, this is a very easy strain to flower and tend. Manitoba Poison has a fresh, woodsy flavor and is essentially body relaxing and drowsy in its stone.

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